Resurgence Rebrands To RSG

Posted by George Wong on November 20, 2020

Resurgence, one of the biggest mainstays of the Malaysian and Singaporean esports scene are no strangers when it comes to change. After being around since 2017 and their teams having numerous roster adjustments, the organization itself has decided to make significant changes to their identity. While the company has tweaked its image and logo in the past, this next step is a massive departure from its previous look.

Most notably, Resurgence are no more - they are now called RSG. Fortunately, since they've been using the RSG tag in games, it's not a huge departure, but we suspect it'll take some time for casters to get used to saying 'RSG' instead of Resurgence!

Next up is the logo - no longer do they have the large phoenix wings, instead it has been incorporated into the 'R' of the logo. A nice, subtle touch that's very modern yet reminiscent of the original look. Fortunately, they've kept the blue and white color scheme for the uniforms, so it shouldn't throw any fans off guard.

This rebrand marks the organization's plans to expand in the rest of the region. The company now has operations in Vietnam and Myanmar and aims to reach a 150 million gaming audience in Southeast Asia by 2021.

“The rebrand reflects our on-going commitment to innovate and evolve ahead of the pulse of the esports scene. In 2017, we started with a mission to empower and nurture aspiring players by creating opportunities for sustainable esports careers in Singapore. Today, we are on track to achieve a projected three-fold increase in revenue for our financial year, despite the pandemic’s impact. RSG is dedicated to showcase Singapore esports to a regional stage and raise the bar, as we scale up and diversify our offerings to other synergistic aspects of the gaming and esports market”, said RSG’s Founder and CEO, Jayf Soh.

RSG are currently competing in the E1 Championship, and will also be part of the upcoming One Esports MPL Invitational. Check out their new website and full announcement.


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