Riot Games announces Wild Rift and Valorant Merdeka Show

Posted by George Wong on August 27, 2021

Merdeka Day is just around the corner and while we won't be going out for countdowns and celebrations, we'll have plenty of entertainment to keep us occupied at home. Riot Games announced that on Malaysia's independence day this year, they'll be launching the Wild Rift and Valorant Merdeka Show. Featuring influencers who are active in the respective games' communities, they'll be playing a variety of fun games throughout the three episodes, each with distinct Malaysian themes.

The influencers will be split into two teams - Team Nasi Lemak consisting of Wild Rift influencers Ikuto, Ellemonade and Sahaja Gaming; and Team Roti Canai with Valorant influencers Soultannn, Emi, and Sya Meoow. They will be dressed up according to the themes of each episode and will compete against each other in games that test their artistic skills and knowledge about Malaysia. There will also be questions related to Wild Rift and Valorant. Expect them to be punished if they get any of the questions wrong!

Viewers who tune in will also be able to answer questions at the end of each episode to win special prizes. In addition to the show, Riot will also be donating US $3,500 to Kechara Soup Kitchen - an organization devoted to helping the poor and marginalized communities in Malaysia. Sounds like it's going to be an exciting event for fans of the games.

  • Episode 1 - 31st August
  • Episode 2 - 1st September
  • Episode 3 - 2nd September

Watch the Riot Games Merdeka Show on the official Wild Rift Facebook, YouTube, and Valorant Facebook pages.


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