Riot Unveils 2022 Plans for Valorant Esports

Posted by George Wong on December 10, 2021

The inaugural Valorant Champions tournament may end this weekend, but it looks like Riot Games has already planned out the upcoming year. The company announced today its plans for the competitive Valorant scene in 2022 and here's how it's looking:

It looks like 2022 is going to be tighter in terms of scheduling - after the conclusion of Valorant Champions this weekend, there's going to be a long break until February 2022, where Valorant Challengers will begin. This is the regional league meant to determine the best teams in their respective zones, and those on top will meet teams from other areas at the Valorant Masters in April. The next Challengers and Masters will then take place from May to July, for more teams to qualify to Champions. In August, there will be Last Chance Qualifiers again, followed by Champions to conclude the season in September.

From October till December, there will be more "fun" tournaments like the Ignition series for players to have some time off and experiment, as well as for the game to be promoted and embraced by influencers and the community. Game Changers will also return to help promote the growth of females in the esports scene. A nice way to wind down the hyper-competitive Season since there are no breaks in the earlier months.

More details will arrive in the coming weeks, but this schedule should be a good foundation for organizations and Valorant teams to plan out their 2022. Valorant Champions 2021 concludes this weekend, make sure you don't miss out on the action, live on eGG Network TV!


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