RRQ.Hoshi win MPL Indonesia Season 5

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on April 12, 2020

It was a scintillating 3-2 Grand Final to close a fantastic season as they become the first two-time champions.

RRQ.Hoshi are your MPL Indonesia Season 5 champions after taking down EVOS Legends 3-2 in the Grand Final. In other matches, Season 3 champions ONIC Esports took third.

VYN earned the Grand Final MVP award thanks to outstanding performances.

RRQ.Hoshi take home Rp1 billion (US$63,500; RM273,738) from the Playoffs, with EVOS Legends taking home Rp560 million (US$35,438; RM152,733) and ONIC Esports winning Rp280 million (US$17,719; RM76,367).

Game 1

There were surprising picks in both teams' draft with Kagura and Minsitthar for RRQ, and a first Wanwan for EVOS. EVOS needed to last till the late game for Wanwan to truly come online but RRQ weren't having that.

By the 8th minute, RRQ.Hoshi were leading 6-3 in the kill score and a 6,000 gold lead. The first Lord push at minute 12 was enough to give the Season 2 champions the win.

Game 2

EVOS Legends had an aggressive start to the game. By the second minute, the score was 4-0 in their favour and they took down the top lane tower.

EVOS Legends had four members pressuring top lane and took the tower down in the second minute.

However, RRQ.Hoshi held their ground and a good teamfight in the 10th minute allowed them to draw level. They took the first Lord of the game and looked to be cruising.

Wannn was on a sliver of health but stayed alive long enough to turn the game around.

In the 14th minute though, EVOS.Wannn's triple kill slingshot them into the lead and off the back of that fight, stormed into RRQ's base to take Game 2.

Game 3

EVOS Legends had another solid start to the game, very similar to Game 2 thanks to Rekt's Uranus who had a 3/0/2 KDA record after 4 minutes.

However, the mid game descended into a chaotic melee all over the map with constant fighting. This was the highest kills game of the Playoffs with the final kill score 25-22 in favour of RRQ.

An important Lord steal by RRQ.VYN's Rafaela in the 12th minute was one of the turning points of a tightly-contested game. Kudos to RRQ, who managed to neutralise Rexxy's Natalia and stabilise the game despite losing early on.

With the win, they led the series 2-1 and were one game away from claiming their second MPL-ID title.

Game 4

With everything on the line, EVOS Legends toned down their aggression. In fact, the first kill of the game came only after 3.45 minutes when Lemon's Terizla taking down Rexxy's Esmeralda.

EVOS.Wannn dived a bit too deep in this fight, but it showed their confidence during the mid game.

With most of the hyper carries banned out by both teams, EVOS opted for a two-Mage line-up with Harith and Esmeralda. The strategy paid off in the mid game as EVOS established a small lead.

The game-ending fight.

After hitting their power spike, EVOS Legends methodically claimed Lord and the outer towers before pushing for the victory, taking the series to its full five games.

Game 5

With the game poised at 2-2, the Grand Final went down to the wire.

Selena was open for the first time and RRQ quickly snapped her up, hinting that they would play the aggressor in the final game. Their last pick Kimmy enforced their idea and looked to punish EVOS' greedier line-up with a Granger hyper carry.

This 3rd minute four-men RRQ dive into the tier one tower was just one example of RRQ's aggression.

By 10 minutes, RRQ.Hoshi had mustered a 10,000 gold lead and after taking Lord, they stormed down the mid lane to crush a helpless EVOS Legends.

The Royals finally reclaim the MPL-ID championship after two seasons. Victory would be sweet after losing last year's Grand Final to the same opponents.

Hugs all round as RRQ celebrate winning their second MPL-ID title.

With this victory, RRQ.Hoshi book their spot in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC).

The English broadcast of MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs was presented by eGG Network. The Playoffs were held online due to travel restrictions to avoid the spread of COVID-19.


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