RSG MY: From zeroes to heroes for PMPL SEA Championship 2021

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 12, 2021

Knocking everyone’s socks off with a fantastic ending is one of the greatest pleasures that professional esports players can experience, one which RSG MY had the fortune of savouring in the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore). 

Despite placing 14th in League Season, the Malaysian PUBG Mobile team blew fans away when they snagged the championship title, proving that they are worthy of representing their country in the upcoming regional PMPL SEA Championship 2021 (previously known as PMPL SEA Finals).

(Clockwise from top left) BadMaN, Vokey, ChillReX, Kim, our writer and SmallBoY.

Seanjev Tan “BadMaN” Jian Rhen - IGL/Support
Alexis Aw “SmallBoY” Chee Loong - Fragger/Rusher
Muhammad Imran “Vokey” bin Rosli - Scouter
Amirol Hakiem “Kim” bin Sabaruddin - Support
Churchill Ensir “ChillReX” Anak Tampler Salang - Support/Coach


Aiman Wafiy “N4STY” Roslan

Team manager N4STY.

"We expected to only get a top 5 spot, but getting the championship title was like ‘wow'", said Kim, who also earned the title as Finals MVP by raking in a whopping total of 40 kills in the three-day finale. RSG MY were particularly speechless when they came out on top, especially after their performance during League Season.

“I guess I made some wrong calls around the late game (during League),” captain BadMaN recalled, exemplifying the times they played too aggressively at the wrong times as one of several instances. “When we realised our mistake, we changed a few things, worked it out together, and now, here we are.” 

Whatever RSG MY’s winning formula is (“There’s too many to list down,” said ChillRex), you can expect the boys in white and blue to put it to good use once again in the next PMPL SEA Championship 2021, albeit with a few tweaks. “There are a few things that the SEA Championship teams will do at a more advanced level, like their aggressiveness,” said BadMaN, with Kim adding that they’ll be more systematic in their approach in the regional tournament. “We’ll play it smart and simple.”

Even Vokey will be levelling up himself to perform better in the SEA Championship, by finally converting his playstyle to use gyroscope aiming (physically angling his phone to aim instead of thumbs). “During PMPL MY/SG, there were fewer close encounter battles than before, with a lot of players killing from afar. So, I want to improve my long-distance combat with gyroscope.”

Meet RSG.CaramelOP, the team's mascot and "secret weapon".

Prior to PMPL MY/SG Season 3, RSG MY had a roster refresh that saw IronPRO and Y2K leaving, whilst filling in the gaps with former PUBG PC pro players ChillReX and BadMaN. “We basically started from zero when we assembled the new team,” the coach explained, saying that the current lineup of RSG MY is their most balanced yet. “Everyone is good at their own role,” so they can easily adapt both aggressive and defensive play styles.

What makes RSG MY stand out from other Malaysian finalists (aside from being champions, as Vokey cheekily pointed out), is that they’re extremely methodical. “Everything we do, we must follow our SOP (standard operating procedure, a.k.a game plan),” SmallBoY revealed, saying that they must adhere to every single step without missing a beat to win the game. “So if you see RSG MY not doing well, it means we didn’t stick to our SOP.”

Even so, RSG MY respects Geek Fam and Dingoz MPX. “We expect them to play (in PMPL SEA Championship 2021) the way they did for PMPL MY/SG, but better,” SmallBoY expressed. “They still have time to polish their strategies or work out any gameplay they’re missing, so I think they’ll play with full confidence. Even though we’re enemies in-game, all of us will be bringing the same country flag to the next stage.”

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PMPL SEA Championship 2021 begins 21 May, with 16 of the best PUBG Mobile professional squads in Southeast Asia battling for bragging rights as the best team in the region.


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