RSG MY shatters Suhaz EVOS' winning spree! MPL MY S7 Week 4 recap

Posted by George Wong on April 5, 2021

It was another week of exciting matches for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 7. Suhaz Evos' winning spree has finally come to an end, thanks to RSG MY who stopped them in their tracks. As of now, none of the teams have a flawless record - we'll have to wait for the playoffs to see if anybody can 100% that stage.

Here’s a glance at Week 4’s Results along with each Group’s standings:

  • Orange vs Homebois (2-0)
  • Bosskurr vs RED Esports (1-2)
  • Reborn vs Todak (0-2)
  • Homebois vs Team SMG (2-1)
  • Suhaz Evos vs RSG (0-2)
  • RED Esports vs Geek Fam (2-1)
  • RSG MY vs Bosskurr (2-1)
  • Todak vs Orange (1-2)

Group A

  • 1st – TODAK
  • 2nd – Team SMG
  • 3rd – Reborn Esports
  • 4th – HomeBois
  • 5th – Orange Esports

Group B

  • 1st – Suhaz EVOS
  • 2nd – RED Esports
  • 3rd – Geek Fam
  • 4th – RSG MY
  • 5th – Team Bosskurr

Orange managed to end their losing spree by winning two matches this weekend - they beat Homebois in a clean 2-0 victory and MPL favourites - Todak 2-1. While they remain at the bottom of Group A, they can still make it to playoffs if they keep this up.

On the other hand, Bosskurr seem to be really struggling with another 2 losses - they remain the lowest in Group B and the whole league in terms of points. Fortunately, we still have 4 weeks to go so it's not the end of the world. They will have to pull their socks up if they don't want to finish this season without seeing the playoffs.

In terms of group placings, no changes in Group A this week, while RED Esports and Geek Fam swap places after the former beat the latter in a 2-1 series. What's interesting to note is that 2nd to 5th place are all tied with the same score in Group A, so it's still anybody's game. Group B placings are a little more defined for now.

All the action of MPL MY S7 continues this Friday on the official MPL MY Facebook Page - make sure you tune in to see how the teams perform! Follow eGG Network to stay updated on the latest MLBB news.


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