RSG wins Wild Rift SEA Icon Series 2021: Preseason - Vietnam

Posted by George Wong on March 1, 2021

RSG are your winners for the first major Wild Rift tournament - the SEA Icon Series 2021: Preseason! After a nail-biting grand final yesterday, they emerged victorious 3-2 over Divine Esports (DV) who gave them their first real series of the tournament (every other match was a 2-0 sweep).

DV secured the first victory, and RSG bounced back in game 2. The teams traded another set of games, turning the grand final into a best of one, which RSG managed to clinch after a hard-fought 22 minutes (the longest game of the tournament). The two teams played extremely carefully, DV didn't seem to have the answers to match RSG's team fight. The game was decided during the final skirmish at the bottom lane where RSG outplayed DV and wiped out the latter team in a 1 for 5 trade. DV were helpless as RSG marched into their base to finish off the Nexus.

Congratulations to Dark, Lamsu, Trumhp, Cozy and Nam, who walk away with USD $2,000, while Divine Esports finish second with $1,250. Well played to Burst the Sky Esports ($750) and Team Flash ($500) for making it to the second day.

The tournament shed light on what the Vietnamese squads thought were the top picks at the moment, so it'll be interesting to see how the meta plays out in the rest of South-East Asia over the coming weeks. Check out all the stats on Liquipedia.

Wanna watch the matches? They're all available on the official Vietnamese Wild Rift YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for the second week of the Wild Rift SEA Icon series this weekend, where we'll see Malaysian teams in action!


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