Saaokiller: Leading the Pakistani community to streaming stardom

Posted by Bryan Terng on June 29, 2021

Plenty has changed for Pakistan’s very own Facebook Gaming superstar, Saaokiller, since we last spoke to him one and a half years ago. His biggest achievement? Garnering a whopping fan base of 1.4 million followers, a huge leap for the Facebook Gaming Creator who's been working tirelessly to reach his latest milestone.

(left to right)Nomii Plays, KelGaming, Saaokiller and On HeAd.

“It feels good, it feels achieved,” Omer “Saaokiller” Saeed expressed, and deservedly so, especially with his wife supporting his passion all the way. The Karachi resident revealed that he was working literally every single day to get this far, though he’s beginning to take it easier by resting every Friday to prioritise other more important things. “I want to take better care of my health now (especially mentally), and I also promised my family to rest and spend more time with them.”

Behind every decision that Saaokiller makes, he puts his wife, parents and kids at the forefront, who’ve been there by his side since he started this journey. “Though I spent money on my PUBG Mobile account and my new gaming room (which he recently renovated to be sweet as heck), they’re more of an investment to my streaming business (than a personal purchase).” After all, their love and support means the world to him, and he wants to make sure they’re well taken care of.

It’s unfortunate that last year, which Saaokiller deems his toughest time yet, also saw the loss of his most treasured supporter: his mother. He and his brother took turns to care for her, because no live-in nurse was available during the pandemic, though it’s a blessing in disguise that allowed Saaokiller to spend more time with her.

“Sometimes I have to leave my stream halfway to look after her,” to the extent that he had to turn off his live stream without saying goodbye to his viewers. Even when he did so, his mother didn’t want him to stop streaming, knowing full well the blood and sweat the PUBG Mobile streamer poured into his work. 

Despite being encouraged by Facebook Gaming to take a break from his daily streams, Saaokiller went back to work four days after her passing. “I worry that I’ll fall into depression if I stop streaming,” he admitted. At first glance, this writer was concerned that maybe him doing so would harm him, but he later put that to rest, “It’s actually helping me heal, being surrounded by people who talk and care about me.”

In a time when the pandemic has hit the world hardest, little did Saaokiller know that just by streaming his gameplay and interacting with his viewers, he’s also helping those who’ve been afflicted by the crisis. The luxury watch collector received so many thank-you messages, even some of them were short-story lengths. “It’s the first time I’ve done something like this for people, helping them not feel bored or frustrated by the situation they’re in. It’s this kind of thing that gives me motivation to do what I do.”

Through thick and thin, Saaokiller's wife never left his side.

Grateful for the towers of strength (his family and squad of fellow Facebook Gaming Creators) he’s had while growing his career, Saaokiller has been relentless in giving back to the community (“I strongly believe that you get what you give.”).

His latest effort, helping Facebook Gaming expand their platform to his home country of Pakistan, has paved the way even more for aspiring video game streamers, by convincing the country’s general conservative mindset that gaming is a lucrative industry. “It may mean more competition, but we all have to leave someday. Besides, most of them are actually pretty good.”

Saaokiller's beautiful family.

“Pakistan is a huge up-and-coming esports market that no one is looking at, which is why I told eGG Network to convince Facebook Gaming to consider us,” said the 37-year-old, adding that he’s happy to not only give people a chance to be streamers, but also to make any gamers’ “dreams comes true'' subsequently, when more opportunities open up. He noticed that a lot of people are leaving other platforms to join Facebook Gaming (since the expansion), so that they can be ‘verified’ and have their own official accounts.

Saaokiller personally brought several streamers - personal friends and squadmates (SK Squad) who had his back since he started creating content - on board Facebook Gaming, a testament to how much he believes in the platform and industry.

Though some left his side, a fair few remained (for whom Saaokiller is thankful for) to grow with him in this thriving community: On HeAd, KelGaming and Nomii Plays. “These are all young boys (15 - 25 years old), and when their first paycheck came, it changed their families’ whole perception of what they’re doing.”

“It’s a revolution in our country, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

"My father always taught me that 'the sky's the limit'."

Catch Saaokiller’s almost-daily live streams on Facebook Gaming!

If you’re based in Pakistan wanting to pursue your passion in video game streaming, don’t hesitate to email vivian.tan@egg.network or visit the eGG Network/Facebook Gaming website for more info.


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