SBTC Esports Win the Wild Rift SEA Championship!

Posted by George Wong on October 3, 2021

After an epic comeback yesterday against Buriram United in the loser bracket finals, Team Secret earned their place in the grand finals against the team that sent them there in the first place. Can Team Secret get their revenge against SBTC, or will the Vietnamese squad maintain their dominance over them? Here's how the grand final of the Wild Rift SEA Championship went down.

Game 1

Game 1 started on mostly even footing until SBTC broke away at 12 minutes after trading 1 for 4 with Team Secret. Despite the gold deficit, Secret kept their defences strong against SBTC's assaults. At 19 minutes both snuck objectives on opposite sides of the map - Baron for Secret and an Elder Ocean Dragon for SBTC. With the Baron buff, Secret penetrated SBTC's base, taking out the top inhibitor turret, the first of the game. At 24 minutes, SBTC lost all but one member in a team fight which allowed Secret to quickly march into their opponents base (thanks to Teleport Enchant) and easily destroy the Nexus. Team Secret 1-0 SBTC Esports.

Game 2

While the first game made the two teams look evenly matched, the second was a complete stomp for SBTC. Not much to say here, besides SBTC making Secret look completely outclassed. With a 20K gold lead and a kill score of 14-1, SBTC had no problems closing out the game before 17 minutes. A flawless performance from the Vietnamese squad. Team Secret 1-1 SBTC Esports.

Game 3

The game 2 loss didn't affect Secret by much as the teams looked evenly matched again this time. But at 18 minutes, SBTC took an extremely favourable skirmish, wiping out team Secret and only losing 2 members. This was enough for them march down the mid lane to take out Secret's Nexus. Team Secret 1-2 SBTC Esports.

Game 4

The fastest game of the series so far, it seemed alright for Team Secret until it wasn't. Thanks to a masterful bait by Akeno's Galio at 13 minutes, he drew everyone from Secret into what seemed like a favourable engagement for them. What they didn't expect was Minas, who was split-pushing, teleporting into the fray, and TF flanking them. Team Secret got wiped, while SBTC only lost 1 champion, but that was enough for SBTC to break into their base. Team Secret 1-3 SBTC Esports.

Game 5

SBTC Esports looked extremely dominant from the get-go, while Team Secret seemed lost this game. While SBTC methodically took over the map and building an early lead, it was a crucial team fight at 12 minutes that spelt disaster for the Filipinos. Secret were wiped and lost their middle inhibitor turret. A quick Baron after gave SBTC the strength they needed for the final push to destroy Secret's base without losing a champion. Flawless execution from the Vietnamese team. Team Secret 1-4 SBTC Esports.

Congratulations to SBTC Esports for winning the very first Wild Rift SEA Championship. Minas, TF, July, KIRAL and Akeno are truly on another level at the moment. We look forward to seeing them and, hopefully, a recovered Team Secret bouncing at the Horizon Cup. The Wild Rift action continues this November, make sure you stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates!


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