1UP – Gaming News

Featuring carefully curated stories every episode, our resident host Faraz will help you navigate through the important news in the world of video games in a fun and bite-sized format – three times a week! Be it the latest games, esports, scandals, and drama – we’ll cover it all.

360 Well Played S4

Faraz, Mu’adz and Shu Faye are up to more shenanigans. Catch them review games, unbox rare items, challenge one another to find out who’s the better gamer – there’s a punishment every week for the those who lose!

Bangkit – Mobile
Legends Web Series

BANGKIT tells the story of a professional MLBB player and the highs and lows in the life of a professional esports athlete. In this seven-episode web series, an inspiring individual’s journey of pursuing success unfolds. Navigating through the prevalent toxicity issue present in the gaming world to realizing the importance of family values, life’s greatest rewards often come through sheer grit and determination.

Mata Kerbau – Mobile Legends Web Series

Join six friends who chase their dreams to become a professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team. In this four-episode web series, they experience excitement, love, sadness and triumphs as they discover the power of friendship to overcome adversity.

Rojean Delos Reyes in Malaysia

Faraz and Cherry take Filipino model and streamer, Rojean, to savour the sights, sounds and smells of Kuala Lumpur. They challenge her to order food at a mamak restaurant using Bahasa Malaysia and dare her to try durian as well as visit a haunted house.

Travel with eGG: Taiwan

Six Facebook Gaming streamers embark on an adventure to explore the beautiful city of Taipei. They taste great food, meet with local streamers and find out what the city has to offer to gaming fans, including the biggest LAN party in Taiwan!