Soloz Receives Customised Wild Rift Sneakers

Posted by George Wong on October 23, 2020

When you're launching a new title in an already saturated mobile MOBA market, you'll need to find ways to grab the attention of your intended audience - and Riot are no strangers to the game. Known for their extravagant and spectacular promos for League of Legends, their upcoming smartphone title, LoL: Wild Rift looks to receive the same amount of attention.

Riot Games announced today that selected influencers in Southeast Asia will be receiving their very own pair of customised sneakers to celebrate the launch of Wild Rift - which is happening very soon. These shoes were customized by SBTG, a renowned name in the fashion and streetwear scene. Using an all-white Nike Air Force 1 as the base, it now features a blue and gold Wild Rift-inspired tick, Wild Rift tongue tags, recipient's names hand-stencilled to the side of the shoes, and leather SBTG Deubré tags on the laces.

Soloz, a well-known figure in the Malaysian mobile-gaming scene, rose to fame after his stint as a professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player - so it makes sense that he would be one of the selected influencers to help promote Wild Rift. Could this mark the end of his MLBB career? We wonder who else Riot have their eyes on to invite to Wild Rift? Perhaps some PUBG Mobile or Dota 2 stars.

Wild Rift open beta kicks off October 27, if you haven't already heard! Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and update on Wild Rift.


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