Son Tuah: The pride and founder of NOXSCAPE, now Geek Fam Free Fire

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 28, 2020

Facebook Gaming Creator, Son Tuah (previously known as Hang Tuah Gaming), seems to have a hidden love for teaching and fostering young minds, evidenced by his time as a former Islamic school teacher, the captain and assistant manager of Icon Free Fire, and most recently, as the founder/manager of the professional Free Fire team, NOXSCAPE, who will be representing Malaysia in the international Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS 2020) Asia as Geek Fam Free Fire. 

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Pro gamer all the way

“I’ve always dreamt of becoming a professional player and a team manager in the esports arena,” confessed Muhammad Syazwan “Tuah” bin Mohd Anuar, who also regular streams Free Fire on Facebook Gaming. “And with His blessing, I have achieved both.” 

Even though he foresaw the struggles his decisions would entail, he knew he could afford to pursue his dream. “I was confident in my own ability to manage a team, which is why I dared to venture into this field,” Syzawan added.


The players of NOXSCAPE are actually Tuah’s former Icon teammates, and when everyone decided to Icon together and form their own team earlier this year, Tuah initially returned as the captain. However, after bagging fourth place at Free Fire Malaysia Open 2020, he felt it was time to hang the professional player mantle and transition into the role of team manager, satisfied with what he has achieved as a player. “I wanted to polish new talents further with the formation of NOXSCAPE.” Since then, two of his friends joined to assist him in managing the now 40-strong group, nurturing fledgeling esports players.

Managing it pretty well

It’s an impressive feat for someone who had no prior experience as a team manager. Then again, his time as Icon’s assistant manager put Tuah in charge of player affairs and tournaments, giving the Banting native the knowledge and experience he needed to be a manager for his own team. Thank heavens that Tuah’s hard work bore fruit, from NOXSCAPE’s early beginnings by placing sixth in the Axiata Game Hero 2019 to their first championship title in the Free Fire Tri-Nation Cup 2020 last month. “I saw a lot of improvements in their gameplay. Although they failed to maintain their consistency during the League Stage, they managed to prove themselves in the Grand Finals, while learning not to get too comfortable at the top.”

NOXSCAPE won with an astonishing 38-point lead in the Tri-Nation Cup.

NOXSCAPE’s big break came when they caught the eyes of Malaysian esports organisation, Geek Fam, who noticed their talent in the Southeast Asian competition and approached them to join the Geek family. In our previous coverage, Geek Fam’s Head of Business Development, Sheng Wong, noted that they were the best and most consistent team of the lot. “Plus, they have the willingness to improve and be better, which makes them Geek Fam material. We hope to nudge them a bit and bring them up to international standards,” he said.

Tuah and his players were equally as excited at their offer, fully aware that “the abilities and capabilities of Geek Fam can help us to develop and grow in the world of esports, which is why they accepted their invitation to become Geek Fam Free Fire." Since then, Geek Fam has been taking care of the players in every aspect, including training sessions, gaming house, transport and more, everything esports professionals require. Even though Tuah isn't officially a part of Geek Fam at present, he’s eager to expand his esports career with such a reputable esports company and continue assisting his players. “Right now, I just want us to focus on more important things, like doing our best for FFCS 2020.”

(left to right) Noor Irfan “Raine” Haqeemy, Muhammad Hafiz “Apiz” Azhar, Mohammad Akiq “Akiq” Akimi, Haziq “Haziq” Daniel and Muhammad “Shoyu” Aiman.

Going with the stream

Balancing his roles as both NOXSCAPE’s team manager and a Facebook Gaming streamer may seem like too much work, but by good fortune, both pursuits remain unscathed from the other. Tuah’s streaming career started as early as October 2018, and what followed was an offer by Facebook Gaming to be an official Partner of the platform a few months after, all while maintaining his day job as a teacher until early this year. The singing hobbyist also operates a sound system service business for weddings and video game live streams.

Snapping a memory of the time he met Facebook Gaming superstars, The Tharki Assassins and Spyder PUBGM, at last year’s Facebook Gaming Breakaway.

The regular Free Fire content creator chose to stream Garena’s mobile battle royale, because he played it a lot with his friends back in his hometown. “I did not expect that playing Free Fire for fun will end up being my career.” His 96k followers also never ceased to enjoy his Free Fire content, and Tuah wants to repay their support by entertaining them the best he can by continuing to stream the game.

They were saddened when he broke the news about his retirement as a professional player, but because they’re the best supporters any streamer could ask for, they stood by his decision to be a team manager. “I’m open to being a manager for other esports titles, and it’s even in my plans to form and grow another esports team.” However, for now, he’s just content and proud of NOXSCAPE/Geek Fam Free Fire for reaching the world league of FFCS 2020.

“This is indeed not an easy path. Whatever happens, just do your best and make this a valuable experience for yourselves,” advised the 26-year-old manager to his players. “Most importantly, do not fall into the toxicity that wants to bring you down.”

Tuah changed his page name from Hang Tuah Gaming to Son Tuah, in dedication to his beloved son. "It's shorter too," he said with a laugh.

Be sure to check out Son Tuah’s Free Fire stream, as well as other video games, on Facebook Gaming daily at 9PM!

Support Geek Fam Free Fire at the FFCS 2020 Asia Grand Finals tomorrow (29 November) at 3PM, with the action streamed LIVE on the official Facebook and YouTube pages of Garena Free Fire.

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