Stratos Motorsports Naquib Azlan wins E1 Championship Season Zero

Posted by George Wong on January 29, 2021

After a gruelling 8 rounds of intense motorsport action, the winners of the inaugural RaceRoom tournament, the E1 Championship, have been determined! Congratulations to Naquib Azlan of Stratos Motorsports for the well-deserved victory. The young lad from Malaysia consistently finished in at top throughout the many weeks of the tournament, a true testament to his racing ability. He will walk away with USD 5,000 and bragging rights. We look forward to seeing him return to the big stage again in future seasons!

Filling up the rest of the prize-money finishers are, in order: Ayman Aqeem (RSG), Mikko Nassi (Safehouse), Inigo Anton (GT Radial/Eurasia) and Mika Hakimi (RSG). Well-played to everybody who took part in the tournament, and may we see you in upcoming E1 Championships. With so many tracks to race on and racers out there who are thirsty to compete, we definitely haven't seen the last of this tournament!

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