Sunsparks, Bren and ONIC keep MPL-PH title hopes alive

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on May 30, 2020

Sunsparks secured back-to-back grand final appearances (seasons 4 and 5) with a stunning 2-0 victory over tournament favourites Bren Esports. In the final series of the day, ONIC PH gave a dominant display to send Execration packing and extend their chances of winning their first MPL-PH title.

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Bren Esports vs Sunsparks (0-2)

Bren Esports, Regular Season league leaders dispatched Execration 2-1 on the first day and was touted by many as a strong title contender. However, their series against defending champions Sunsparks was disappointing.

Bren's Game 1 draft raised eyebrows among the analysts and casters who unanimously predicted Gusion's weakness as a Mage. This came true as Sunsparks came out guns blazing from the first minute. Jaypee, who recently became a father, played phenomenally on his Ling, carrying his team to a straightforward victory. It was an extremely one-sided game as Bren arguably lost during the drafting phase.

Game 2 proved a different matter and Bren switched up their picks, opting to give KarlTzy Wanwan for late game potential. The Season 1 champions matched Sunsparks' early aggression with KarlTzy giving a solid performance. Nevertheless, Sunsparks managed to maintain a slight lead in both gold and experience throughout the game and although Bren's effort was commendable, Sunsparks proved themselves a class above.

The victory booked Sunsparks' spot in the grand final, allowing them to inch closer to a potential second title, whereas Bren drop to the lower bracket.

ONIC PH vs Execration (2-0)


In the final elimination match of the day, MPL-PH Season 4 finalist ONIC PH took on Execration to determine the third team joining Sunsparks and Bren in the final day of the Playoffs.

Game 1 was a largely even affair in the early stages of the game, however, ONIC's Wise and OhMyV33NUS gradually took control of the game, playing Ling and Cecilion respectively. Although the game score was 9-21 in favour of ONIC, this was by no means a walk in the park. Execration fought valiantly and held on for a long time before ultimately suffering defeat around the 18th minute.

ONIC kept up their Game 1 momentum with a successful Hanzo pick that helped them to an early lead. Execration's gameplay was haphazard and never looked like a threat. ONIC ended the game in the 13th minute off the back of a Lord push. The final kill-score of 13-3 was a testament to ONIC's superiority, both in their drafting and in their gameplay.

With this important win, ONIC PH will face Bren Esports in tomorrow's lower bracket final to determine which team will face Sunsparks in the MPL-PH Season 4 Grand Final.

You can watch MPL-PH live on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page.


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