Sunsparks win MPL Philippines Season 5

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on May 31, 2020

We could not have asked for a better MPL Philippines grand final. It was a repeat of Season 4's, with both grand finalists, Sunsparks and ONIC PH, deservedly fighting for the fifth MPL-PH crown. Both teams had a chance to make MPL-PH.

After four gruelling games, it was Sunsparks who ultimately emerged victorious, thanks in part to Kielvj's top-notch performances on Kimmy. The champions took home US$25,000 in cash for their performance. ONIC PH won US$13,000 and Bren Esports, who finished third, won US$6,000.

Killuash, Rafflesia, Kielvj, Jaypee and Renzio also have the honour of becoming two-time champions as well as successfully defending their Season 4 title.

MPL-PH S5 Playoffs Recap: Day 1
MPL-PH S5 Playoffs Recap: Day 2
Sunsparks, Bren and ONIC keep MPL-PH title hopes alive
MPL-PH S5 Lower Bracket Finals between Bren Esports and ONIC PH

Game 1: ONIC Win

Sunsparks had the early lead but in the third minute, ONIC won an important Turtle fight and gradually pulled ahead. Better map-reading allowed ONIC to push into Sunsparks' top lane and almost took down their inhibitor tower. From then on, last season's runners-up were in cruise control with OhMyV33NUS played exceptionally on his Cecilion with a 5/1/13 final KDA score.

OhMyV33NUS Game 1 MVP
Game 1's MVP: OhMyV33NUS.

Game 2: Sunsparks Win

Sunsparks drafted more aggressively with Kielvj on Kimmy. However, ONIC kept their cool and held their ground. Wise's consistency on Karrie was impressive and although he wasn't the flashiest player on the team, his quick farming, and good decision-making during teamfights saw ONIC gain a slight early-game lead.

Sunsparks turned the game around in the 8th minute after posturing for Turtle and baiting ONIC to dive on them and take a bad fight. Kielvj was a vital ingredient of the defending champions' mid-game aggression which forced ONIC to stay within their base. Sunsparks claimed the second Lord of the game around 15 minutes and looked to end the game before Kimmy falls off and Wise's Karrie comes fully online. In an extended teamfight, ONIC held their base valiantly but were ultimately overpowered.

Kielvj Game 2 MVP
Game 2 MVP: Kielvj.

Game 3: Sunsparks Win

Sunsparks stuck with a winning strategy, once again giving Kielvj his Kimmy. The game was even for the most part, but after Sunsparks secured Lord, they grew in confidence and strength. With the kill-score relatively even, Sunsparks took more efficient fights and were able to claim ONIC's top and bottom lane inhibitor towers.

Sunsparks killed the first Enhanced Lord but ONIC defended well. The game became a stalemate as Sunsparks were reluctant to push without Lord, whereas ONIC were content to sit back and farm up Wise' Karrie. Smart map-positioning from ONIC allowed them to steal Lord from Sunsparks control in the 23rd minute and put them firmly in the drivers' seat - for a while.

Sunsparks eventually won this back-and-forth game after 36 minutes when ONIC became overconfident and took a bad fight outside Sunsparks' base.

Game 3 MVP: Kielvj.

Game 4: Sunsparks Win

ONIC changed things up, getting Hanzo for Wise, whereas Kielvj got his hand on Kimmy for the third game in a row. The early game was once again fairly even as Sunparks tried to pick a jungling Wise with his roaming Natalia.

In an even game, ONIC was able to gain marginal leads in terms of kills and gold, but with Greed constantly hunting Wise's Hanzo and shutting down his effectiveness, Sunsparks had better map control. They took Lord in the 15th minute and tried to end the game. However, ONIC defended well and kept all three inhibitor towers.

For the next 15 minutes or so, both teams were posturing around the Lord pit and the top and middle lanes of ONIC PH. Wise was mostly confined to defending Sunsparks' split-push and his lack of impact was palpable. The defending champions finally broke the deadlock in the 28th minute to win the series 3-1 and become the first two-time MPL-PH champions.

Sunsparks celebrating after winning the grand final series 3-1.


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