After giving us a sneak preview of their upcoming animated series back in May, Riot Games/Netflix have released the official trailer for Arcane, and boy does it look jaw-droppingly amazing! Check it out here:

In addition to the official trailer, we have a release date for Arcane - 6th November, shortly after the grand finals of League of Legends Worlds 2021! If you think you didn't have enough LoL content to keep you occupied in November, this should rectify that.

Based on the world behind League of Legends, Arcane dives into the delicate balance between the rich city of Piltover and the seedy underbelly of Zaun. Known across Runeterra as the “city of progress,” many of the most brilliant minds call these cities home. But the creation of hextech, a way for any person to control magical energy, threatens that balance. While Arcane holds the backstories of League of Legends champions, the series is designed to stand on its own as a complex world filled with moral decisions, breathtaking animation and suspenseful storytelling.

The series will be released in three acts, with three episodes per act. The first act will be focused on Jinx and Vi, sisters in the game's lore. Details of the other acts haven't been revealed, but based on the cast list, you can guess which characters will be making an appearance. Act two will be released on 13 November, and the final act on 20 November.

Arcane will be streaming on Netflix globally, 6th November, don't forget to tune in!

Even more exciting news for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans over the weekend - in addition to the announcement of M3, there's a new MLBB property in the works: an animated TV series! At the moment we don't have much to go off except for the original tweet and a couple of images showing how the characters will look like: Fanny, Alucard, Harith and Tigreal.

The art style definitely seems a lot more 'kiddy' compared to how the characters are usually depicted in the games and promo videos, so we might see a more light-hearted tone for the story that's targeted at a younger audience. It's too soon to tell right now, but we'll keep our ears and eyes peeled.

More details should be coming in the near future as the show is expected to arrive in Fall 2021 on WeTV, TV9 (MY), ABS-CBN (PH), and NET. (ID). Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates!

It's a well-known fact that over the past few years, Malaysian animation studios have been working together with international companies to create the breathtaking visuals and effects seen in award-winning video games and movies. One such veteran in the industry is Lemon Sky Studios, a studio that has worked on games such as Warcraft 3: Reforged, Gears of War 5, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, and Mortal Kombat 11.

Recently, Lemon Sky Studios has made it known that they were involved in three upcoming launch titles for the PlayStation 5: Demon's Souls, Spider-Man Remastered, and Spider-Man Miles Morales. If you've seen the visuals for the mentioned titles, you'll know it was no small feat developing these games for the next-generation console. For the Demon's Souls, Lemon Sky Studios had a hand in the animation for the enemy monsters, while in the Spider-Man games, they worked on the 3D modelling for some of the game's assets.

“It has been a great pleasure for us to work with Insomniac Games. From our time spent working on the original ​Marvel’s Spider-Man ​for PS4, to working on the new Spider-Man games for the next console generation - the opportunity to contribute to these great titles means a lot to us and we’re proud to have been able to ” ​Eng Tzy Ling - Lemon Sky Studios, Studio Manager.

While Malaysians still have got a little under a month to go before they get their hands on a PlayStation 5, and a little while more before they get to the end credits of the aforementioned games, at least it's something we can look forward to and be proud of! Kudos to Lemon Sky Studios, hopefully we'll see even more Malaysian talent in other high-profile projects in the future.

Speaking of leaps in the animation industry, don't miss Jalur 14 - our upcoming docuseries about the rise of Malaysia's esports and game development industry, which launches November 26. Find out more! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more details.

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