Experience the comfort of marathon-ing, knowing that there is so much in store for you.

Sometimes binging longer series is an art, a process and craft that many strive to perfect. Balancing the time to binge, however, tends to differentiate a master from a novice. Coincidently, the world is presently facing the woes of the COVID-19 infection and is, for the most part, staying indoors. As a result, we all need some means to pass the time.

This week, we are looking to introduce you to the big boys, highlighting anime series that tend to last longer than 30 episodes or so. Unlike the shorter and medium length counterparts that were previously mentioned, consuming a longer series requires more finesse and commitment.

One would say it is a marathon, where the art of one-day-episodic-pacing mixed with sporadic binge sessions will see you through a particular series’ conclusion (or suspenseful cliffhanger). We’re here today to showcase two solid franchises for your leisurely viewing.

Fairy Tail: Final Series

Yet another holy grail of anime franchises enters the fray, Fairy Tail has a lot going for it. Featuring a colourful cast of characters, the series’ final animation season sees the journey of the now-disbanded Fairy Tail guild and its former members going about their daily lives. Though the guild may be in tatters, Natsu Dragneel still strives to reunite the guild members. To make matters worse, Natsu faces his greatest trial yet, a massive invasion by the Alvarez Empire. With Happy and Lucy Heartfilia in tow, Natsu ventures onwards, for the glory of Fairy Tail.

Yo-Kai Watch

The show’s setting dabs into the world of spiritual beings, where beings known as Yōkai exist in modern-day Japan. The term Yōkai refers to supernatural creatures or apparitions in Japanese folklore. The series tells the tale of primary school student, Keita Amano, where he encounters Whisper, a Yōkai that was imprisoned for 190 years. Keita releases Whisper, which in turn rewarded him by being his supernatural guardian and bestowed a special Yo-Kai Watch. The device enabled him to see and interact with other Yōkai. Keita goes on to meet many other Yōkais, befriending them in the process. A seemingly typical life of a primary school student becomes filled with various tales and encounters with the supernatural as a result of this fateful encounter.

Viewers can tune in to Animax (Astro CH 715) and catch Fairy Tail: Final Series and Yo-Kai Watch via Astro’s On-Demand service and Astro Go (available in Malaysia only) from now till 14 August 2021.

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