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The gaming chair space is currently flooded with choices, and if you’re looking for one, how do you decide which one is for you? Having experienced a few different chairs around the office, the common consensus we’ve come to is that as long as you feel comfortable when sitting in one for extended periods, that chair is good enough for you. As you would already know by now, everybody has different needs and preferences, and there’s no one-size-fits-all. However, there are chairs that are adjustable enough to suit the needs of a lot of people.

As we discussed with ergonomics experts in the past, the main feature to look out for when buying a chair is how comfortable you feel sitting on it, and how well it can support your body.

Some people are completely fine with their RM100 office chairs, and others can struggle to sit in them for over an hour. The best way to find out if a chair is good for you is to use one for a while but it’s not a feasible option for everybody (lack of showrooms, models, inconvenient locations etc).

That’s when reviews like these come in handy. While we can’t say that the chair is going to be exactly what you’re looking for (we’re not mind-readers!), we can share our experiences with the chair and our body sizes/weights to help you with your purchasing decision.

Episode 0: Assembling the chair

Before we can sit in the chair, there’s something we need to do - put it together. The chair comes delivered in a hefty box that’s filled to the brim with everything you need - a common obstacle you’ll encounter when purchasing a gaming chair. Not that it’s a big deal, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re not a fan of DIY products.

The instructions were minimal at best and it didn’t take long for me to figure out what to do (important to note as this was my first time putting a gaming chair together, but I’ve had plenty of experience with IKEA products in the past). That being said, they could have done a better job of walking people through the process. The chair can be assembled by a single person, but having an additional pair of hands will greatly speed up the process. My colleague and I took about 1.5 hours to put the chair together.

There were a few times that I had to remove and reinsert the screws because I accidentally put them in at a slight angle, which messed up their ability to catch onto the threads properly. Overall, the process wasn’t extremely difficult for me but I can see how people might struggle to understand the instruction sheet.

The Starship VI

The first thing I observed when I plopped myself onto the chair is that it felt smaller than other chairs I’ve sat on in the past. Based on measurements, the chair isn’t that much different compared to other chairs I’ve tried. I believe this could be due to the angle of the seat’s sides which give less room for you to spread your legs. It was a new sensation for me because I’ve previously felt like other gaming chairs that I’ve sat on were much too big for me – this one felt a little snug in comparison. It was in no way uncomfortable, but something that I immediately noticed.

The bottom cushion is made from an extremely soft foam which makes it comfortable to sit on. For my use cases, the chair was adjustable enough – I could get my armrests at the right height to match my table, and chair tall enough so that my feet were flat on the floor at the same time. One complaint I have about the armrests is that while they are adjustable, they feel very limited when it comes to rotating them. I would have appreciated larger angles and more positions, but having three is better than none at all. The armrests were also pretty wobbly when we pushed them around but this should not be an issue with regular usage.

The chair uses large casters which makes them easy to roll across most surfaces. We used the chair in our carpeted office and it had no problems rolling across the floor. It has 5 casters (standard for most office chairs) which means it stays stable regardless of which direction you lean towards while sitting – but also an important feature if you decide to use the chair as a bed.

Yes, the back of this chair can tilt all the way back, turning into a makeshift bed if you ever need some shut-eye but don’t want to get out of your seat. The lumbar cushion will need to be removed in this case though since it creates an uncomfortable bump when you’re lying flat. Speaking of the lumbar cushion, it is nice, firm, large, with adjustable straps that allow you to determine how high or low you need it to be.

First Voyage

My colleague and I gave the chair a go for a couple of days and here are our thoughts on the chair: 

The chair feels very sturdy and solid. I was initially apprehensive because I wasn’t sure of my chair-building skills but as soon as I sat down on it, those worries disappeared. I thought it was a snug fit, and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all when using the chair. The armrests could do with wider angle rotations but they were adequate.

My stats: 175cm, 75kg, size 34 waist.

The chair feels cosy for smaller people. I like how soft and cushiony the seat is, especially near the front edge of the seat. It’s very comfortable. The material of the seat is also cooling, which I appreciate. Overall it feels very solid and firm.

My colleague: 163cm, 52kg, size 30 waist.


True to Armaggeddon’s brand name, you get a pretty good quality product for a reasonable price. Though there's room for improvement in terms of design and the materials used, it felt as good to sit on as other gaming chairs, despite its lower price tag.

Some quality of life improvements could have been made to make the chair more attractive but as it stands, we’re pretty pleased with Armaggeddon’s first foray into chairs and look forward to seeing future models from them.

At the moment, we haven’t used the chair long enough for a long-term review, but check back in a few years and we’ll try to remember to update this article then!

The Armaggeddon Starship VI is available now for RM999 at their official Shoppee store.

There are cheaper models available, with the main differences being the price, the wheel base, chair-lift piston, back and headrest cushion.

You can also purchase the Nebuka III (RM899) and Shuttle II (RM699).

If you have any questions about the chair, feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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