The Top Clans 2021 Dota 2 Summer Invitational came to a close yesterday after a hard-fought best-of-five series between Army Geniuses and TEAM MYSTERY, with the former coming out on top. Army Geniuses won the first two games off the back of some insane Riki performances, while TEAM MYSTERY came back to win the next two. At 2-2, it boiled down to the final game of the series where TEAM MYSTERY failed to even come online. Army Geniuses drafted a lineup that was too much for their opponents to handle, and they never stood a chance.

Regardless, well played to TEAM MYSTERY to make it all the way to the grand finals in the first place, especially since Army Geniuses were the ones that knocked them down in the first place. With this victory, Army Geniuses win themselves USD 4,000 and TEAM MYSTERY USD 2,000 - not bad for one week of playing Dota 2.

Things are looking promising for the Indonesian squad, especially since they were almost eliminated from the DPC 2021 Season 2 League. If they stick around, they'll be able to get better over time. Keep an eye out for Daya, LYM, DB, Youk and WDMY!

Top Clans 2021 resumes this weekend (18-19 Sept) with the Rules of Survival Philippines and Vietnam finals, followed by the regional grand finals the following weekend (24-26 Sept). Catch the action live on eGG Network TV, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

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