Amidst the current slew of popular esports tournaments centered around the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends, the auto battler genre remains as relevant as ever, evidenced by VNG Corporation's recent reveal of the Auto Chess Regional Tournament for Southeast Asia (SEA) and Latin America (LATAM).

The series - organised by ESL - features a sheer US$60,000 total prize pool, which will be split into US$30,000 for each territory. The winner will not only bag the lion's share of the money pot, but also bragging rights as the best Auto Chess player in the region.

The SEA region comprises 6 different national qualifiers that eventually culminate into the Regional Finals:

Open qualifier

The Top 32 players of the five major countries will progress to their respective National Finals, but it's a different story for the rest of SEA: the Top 5 players will instead jump forward to the Regional Finals.

National Finals

For Malaysia/Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, entries to the Regional Finals will be given to the Top 5 players, although Indonesia and Vietnam will be sending their Top 6 Auto Chess players to the final showdown. It's a lot of hurdles for participants to overcome, but if they succeed in reaching the SEA Regional Finals from 17 - 19 Jul, it will be a battle to remember for the region's Top 32 players.

The National Finals of the SEA Auto Chess Regional Tournament will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube in each country's respective language. The SEA Regional Finals will be available in English, Vietnamese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia.

Interested to join? Sign up now on the ESL website. You can follow VNG and ESL Asia on Facebook for the latest news on the Auto Chess Regional Tournament.

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