In case you weren't aware, over the weekend, Geek Fam decided to troll eGG Network on our holiday profile picture post. We had switched up our look for the festive season and Geek Fam had a lot to say about it. Naturally, we did what we at eGG Network do best - we retaliated!

This evolved into an entertaining thread, as you can see from the screenshots. eGGmin sure had a lot of flames to spit towards Geek Fam's direction. It seems like the whole of Geek Fam Malaysia got involved, with the MLBB, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile Girls and guys squad chiming in!

In the end, it culminated into an Among Us challenge - eGG Network vs the Geek Fam! Because eGG Network doesn't need an army to back us up (quality over quantity!) we're only sending two soldiers into the fray - Uncle Dyy and Avenged TV - thank you guys for representing us! On Geek Fam's side, they have Artz, Dominus, Ozora Veki, Feekz, Xorn, InsaneZ Gaming, A-Kiq and Fatin Amisa. Even then, we don't think they'll be enough to handle us.

In case you haven't figured out by now - there is no real beef between us. We had a lot of fun working on this together and Geek Fam aren't our enemies. Really! This was just something we cooked up to spice up the holiday season. In any case, we hope you tune in and enjoy the Among Us stream this evening!

The Geek Fam vs eGG Network Among Us stream goes live today at 5 PM on our Facebook Page. It's going to be one heck of a stream! Which side will you be rooting for - Team eGG or Geek Fam?

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