The team will make their debut by battling professionals and newbies at the Pacific Championship Series (PCS).

Love may be in the air today, but time waits for no one, especially in the esports scene. And there's no time like the present for the Malaysian League of Legends team, Berjaya Dragons, to make a roaring announcement of their player lineup on Facebook.

Presenting to you, the players that will represent Malaysia in the upcoming Pacific Championship Series (PCS):

Top Lane


Mid Laner

Bot Laner


The Berjaya-supported players will be trained by esports-personality-turned-head-coach, Paul Sun Pu Sheng, and with captain Chilly at the forefront. The team comprises plenty of former LoL Master Series (LMS) residents before the tournament combined with LoL SEA Tour (LST) to form the even bigger PCS. Most of them also possess Master rank - the third-highest ranked tier in LoL - in Korean servers, with plenty of them having the highest rank, Challenger, as well. So, expect a solid new team to compete at the league's inaugural season.

PCS will see 10 teams - comprising experienced and amateur players - locking horns with each other for a spot in Worlds 2020, to be held at Shanghai Stadium. The tournament's competitive format will differ from the standard format, with an increase in number of games to be played, opting for a best-of-one format plus a double elimination grand final.

Here are the participating teams:

Hong Kong

The online competition begins 8 Feb, available in English, Mandarin, and Thai.

For more information, check out the PCS Facebook page.

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