AIS, Globe, Singtel and Telkomsel work together to provide more opportunities for aspiring esports athletes

AIS, Globe, Singtel Group and Telkomsel continue showcasing a commitment to the development of esports by providing increased opportunities to salarymen and varsity students alike to be aspiring esports athletes. 

AIS recently announced the return of its AIS eSports Thailand Corporate League 2020 and introduced the AIS eSports Thailand Campus League. Said competitions will act as key proving grounds, with each league winners earning the right to represent Thailand and compete in the Singtel’s PVP Esports Corporate Championship and PVP Esports Campus Championship. Other regional associates, Globe and Telkomsel will also look to provide increased accessibility for their respective local gaming community to flourish at local and regional levels.

Singtel and AIS representatives at the launch of the 2020 PVP Esports community leagues, together with invited corporate gamers from Thailand.
Singtel and AIS representatives at the launch of the 2020 PVP Esports community leagues, together with invited student gamers from Thailand.

AIS’ corporate league sports a hefty prize pool of 426,000 baht (RM56,000), while Singtel’s PVP corporate and campus competitions have a combined prize pool of over S$100,000 (RM300,000) in cash and prizes. 

The 2020 PVP Esports Corporate and Campus Championships will run for two seasons from March to June (Season 1) and August to November (Season 2). Season 1 will feature Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile and Dota 2, with more games to follow in Season 2. Season 1’s Grand Finals will take place at the Indonesia Games Championship in July 2020. Registration for said competitions’ Singapore Qualifiers will open on 10 February 2020.

From left to right: Mr Edwin Koh (Singtel's International Group Strategic Partnerships Director), Mr Arthur Lang (Singtel’s International Group CEO), Mr Pratthana Leelapanang (AIS Chief Consumer Business Officer) and Mr Alistair Johnston (AIS New Business Managing Director)

“The esports market in Thailand has been growing exponentially and is increasingly gaining acceptance as a professional sport that enhances digital skills,” said Mr Alistair Johnston, AIS New Business Managing Director. Alistair went on to express AIS’ commitment in supporting the growth of Thailand players, collaborating with partners to provide the best opportunities possible.

“PVP Esports has proven to be a great platform for gamers and enthusiasts from Southeast Asia to come together and engage in competitive play,” said Mr Arthur Lang, Singtel International Group CEO. Arthur added that the positive response to 2019’s PVP leagues served as a strong motivator for Singtel to expand their offerings and bestow gamers with more opportunities to pursue what they love. 

The above announcement launch event took place at the Thailand Game Expo 2020 in Bangkok. For more information and updates, please visit www.pvpesports.gg

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