Team Flash has just announced their next step in their expansion plans for Southeast Asia, with their latest collaboration with the Cambodian-based esports organisation, Burn Gaming. Today Team Flash revealed their new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang squad that will be competing in the upcoming Cambodian MLBB Professional League. Here's the lineup that will be playing under the Burn X Flash banner:

The lineup hasn't changed much from the last season of MPL Cambodia, we now have D7 (previously NewBlood) coming in to replace Pekaboo. This collaboration will see regular training sessions with other Team Flash squads and knowledge sharing between teams analysing each other's gameplay to help identify strategies or areas of improvement, something sorely needed after Burn Gaming's less than satisfactory results in the first season. The new alliance will also see both organisations combining their resources and expertise to elevate each other’s MLBB division and cultivate a stronger presence in Cambodia’s esports scene.

Burn x Flash will make their debut in MPL KH Season 2 kicking off 26th February. Stay tuned to see the new roster in action!

Chhineneang Leangmeng, better known as Noobie GMK, is one of the biggest Facebook Gaming Creators in Cambodia. Over the past five years, the twenty-four-year-old from Prey Veng province has managed to amass over six hundred thousand followers on the platform and it doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon. Every time you tune into his channel, you can expect to see a cheerful, jovial boy, having a good time in front of the camera - be it swinging swords in Naraka Bladepoint or driving long distances in Euro Truck Simulator or shooting down opponents in PUBG.

However, things weren't always this peachy for the young Khmer. He had to work hard, in the beginning, to establish a following - back when he was a nobody and was dabbling in content creation for fun. Noobie's foray into the scene started with his YouTube channel, where he shared videos of him playing games with his friends and online acquaintances. "At that time, I only got 1-5 viewers! And they were just from my mates. But day by day, our number of views grew," he recalled.

With his YouTube channel gaining traction, he found opportunities to be part of the esports scene when he organized and casted a Vainglory tournament from his own bedroom. It was from that point onwards when the doors flew open for him and his esports career took off. Since then, he has organized and casted many tournaments for various games, such as Rules of Survival and PUBG (PC and Mobile) for brands like ASUS and Huawei.

However, his time in esports is coming to an end, he admitted during the interview. "My career in esports is almost over because I have a lot outside work (his regular job). But I have noticed that the esports scene in Cambodia has gotten much better recently, and there are many other people who are getting involved in the industry."

A New Leaf

Unlike a lot of streamers we have interviewed in the past, Noobie GMK isn't a full-time content creator. When he's not in front of his computer at home, he's in front of a computer elsewhere, doing his job as an IT security specialist. Thanks to his steady job, he makes good use of his stream income by spending it on people in need. "Since I'm supported through Facebook Stars from fans every month, I always collect those Stars to help those who are weak or needy such as homeless people. Especially every year on my birthday, I buy books and supplies to help schools in rural areas."

His generosity stems from the fact that he grew up in a low-income household, where he went through the struggles of living frugally. "I am not the son of a rich family. My mother was a factory worker and my father was a motorcycle repairman. But they really worked hard for me and I thank them for making me who I am today."

"When I was a child, I was the kid who was disobedient to teachers and my parents, I liked to make my own decisions! But when I grew older, I realized I was actually being a nuisance and after that, I vowed to myself that I will repay them for all the trouble I had caused. Today, I do what I can to alleviate the burden of my family by buying groceries, paying for the car, bills and so on. All I want to do is to see them happy and smiling."

When Noobie was in fourth grade, his cousin, an expert in computers, taught him everything he knew about the subject. This turned out to be a momentous point in the young boy's life as he became fascinated with computers and the world of tech. In tenth grade, he got his first gig writing about tech which led him down the path of gaming, esports, and where he is today. "Games changed my life," is a motto Noobie lives by, and is something that has stayed relevant to him till today.

Like many parents in this part of the world, they found it hard to accept Noobie's decision to game for a career. Streaming wasn't a thing back then (and still isn't widely accepted yet), so it was difficult to garner their support. But after putting in the effort, work and hours, he achieved his goals of being a successful content creator and they are now fully backing him.

Life As A Streamer

Noobie GMK didn't have many people to look up to when he was starting out as a streamer. He didn't have anyone to help or guide him in his circle. He felt like the only one in Cambodia doing it and had to explain to a lot of people what being a streamer meant. However, this obstacle had a silver lining - it allowed Noobie to do what he loved: share information with the public.

While he was already reaching out to people through his tech-focused blog (which he claims was in Alexa's top 10 during its heyday), streaming allowed him to reach out to an even wider audience, especially after he gained recognition through the tournaments he organized. Fun fact, the letters in (Noobie) GMK stand for Game, Meng (part of his name) and Knowledge/Khmer - not to be confused with GMK electronic design GMBH! From the very beginning, he already had a goal to spread knowledge. Since he was the one who was a self-made expert on the topic, he could be the one that people turned to, he helped a lot of people who needed advice about starting a stream and continues to do so.

Though he enjoys how streaming has improved the gaming community in Cambodia, he has some problems with it as well. Noobie dislikes streamers who use inappropriate words on stream and show unscrupulous content to attract attention. He is also tired of the perceptions of gaming being criminal in the country. He's trying to change all that by setting an example. Noobie also makes sure that any sponsorship deals he accepts fall in line with his goals. "Do not demand attention. Find your true fans - that is better than any other traction which won't allow you to grow in the future. As a streamer, we should share and show good things to our fans!"

Noobie is happy with how things are going now - he can fulfil his dreams, has a decent income, and loves what he is doing - but he's not about to rest on his laurels just yet. His current goal is to hit a million Facebook followers within 2022.

"Finally, I would like to thank you for your support from the beginning till today. I am lucky to have and know all of you and I hope you continue to support me like this for the rest of my career."

Tune in to Noobie GMK's streams - every day, 6 PM (GMT+8) onwards on Facebook Gaming and check out his videos on YouTube. For more interviews and features on your favourite Facebook Gaming creators, stay tuned to eGG Network!

It may have taken some time to arrive, but the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Cambodia Season 1 is geared up and ready to go! Moonton announced today that the open qualifiers MPL-KH S1 has concluded, with 4 teams going to the regular season. Those teams that made it through are DG Quantum, FENNEC Esports, Notorious Angles, and Walker Esports. Waiting for them are the invited teams: Impunity KH, SeeYouSoon, NewBlood, and Burn Gaming.

Unfamiliar with the qualifier teams? Here's a quick rundown, courtesy of Moonton:

DG Quantum is known as one of the first Esports teams to establish in Cambodia. Since 2016, they have participated in many esports competitions, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Last year, the team partnered with Quantum, and the members are mostly veterans with excellent team synergy.

FENNEC Esports is a small group of former members from Impunity X. The purpose of FENNEC Esports is to participate in the MPL KH Season 1, the first major Esports competition in the country. Their dream is to become the champion of MPL KH.

Notorious Angels (NA) is a new team formed early January 2021. MPL KH Season 1 will be their first professional debut. "Failure is something that everyone has been through, but all we have to do is succeed," said Notorious Angels Captain, Levii. He added, "If there is effort, it will pay off."

Walker Esports relaunched once they heard about MPL KH Season 1. Their love for the game and working
together as one team made them come back to the esports landscape.

The top six teams of the playoffs in the regular season will compete in the Playoffs and the winner will represent the country at the M3 MLBB World Championship later this year. The regular season will take place from 28 August to 19 September 2021. Catch the action live on the MLBB KH Facebook Page.

Although it’s still widely-debated whether esports is considered a “real sport”, that didn’t stop Adidas Cambodia from putting a local gamer front and centre to don and show off their latest line of killer-looking sportswear. That gamer is none other than Cambodian streamer, Henaa Gaming; who coincidentally enjoys modelling, and collaborated with Asus and RealMe for various projects in the past.

Want to be on top?

“They saw my social media feed, which contained many studio/outdoor photos of me,” Sann “Henaa” Chanleakhena recalled. “They knew I could pull off modelling, so they contacted me to promote their clothing line.” This marks another step forward for Adidas Cambodia's entry into the esports/video game scene, following their exclusive sponsorship with Orange Esports PUBG Mobile in March this year. Henaa was more than happy to be a part of the three stripes' initiative, albeit at the cost of her sleeping hours.

Henaa looking like a queen in her brand new Adidas gear.

“I’ve been sleeping for four hours every night this month,” the Facebook Gaming Creator exclaimed. When Henaa isn’t posing for the next shot, she’s armed with her smartphone (or gaming PC, occasionally), pink cat ear headphones, and webcam; charming thousands of viewers on Facebook Gaming with her daily video game streams. In between chatting with her fans, she prefers playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to its familiarity with most of her viewers.

Henaa used to stream roleplaying in Grand Theft Auto Online, even with her fellow countryman streamer, Ream Angkor, as part of her squad of streamer friends. She eventually stopped streaming GTA, because everyone else switched to play other games. But, she assured that she has her own team of friends to play MLBB with, so it’s still as fun. 

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Pushing through

Henaa has been hooked on to gaming for the last six years, reminiscing the times she played Rules of Survival and PUBG Mobile right before she started streaming last year. Her idea to stream was sparked by her numerous viewings of international streamers, citing Alodia Gosiengfiao and Dexie Diaz as her role model streamers. “I streamed on my personal YouTube account for fun first before I started streaming professionally on Facebook Gaming,” she revealed, saying that she had to learn how to use StreamLabs first before attempting it. 

Although video game streams are widely-accepted, making a career out of it is another thing altogether, which Henaa’s family and friends were wary of before her popularity. “They thought it was a useless career, that it’s not a lucrative career. They later accepted it after I became an official Facebook Gaming Creator, when I showed them how well I’m doing.” 

It would be relatively harder to pursue one’s interests without the support of loved ones, especially if another life problem was at hand. “I was never successful at work (before streaming), so this is the first time it actually took off.” Henaa attributes her success to people who have inspired and supported her, most of them comprising her top fans. One of the ways they show their loyalty is by shutting down naysayers and troublemaking viewers without hesitation, a testament to her fans’ devotion towards her. “I’m just glad I can make them happy.”

Jack of all trades

On top of streaming and modelling, the multi-talented Cambodian also has music in her soul, which she also shares with the world via song covers. Amusingly enough, it was a fan of hers that indirectly gave Henaa the idea to show off her singing skills online. “He dared me to sing on-stream as a challenge, and to make things more interesting, he said he’d gift me a microphone if most of the comments were positive.” Needless to say, she acted on the challenge and her viewers were wowed by the pipes of their idol, prompting her to release song covers on both Facebook and YouTube that have reached up to three million views

Although there’s zero similarities between music and streaming, Henaa’s YouTube song covers unexpectedly allows her to befriend more fans on her Facebook Gaming page. “They get curious when they notice the word ‘Gaming’ as part of my name on YouTube, sometimes they even end up following my streams.” Despite only singing music covers and for fun on-stream, Henaa has been itching to step it up a notch and release her own original songs, produced with the help of a musician friend. She has one song in the bag already, but she’s still contemplating when to release it. Regardless of her decision (she’ll post it sooner or later), one thing is for sure. “If they like it, then I will sing more original songs for them.”

Swamped with streaming, singing and modelling, Henaa remains determined, showing no signs of slowing down. She revealed that if she had more time, she’s open to creating other types of content, such as makeup tutorials, mukbangs, and even cooking videos. “My mom used to manage a restaurant before she went to live abroad, so I learned from her how to cook,” she said, adding jokingly that she “likes eating so I have to know how to cook”. As for the reason behind her open-mindedness, Henaa believes that if she focused on doing one thing for too long - in her case, streaming - she’ll feel complacent. “It’s good to be multi-skilled, so take any opportunity to learn new things and improve yourself.” 

“I don’t want to regret not making the effort to do more, so I’m making the most out of it.”

Check out Henaa Gaming's daily live streams on Facebook Gaming!

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