The holiday season is just around the corner and nobody should be left out from enjoying the festivities - including those who are less fortunate. Garena announced today that they will be teaming up with Kechara Soup Kitchen, a non-profit and non-governmental local organization, to redistribute surplus food and donate fun packs to the underprivileged this week. The campaign, titled "Mr Waggor's Airdrop", aims to distribute food to over 500 families in the Klang Valley.

Kicking off today, from 20-23 December, they will be setting up collection points on those days from 4-6 PM for people in need to pick up food and fun packs. Families and kids will also be able to interact with Mr Waggor, their mascot for this campaign, at the venues.

In addition to the food drive, Garena's hit battle royale game, Free Fire has kicked off a new in-game event called "New Age", where players can earn present-shaped tokens to exchange for prizes like legendary weapon crates and an emote. The event is live now and lasts until 31 December. Free Fire is available for free on Android and iOS.

Beberapa minggu lalu, para eGGlets disajikan dengan perlawanan MLBB, PUBG Mobile dan Valorant yang mendebarkan bagi meraikan sambutan ulang tahun ke-5 eGG Network.

Kerana sokongan luarbiasa anda, eGG Network melakukan sesuatu yang istimewa bagi mengakhiri sambutan ini dengan menganjurkan Perlawanan Amal Rocket League All Star.

Ya, buat pertama kalinya, anda akan dapat melihat ramai Pencipta Permainan Facebook kegemaran anda memandu kereta dan merebut bola gergasi di stadium.

Ia akan menjadi kejohanan 4v4, di mana pasukan pertama dengan lima kemenangan akan dinobatkan sebagai juara.

Semasa acara itu, semua kutipan 'Star-tipping' daripada aliran itu akan disumbangkan kepada Rumah Kanak-Kanak (RKK) Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Sebuah institusi yang dipilih dengan teliti yang menjaga dan melindungi kanak-kanak mempunyai latar belakang bermasalah.

MSI, penaja kejohanan dengan murah hati akan menambah RM 10,000 bintang. Sebagai bonus kepada penonton, kami juga akan memberikan hadiah bernilai RM6,500 sepanjang hari.

Apa yang anda perlu lakukan ialah 'like' siaran Facebook (yang disiarkan secara langsung pada 17 November, 10 pagi), isi borang pendaftaran yang dipautkan dalam siaran, tinggalkan komen 'tag' KOL yang menyertai kejohanan dan tag 3 daripada rakan anda. Ikuti strim langsung untuk melihat pengumuman pemenang - semudah itu saja!

Hadiah Giveaway

KOL yang mengambil bahagian

Pasukan Jingga

Pasukan Biru

Kejohanan ini akan dihoskan oleh Qontra dan Spartanker, dua wajah yang sangat dikenali jika anda telah mengikuti senario esport Malaysia, jadi anda tahu ianya pasti meriah dan gempak!

Tidak kira sama ada anda pemain Rocket League atau tidak, kami menjamin ia sangat menyeronokkan! Jadi jom lepak dengan kami di Facebook pada 20 November, 12-3 PM.

Kejohanan Amal All-Star Liga Roket Ulang Tahun eGG ditaja oleh MSI Malaysia, syarikat di sebalik GE66 Raider - komputer riba permainan nipis tanpa kompromi. Dikuasakan oleh Pemproses Intel® Core™ Generasi ke-11, GeForce RTX™ 3080 dan paparan QHD 240Hz, ia adalah semua yang anda inginkan dalam pada gadget permainan mudah alih dan banyak lagi.

Brawlhalla might not be the most popular multiplayer fighting game in this part of the world, but for those of you who have tried it, you would know how much fun this Smash-like brawler can be. For those of you who haven't heard of the title, what better way to experience than watching your favourite video game creators go head to head? Especially since we're all stuck at home on Malaysia's 64th Independence Day and tuning benefits the cause of the stream.

Yes, that's right - SEAGM has announced the #SEAGMGivesBack RM10,000 Merdeka Charity Showmatch - their way of giving back to the community. All you have to do is tune into the stream when it goes live. Each like and concurrent viewer will contribute to hitting the various milestones SEAGM has set - the more likes and viewers, the more they will donate! During the stream, lucky viewers will also be selected to win special prizes.

SEAGM aims to raise RM10,000 during this charity event, which will go to the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association Selangor - a home that currently takes care of 78 patients who are currently disabled or handicapped and require special attention and needs. To help out with the cause, you can expect to see SEAGM's roster of KOLs - Master Ramen, ManParang, Draxx, Bravo, Putra, Wrydep, WildRabbit, MamaJess, Flava, Hailey and ArrHedge.

You can watch the stream on the SEAGM Facebook Page, or the individual pages of the creators (linked above). The stream will go live on 31st August, 12 pm. It's going to be a brawl of a show!

'Tis the season of joy, and we're here to remind you about the Fight For Love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Charity Showmatch taking place next week, on 19th December. Featuring some of Singapore's hottest talents, as well as their best teams (who will be representing the country at M2), Fight For Love is Moonton's way of giving back to the community. If you're asking how - for every peak viewer milestone they hit, the amount donated to Club Rainbow will be increased. So if you're keen on helping out the less fortunate, tune in to the stream on as many devices as possible, get your friends and family to watch the event as well, heck get your enemies in - it's all for a greater cause.

The day-long event will feature a mix of regular matches and special game modes such as "protect the captain" and one more that is yet to be revealed. For the first set of show matches, we will have RSG and Kingsmen, while the second set will feature Team Aiman and Team Jianhao - teams led by respective members of Night Owl Cinematics and filled up with players from RSG and EVOS SG.

Besides increasing the amount donated to charity, viewers will stand a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards throughout the day - all they have to do is stay tuned to the livestream and follow the instructions.

It's going to be a whole day of fun and games, with matchups that you won't get to see on any given day. How well will the pro players mesh with influencers? Will we see a new Singaporean team on the rise? Only one way to find out. Make sure you point your web browsers to: Facebook or YouTube on 19th December.

Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on MLBB!

2020 sure has flown by in the blink of an eye - we can't believe it's December already! Best month of the year, of course, and also the month where people like giving more than receiving. To celebrate Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hitting 1 billion downloads, Moonton and Club Rainbow Singapore, a non-profit that benefits children with chronic illnesses and their families; have announced the 2020 Singapore Christmas Charity Showmatch.

Taking place on 19 December, it will consist of two matches - the first one between RSG (MPL-MY/SG S5 winners) and KINGSMEN (PVP Esports Champions SG), and the second one will have influencers going head to head - Team Jian Hao vs Team Aiman Haikal (who have donated SGD 3,000 respectively, to Club Rainbow for this event).

In addition to regular matches, there will be a new game mode called "Protect the Captain", which should be interesting to watch - teams will have to make sure their captains don't accumulate 8 deaths. With every 2 deaths, a mid lane tower will be destroyed, and eventually the nexus when there are no more towers left!

Moonton also announced that its latest in-game event "Blazing West" is going on right now - if you haven't launched the game for a while, this might be a good chance to go back. Make sure you log in on 12 December to claim the new hero, Mathilda!

Don't forget to tune in to Facebook or YouTube to catch the Charity Showmatch, 4 PM (GMT +8) 19 December.

With the same noble purpose as major sporting events like the Olympics, the upcoming Your Home, Your Arena (YHYA) Charity Cup seeks to unify the esports community via online competition between countries. In addition to entertaining viewers with exciting matches, the goal of YHWA is to raise awareness and funds for the people who are struggling to make ends meet due to the impact of COVID-19.

Organised by the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF), which governed esports for the 2019 SEA Games and 2018 Asian Games, the YHYA Charity Cup will feature Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and The King of Fighters as part of its games line-up.

Here are the eight countries who are participating in the invitational tournament for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

On top of the Charity Cup, the AESF also launched the Your Home, Your Arena Charity Fundraising, an accessible platform where the public can contribute funds to assist those severely affected by the pandemic. If you're keen on helping out, head on over to GIVE.asia to donate however much you can - every cent counts!

The Your Home, Your Arena Charity Cup begins tomorrow (4 Jun) at 3PM (GMT+8), with the livestream available on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. More info can be found on the AESF website.

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