For the second day of the LEVEL UP PLAY ONE webinars, our panellists covered two interesting topics: the difference between esports and gaming addiction, and the emergence of female talents in the gaming industry. Here are some of the pointers we learned from the discussion.

Gaming: esports or addiction?

The main difference between the two usually boils down to the goals of playing a game. When you're competing in esports, you have a goal to attain. Be it practicing for a tournament or a qualifier, or improving your skills in general - you're always working towards something. However, when it is an addiction, it is gaming until the point where it affects other aspects of your life negatively. Be it schoolwork, your career, or social life, being addicted to gaming means being unable to stop playing games. Fortunately, real gaming addiction only affects a small population of gamers.

On The Go, manager of Team Secret Malaysia (a PUBG Mobile squad) mentioned that even his players don't practice more than 3-4 hours of gameplay a day. There comes a point where putting in any additional hours isn't productive for the players. Instead, they spend a lot of their time on other gameplay elements such as strategising, and planning.

Panelists also gave some advice to parents who are worried that their kids are spending too many hours gaming. Parents should get engaged with the activities of their children, even if they don't 'get it', they can sit with them and try to be interested. Knowing that gaming isn't a hobby they have to do alone can help kids from using it as an escape from reality. Another tip is to show kids that there's more to life than just gaming - kids can have fun outside or not in front of their consoles as well!

The panelists also touched on careers in the esports industry. There's no need to be an athlete if you want to get involved. There are many other things you can do without going through the rigorous practice that pro players are subjected to. On The Go also spoke about preparing his players for the real world when they eventually retire from playing.

Watch the whole webinar below:

The emergence of female talents in the gaming industry

This webinar was a much more lighthearted one, given the cheery personalities that were on camera, and even featured cameo appearances by MissRose's kids!

The streamers spoke about comments and flames they've been subjected to on their live streams, and how they dealt with them. They even poked fun at the statement of men being better than women at games - saying that women have to do everything else, while men can spend all their time gaming.

Regarding labels, Chu Chu put it nicely - "As long as you're happy, it doesn't matter if people refer to you as a gamer girl." While Yana claimed that she's not a gamer, but an entertainer. They were also full of encouragement regarding people who are thinking of becoming streamers or pro gamers - fall repeatedly, but don't give up! And follow in the footsteps of successful people, learn from the pros.

Watch the whole webinar here:

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