On top of providing insightful analytical commentary, being entertaining is a valued casting virtue in itself. Meet CortX, a hilarious caster that not cracks entertaining jokes, but also provides the necessary commentary to paint a clearer picture of the battlefield for audiences at home.

A sample of CortX and his contagious laughter
Despite cracking jokes from time to time, CortX knows the appropriate time to shift gears to provide insightful commentary

As you can see, the animated caster is always a welcome addition to whoever he’s casting alongside. Underneath all that humour and fun-filled persona, lies an individual who does take studying the game seriously to ensure the best delivery of his craft.

CortX diligently makes notes to ensure he's on top of his own game

We managed to catch CortX for a few words before the season actually began. When we inquired on how it felt to participate in Season 7, this was what he had to say. “My feelings? I hardly have feelings. Haha. Actually this season I feel very excited because there are a lot of changes. Do you guys want to know what the changes are? Don’t forget to watch MPL MY Season 7.”

Keeping an eye on the competition

While there were many prospective teams to look out for, CortX shared that there was only one team to watch. “The team that would have the biggest impact this season, if they are not changing or testing their lineup, would surely be TODAK.” He expressed that this is a team that is just built to be championship winners. “They are the only team in Malaysia that participated in M1 and M2!” CortX added that the team have a ton of tricks up their sleeve, ensuring that they would ultimately win it all in the end.

Although this statement doesn't apply anymore, fans should never forget the invincible run Todak had last season

When asked about who would shape up to be the strongest team of the season, CortX just had a strong statement. “TODAK! Enough said.” On the other hand, he was actually more excited to watch Reborn Esports this season. “It’s because they have twins playing for them. Mannn and Minnn...so it will be interesting to see the synergy between them in-game!”

CortX also shared that there was also one rivalry that fans should be extra aware of this season. “It is between RED and Reborn Esports. It’ll be a serious match, an epic match.” He added that given the controversy that occurred, “it is not only just a clash between players but between the management of these two teams as well!”

Speaking of players, CortX shared his thoughts on who would be the standout player to look out for this season too. “It has to be Ciku, he is so good. Whenever he gets pressured, he still finds ways to get fat in-game and proceed to get more kills!” He also wanted to remind fans about the wise words of Laphel, “Ciku tak takut mati. Mati takut Ciku.” (TL: Ciku isn’t afraid of death. Death is afraid of Ciku).

Why does it meta?

CortX also shared his thoughts on what kind of meta would be prominent in Season 7. “It would be a two core meta. The Jungler and Gold lane heroes will have a big impact in this season’s meta.”

Expanding on this, he added that there were a couple of heroes that would be prominently picked. “There are two common hero picks that come to mind, Jawhead and Yi Sun-shin. Jawhead is a more commonly aggressive hero in the early game. He can give pressure to enemies when they are trying to get buffs and is also a good setup hero for teamfights. Teams will surely contest this pick.”

Despite the recent nerf to Yi Sun-shin, the hero is still frequently picked.

“As for Yi Sun-shin, this hero is very good at applying pressure to other teams with his ultimate, Mountain Shocker as well as his ability to farm very quickly compared to other Jungler heroes.”

All things considered, CortX’s insights line up with what we currently see. Jawhead is almost picked every time it isn’t banned. While Yi Sun-shin isn’t as hotly contested, there are many teams that still value the arguably stable Markman pick.

Got esports, will travel

As everyone is aware, the COVID era has made things a tad bit more challenging for any sort of work in general, with shoutcasting being no exception. CortX personally shared how he commutes over long distances to deliver the best MPL MY viewing experience for the fans out there. “I need to travel over 300+ km to get to the casting venue and am always worried about my car breaking down at any time. Yup, my car is more than 10 years old but hopefully, everything will be fine.”

CortX’s 2 Cents

Now that MPL MY is a fully Malaysian based league, CortX had mixed opinions on the current change. He summed it up as a “we win some and we lose some” scenario. “Now we can develop and see more talented players. At the same time, we will have fewer chances or opportunities to learn and play against Singaporean teams.”

Just like any astute caster, CortX had his own opinions to weigh in before the season officially started. “If TODAK can manage their team like last season, I can confirm to everybody out there that they will win MPL Malaysia. They have great synergy and high-level players on the team.” Taking all this into consideration, CortX stated that they would have what it takes to reach the top. Be sure to catch CortX in action on screen for the rest of MPL MY S7 as he continues cracking jokes while providing extra animated commentary!

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