He may have signed up for gunfights and survival, but MelRomeo relishes the world of fantasy and adventure too.

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet may be written centuries ago, but its star-crossed lovers stood the test of time, remaining a strong symbolism of romance and fiery passion. Having said that, whether or not MelRomeo is a passionate lover remains a mystery, but what we do know is that he loves sharing content, which is why he got into streaming.

“That way, I get to make new friends and even improve my video editing skills,” said Muzammil “MelRomeo” bin Mudzakir. Despite streaming PUBG Lite on a daily basis, the Facebook Gaming Creator admits to being more of an RPG gamer, playing games the likes of Diablo, Path of Exile and World of Warcraft. Even so, he’s still fond of the widely-played battle royale.

PUBG never feels repetitive for me, because every enemy player’s gameplay is different,” he said, adding that the shooter game requires skills that differ from RPGs, including shooting, and predicting and analysing enemy movements. It’s also fitting that he’s streaming a game that’s been used for esports, because he sometimes roleplays as a caster in his streams, so that viewers can enjoy his gameplay more.

“Interaction with my fans is the most important aspect of streaming,” the Malaysian gamer opined, saying that he constantly strives to improve his relationship with them. He utilises other platforms - including Instagram - to share highlights from his streams for his followers to enjoy, even reminding them about his streams via Stories.

He hopes to do more music-related content in the future, because that’s where his team, Lapar Esports, will be venturing towards.

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