The PUBG Mobile streamer traded bullets competitively on PUBG PC - and was even an air steward - before progressing to Facebook Gaming.

"The early bird gets the worm," so the saying goes. But within the confines of PUBG Mobile and Facebook Gaming page Era of the Geeks, chicken dinner is a more hearty breakfast than worms for Mohamed Farhan “Han” bin Johari, who helms the popular streaming page.

"I enjoy waking up early to do work," the Johor Bahru boy said, evidenced by his daily streams commencing at 9am daily without fail. It's a testament to how he treats his role as a content creator professionally, believing that it helps him be a better streamer. "If you see it as work, you'll be more inclined to treat it seriously, and figure out ways you can improve your content and keep your fans entertained." 

Han's streams benefited from his time as a PUBG PC competitive player, taking on the role of a hunter in PUBG Mobile to focus on taking out his enemies with skillful plays. "I have failed miserably plenty of times," Han admitted with a chuckle. "But it's worth the sacrifice for the amazing content I can wow my fans with in real-time." 

Han sometimes streams with his wife, Vanadise, on PUBG Mobile.

Despite the above, the science enthusiast strives for more than just high IQ aggressive plays to entertain his fans - he wants to inspire them too. Drawing from his own experience of having low self-esteem due to his pronounced forehead, Han overcame his flaw by accepting it as a unique feature of his, in turn boosting his self-confidence. 

Now, he even flaunts his forehead on his streams, and his fans know him better for it. "When people embrace their weakness, it becomes their strength. Then, they can overcome any obstacles that life throws at them."

Follow Han from Era of the Geeks on Facebook to catch his live streams every day from 9am - 1pm and 7.30pm - 11pm!

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