The most hyped series of the whole tournament took place tonight, in the Laugardalshöll indoor sporting arena, Iceland. Could EDward Gaming (EDG) win their first League of Legends Championship title or would Damwon Kia (DK) pull off a back-to-back Worlds victory?

Game 1 was expertly played by EDG while game 2 was a stomp in the opposite direction. Game 3 started off close, but when it mattered, DK won the team fight to close out the game. Game 4 belonged to EDG all the way - securing 4 Drakes and a Baron to swiftly close out the game.

It all boiled down to the final game of the series, game 5 which started off on even footing for both teams. Neither team were interested in overextending. At 23 minutes, EDG won a decisive teamfight which gave them access to their third drake of the game. However, 5 minutes later, DK snuck a Baron kill which seemed to be their ticket back into the game. Unfazed, EDG quickly nipped their momentum in the bud by out-teamfighting the LCK squad to win a 5 for 1 trade.

At 37 minutes, EDG scored a free kill on Canyon which secured them a Baron and a free march down the top lane. DK managed to fend off EDG after losing one Nexus Turret but it wasn't enough to bring them back into the game. EDG secured the Elder Dragon, which was enough for them to overpower DK and close out the game. EDG are your Worlds Champions!

And that concludes Worlds 2021, resetting the LPL/LCK cycle. Will EDG be able to stay on top in the coming season? Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on your favourite esports tournaments.

Korea have finally done it! After China's domination for the past two years, DAMWON Gaming have finally ended their streak by winning the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

The grand finals started off on even footing, with both Suning and DAMWON Gaming neck to neck for the first few games, but in the fourth game, the Koreans popped off on another level to make the Chinese squad look somewhat lost.

DAMWON's gold lead

During the midgame, after DAMWON managed to secure four buffs, Suning decided they would stop the upcoming Baron attempt but were unsuccessful due to how far behind they were in terms of kills, gold and map control. This was the beginning of the end for them as it felt like there was no coming back.

The beginning of the end for Suning

After winning the decisive fight around Baron, DAMWON Gaming quickly pushed down the bottom lane, followed by the middle lane which led to the final team fight that they won effortlessly. DAMWON Gaming secured the 2020 Worlds trophy with their 3-1 victory over Suning.

LCK are back!

Congratulations to DAMWON Gaming for the performance of a lifetime - they only lost a total of 3 games throughout the whole tournament, making their run look like a walk in the park. Well played to Suning for making it this far, but it wasn't their day today.

Canyon's 8/0/7 Kindred in the final game helped secure him the MVP title

This win marks a new era of LCK (LoL Champions Korea) domination again - now the question is, how long will it last? Competitive League of Legends will be on a break for awhile, but in the meantime, you can spend time catching up with the latest iteration of the game - Wild Rift!

Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and coverage on your favourite esports!

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