After the exciting first weekend of the DPC Regional Finals, the second one flew by just as quickly, with some pretty thrilling matches and some expected stomps. For those of you who missed out, here are the results of the second weekend.


No surprise here as PSG.LGD proved that they were still in top form. Maintaining their win streak from the regular season, they remained in the upper bracket all the way until the grand final, where they had a rematch against Royal Never Give Up - the team they had sent down to the lower bracket the previous day. PSG.LGD proved that they are still a cut above the rest of their region and are looking good in their journey towards the next TI.

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East Europe

Despite winning The International, Team Spirit showed that they are capable of bleeding with a first round drop to the lower bracket after losing to HellRaisers. That seemed to be the wake-up call they needed and Team Spirit spent the next two days dominating their opponents without dropping a single game. The grand final match was expected to be a close one against Virtus.pro but it ended up being a one-sided stomp instead. Team Spirit still in TI-form confirmed.

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North America

This was the most interesting regional final to follow due to how close most of the teams were to each other and the biggest surprise being TSM FTX coming out on top for the first time. It was also the only region to have the grand finals going all the way to five games. TSM FTX, who had finished the DPC season in 2nd place (their first non-third placement in the circuit) have been playing with renewed energy and confidence ever since the boys got signed (they were previously Team Undying). Watching their games, you can tell how well they're playing as a squad right now, and they look like the best team in NA. We can't wait to catch them at GAMERS GALAXY.

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With the DPC 2021/2022 Tour 1 concluded, it's almost time for the brand new Dota 2 patch - something that fans and players have been looking forward to. Balance changes mean a new meta and different strategies, which is always exciting to see. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on the DPC!

The first weekend of the Dota 2 Major Regional Finals concluded early this morning and the best teams from Southeast Asia, West Europe and South America have been crowned. Here's the rundown of what happened last weekend:

Southeast Asia

BOOM Esports took the win in the region after dropping down to the lower bracket in the Upper Bracket Finals, they came back to beat Team SMG (a rematch of the first round) in a 2-1 series. Facing T1 again for the Grand Final, BOOM showed that they learnt from their mistakes of the previous day and beat T1 convincingly. While game 4 was rife with issues for T1 (Karl had internet issues and needed to be replaced), that didn't take away from BOOM's victory as they proved to be the better team that day. They topped the SEA DPC for a good reason! Hopefully, we'll get to see them on the international stage later this year, they're one step closer to The International.

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West Europe

What a ride the West European finals was - at the start, Liquid showed they were a cut above all the other teams dominating the first two rounds in clean 2-0 matches. However, Gaimin Gladiators managed to bounce back after losing the Upper Bracket Final to get their revenge against Team Liquid in the Grand Final. Their perseverance in the WEU DPC paid off and they managed to take the best-of-five against Liquid with a 3-1 score. Reminisce of Vikin.gg, it's great seeing ImmortalFaith's team at the top again! Tundra and OG had a pretty poor showing this weekend, but with the arrival of the next season, we're excited to see what the teams have in store.

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South America

It looked like beastcoast woke up in time for the finals, after an average performance during the regular season, they showed us why they've been consistently qualifying to international tournaments over the past couple years. The team had no trouble taking out Infamous, Thunder Awaken and Infamous again. They had the only 3-0 Grand Final this weekend, proving that they had Infamous figured out. Regardless, it was a great performance from the boys. Unfortunately for Thunder Awaken, their 7-0 score during the league wasn't enough to give them the top spot.

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The remainder of the DPC Regional Finals continues this week, from 18-20 February. Make sure you don't miss out on the crowning of China, East Europe and North America!

While the cancellation of 2022’s first Dota 2 Major came as a blow to fans of the game worldwide, it was somewhat placated with the announcement of the regional finals. While they come nowhere close in terms of excitement and stakes, it was better than nothing in their stead. Weeks have passed since the conclusion of the regular DPC season and it’s almost time for the top teams of the region to shine. Over the next two weekends, we’ll be witnessing the best of what each Dota 2 region has to offer.

Here’s what to expect:

11-13 February

Southeast Asia

The SEA DPC showed that the region was as volatile as our regular pub games, with what seemed like an easy sweep for T1 turning into a walk in the park for BOOM Esports. After ditching their all-Indonesian roster and bringing in Filipino blood, they’ve been giving the rest of the region a good spanking and ended the season with a 6-1 score. Making up the rest of the top four are T1, Team SMG and Fnatic (all of them 5-2), who established a clear divide between them and the rest of the teams who finished with 2 victories or less.

T1 have proven themselves a worthy squad, finishing top eight at the last TI and multiple top fours (including some wins) over the past year, so they’ve always been a team to look out for. However, they did make a last-minute roster change this week, swapping 23 Savage out for Gabbi. Will they be able to retain their chemistry or will they surpass expectations? Only one way to find out. Fnatic have found success this season after some roster changes, but the core of the team has always been part of the region’s gatekeepers so it’s no surprise to see them here. Team SMG performed remarkably well this season, and after going through the grind of open qualifiers and lower division, it’s great to see MidOne back on top. It’ll be the biggest tournament he’s been part of for a while, so we’ll have to see how it plays out. More info.

West Europe

Frequently referred to as the best region in the world due to the prominence of the players and organisations in the scene, expect a bloodbath this final. Team Liquid, Gladiators (formerly Team Tickles), Tundra and OG will be the representatives. 

Liquid’s revitalised roster outclassed the rest of the region this season and gave them an almost flawless finish (their only loss was against Nigma who won’t be present here) so they’ll be coming in as heavy favourites. Gladiator, who were underdogs at the beginning of the season are another team to look out for. They have proven that they have what it takes to hang with the best, coming in at second. Tundra and OG have both shown sparks of brilliance this season but leave a lot to be desired in terms of consistency. Perhaps they can show their true forms this weekend. More info.

South America

It’s a bit disappointing to know that we won’t be seeing our SA boys creating upsets at the major this season, but they still know how to put on a good show. Heading to the final are Thunder Awaken (previously Thunder Predator), Infamous U.esports, beastcoast and APU King of Kings.

Thunder wrecked everyone during the DPC with a 7-0 score, so they will be the heavy favourites, with Infamous not far behind. beastcoast, whose players have been together since July 2019 are beginning to show their age as a squad. Can their 4-protect-K1 strategy continue to work? They definitely need to show more of their hand. APU King of Kings haven’t been around for too long nor have they won anything significant, so they’ll be the underdogs for this final - maybe it’ll be their time to claim their first major W. More info.

18-20 February


For over a year, PSG.LGD has remained one of the most consistent Dota 2 teams in the world, finishing top 4 in every tournament they’ve been a part of and winning more than a few. While they failed to win the aegis last year, they’re still a very good team and it’s no surprise to see them here. Team Aster, the hometown slayers along with Royal Never Give Up (Somnus`M’s current team) will have to play their hearts out on the weekend to stand a chance against PSG.LGD. EHOME is a big surprise here, as the organization has been pretty quiet in terms of Dota 2 results over the past couple of years but their latest roster has shown a lot of promise. More info.

East Europe

As expected, the TI winners, Team Spirit had no trouble during the DPC, only dropping a single game (not match) all season. Second place was a surprise, belonging to the fresh faces of PuckChamp - they finally get a spot in the limelight. Virtus.pro, last year’s EEU top dogs have been a little shaky since their roster change but they still managed to top four the season. Lastly, we have HellRaisers, another brand new squad looking to prove themselves. It’s probably going to be a Team Spirit victory, but stranger things have happened in the past. Keep an eye out for Magnus on Collapse. More info.

North America

This was probably the easiest region to predict, with Quincy Crew, Team Solo Mid (previously Undying), Evil Geniuses and 4 Zoomers representing the region. Not much to say except that EG has been left pretty shaky since their roster adjustment, while Quincy Crew seem to be flourishing despite their changes. TSM are as solid as ever, with Moon and the boys looking to show to the organization that they made the right decision signing them. 4 Zoomers might be the weakest of the four teams, especially since they lost to the other three teams during the season. Hopefully, they’ll have some hidden strats to unveil. More info.

All the action starts tomorrow with the SEA region, do follow the official Dota 2 Esports website for schedules and more information.

Bad news for all Dota 2 fans and players in the Dota Pro Circuit, it looks like we won't be having the first major of the year. Valve has just put out a statement announcing the unfortunate cancellation of the DPC 2021-2022 Winter Major. Their reasoning: the discovery and spread of new strains of COVID-19 and the resulting increase of travel restrictions has made it unfeasible for all qualified teams to gather for a LAN tournament.

Since there will be no major, Tour 1 will conclude after the regional league tournaments have ended. This also means that points from the first Major will be redistributed to the second and third major. This last-minute announcement comes as a heavy blow to teams that have been performing extremely well during this season so far since they no longer have a big tournament to look forward to. The season has been a very interesting one so far, with many lower-ranked teams stepping up their game and the veterans with adjusted lineups showing great promise in the league as well.

Here is the new point distribution for the majors:

Major 2:
1st Place - 520 Points (previously 500)
2nd Place - 310 Points (previously 450)
3rd Place - 210 Points (previously 400)
4th Place - 105 Points (previously 350)
5th Place - 52 Points (previously 300)

Major 3:
1st Place - 680 Points (previously 600)
2nd Place - 410 Points (previously 550)
3rd Place - 270 Points (previously 500)
4th Place - 135 Points (previously 450)
5th Place - 68 Points (previously 400)

This change in point distribution for the Majors means that there will be a lot more emphasis on teams winning the event (not that teams aren't already gunning for that goal) and/or performing well in the regional leagues. Since there's no change to the regional DPC points, the leagues will be where teams can earn the most points in order to qualify for The International 2022.

We're not sure if Valve will be announcing further changes to the point system in the future (due to the outcry of fans and players on social media) but we'll keep you posted about any updates.

At the moment, there's not much we can do about it since the pandemic is out of anybody's control. We can only cross our fingers and hope that things get better in the near future. In the meantime, make sure you stay safe and catch the Dota 2 DPC live in the safety of your own home. eGG Network TV will be broadcasting the SEA DPC live on our channel and Astro Go, while you can catch everything else on other platforms. More info.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship

This weekend we'll find out who the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team in the world is going to be. Definitely an event no MLBB fan wants to miss. More info.

Date and Time: 17-19 December, 2 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitchYouTubeFacebook

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: East

This is the final Super Weekend before we get the top 16 teams entering the grand final. Who will qualify?

More info.

Date and Time:

Where to Watch: FacebookYouTube

Sembang Game 2

Date and Time: 23 December, 9 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TV

Global Esports Games

More info.

Date and Time: 17-19 Dec, 1 PM

Where to Watch: YouTubeFacebookTikTok.


Date and Time: 17-20 December, 10 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitch

BLAST Premier: World Final 2021

More info.

Date and Time: 17-19 December, 11.30 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitch

Dota 2 DPC Season 2021 Winter

More info.

Dates: 29 November - 21 January

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitch

All dates and times in GMT +8

PMPL SEA Championship 2021

The next stage of the PUBG Mobile Professional League (PMPL) in Southeast Asia is finally here! Witness 16 of the top PUBG Mobile professional teams in the PMPL SEA Championship 2021 (formerly known as PMPL SEA Finals Season 3) duking it out in a span of three days to prove who’s the best of the best in SEA. Will Bigetron RA be able hold their crown once again, or will a new champion arise?

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Catch the PMPL SEA Championship 2021 next Friday until Sunday (21 - 23 May) LIVE on PUBG Mobile Facebook and YouTube.

NBA 2K League 2021

NBA 2K League returns with its 2021 season, with 23 teams - divided into two conferences, Eastern Conference and Western Conference - competing for the US$1.5 million prize pool, the largest ever to be won by the NBA 2K League champions. The 2021 season will feature three in-season tournaments that allow teams to compete for a spot in the Playoffs, which has expanded to 12 finalists.

The first NBA 2K League 2021 tournament (The Tipoff) starts next Wednesday (19 - 22 May), and will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube, as well as eGG Network TV.

CS Summit 8

This A-Tier CS:GO tournament is part of the Valve Regional Major Rankings (RMR) series, so it's a pretty big deal. cs_summit 8, once again organised by Beyond The Summit, will see eight of the best North American teams lock horns with one another for essential RMR points and the US$50,000 total prize pool. A closed qualifiers will be held first to determine the final four teams to go up against the top 4 teams of the Rio Major 2020 in North America.

The CS Summit 8 closed qualifiers will begin its broadcast tomorrow onwards (14 - 18 May) at 5.30AM before the main event from 20 - 30 May. The CS:GO competition can be enjoyed LIVE on eGG Network TV, YouTube and Twitch.

Virtual Bundesliga International Series

VBL International Series 2021 Now Open For Registration!

The VBL 2021 Series is back again for the fourth year in a row! Featuring entrants from 17 countries across three continents, the VBL International Series will see players fighting for the lion’s share of the $10,000 prize pool. 

More info: VBL International Series 2021 Now Open For Registration!

Catch the Regional Finals of VBL 2021 from 16 May onwards, broadcast LIVE on eGG Network TV so make sure you catch the action live on our channel.

LoL 2021 Mid-Season Invitational

Get ready to rumble with the MSI 2021 Rumble Stage up next to up the ante in the League of Legends offline esports tournament in Iceland. The top 2 teams of each group during Group Stage (six in total) are facing off in a best-of-one Double Round-Robin format, with the top 4 progressing to the final Knockout Stage. Who will be one step closer to Worlds 2021?

More info here: Watch the LoL 2021 Mid-Season Invitational on eGG Network TV!

MSI 2021 Rumble Stage commences tonight until Tuesday (14 - 18 May) at 9PM daily LIVE on eGG Network TV or https://lolesports.com/, followed by the Knockout Stage on 21 May onwards.

MPL-PH Season 7 Week 6

The second last week of MPL-PH regular season is over, with AURA PH securing their upper bracket spot in Group A, though it's still unknown who will claim the other slot. The outstanding Blacklist International has gotten both the upper bracket spot in Group B but also the Playoffs spot. Who will finish their run at the top of MPL-PH Season 7 Regular Season final week?

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MPL-PH Season 7 Regular Season Final Week begins today (14 May) at 6PM, with the weekend matches (15 and 16 May) at 4.30PM and 3.00PM, respectively, LIVE on MPL-PH FB.

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2

DPC SEA current standings.

We are finally entering Week 5 of the Dota 2 professional league of DPC 2021, with the upper and lower divisions of continuing for all participating regions. Check out the full schedule on Liquipedia, and make sure to catch the LIVE broadcast of the SEA league on eGG Network TV!

*All times listed are in GMT +8.

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