In the midst of the pandemic, where gaming is more relevant than ever, esports has been one of the industries that have managed to thrive despite the current state of the world. There might be no more offline events for now, but tournament organizers have shifted to what they used to be like in the first place - completely online. When it becomes safe to travel and physically visit places, Malaysia is going to have a new hot spot for such events - EBN Esports City.

Virtually launched today by Esports Business Network - a collaboration between Orange Esports Cafe and The Gaming Company, EBN Esports City is an ambitious project to create a go-to destination for international esports events in the country. Starting off with the 6th floor of Quill City Mall (in the heart of KL), it contains the technology to hold world-class esports events and competitions: three fully-equipped broadcasting studios, arenas for competitions (able to host up to a 1,000-person audience), and an Orange Esports Cafe for the regular person's gaming needs.

Although the EBN City isn't open to the public right now (due to obvious reasons), we can expect to be fully up and operational when conditions improve (hopefully early) next year. However, EBN did announce some of their plans for the coming year. They revealed their partnership with Riot Games and will be the venue for the upcoming Valorant Challenger series, and are currently in talks with other game developers to organize other events.

During the launch, EBN mentioned that this is only the beginning and that they have bigger plans to come. We can expect it to expand past one floor of Quill City Mall and into other cities and locations in the future. Seems like a promising start to an earnest initiative to grow esports in the country. We look forward to attending LANs at the venue and for more tournaments to be held here! Find out more about EBN Esports City here or their Facebook Page.

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