We're now one step closer to determining the best Wild Rift team in SEA. Over the past seven weeks, all the top teams in Malaysia/Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and Oceania have been duking it out for a spot in the biggest event of 2022 so far - the Wild Rift Champions SEA 2022, where they will compete against each other for a spot in the Global Championship later this year.

From 23 April to 8 May, here are the 11 teams who will be battling each other for money, a title, and a coveted spot:

The top four teams will qualify for the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship and a cut of the USD 200,000 prize pool.

There will be 3 stages to the Wild Rift Champions SEA 2022: play-ins, playoffs, and finals.

Play-ins (23-24 April)

Five teams will be playing a best-of-three round robin against every team for a spot in the playoffs. The top team will move forward while second and third place will play a best-of-five for the last slot. The teams in this stage will be: Cerberus Esports, EVOS Esports TH, FENNE Adversity, ONE Team and Smash Logic Gaming.

Playoffs and Finals (26-27 April, 29 April - 1 May, 6-7 May)

The eight teams will compete against each other in a double-elimination bracket, best-of-five until the lower bracket finals and grand finals which will be best-of-seven. For the first round, teams from the same-sub region cannot be drawn against each other, which means we'll only be seeing inter-region matches in the beginning, spicy!

The event will be broadcasted live on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, check out the links to the broadcasts below. Matches start from 2 PM (GMT+8) 23 April.



Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Malaysia




We can't wait to see which teams will hoist the trophy this year! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates about Wild Rift. More info.

Last week, we announced the qualifiers for PUBG Mobile at the Hanoi SEA Games was going to take place over the weekend and after 3 days of competition, here are the results:

Well played to TABAH NSEA and Geek Fam for their awesome performance last weekend. TNSEA finished in first place with 167 points (1 WWCD) while Geek Fam finished at 156 (2 WWCD). Both of the teams will be representing Malaysia at the upcoming Hanoi SEA Games (taking place 13-22 May 2022).

“Congratulations to both TABAH NSEA and GEEK FAM on their extraordinary feat during the Malaysian Esports Selection 2022. They have shown superb gameplay and teamwork, and are deserving of the title ‘national athletes’. With the impressive skills they displayed last weekend, we are confident that both teams will make Malaysia proud at the Hanoi SEA Games 2021. I would also like to thank the other 14 teams for participating in the qualifiers. All teams have done remarkably well, which really shows that Malaysian PUBG MOBILE teams are top class,” said Oliver Ye, Director, PUBG MOBILE.

“Congratulations to both TABAH NSEA and GEEK FAM and we wish them the best of luck at the Hanoi SEA Games. I would also like to applaud the other 14 teams that demonstrated spectacular skills and teamwork during the qualifiers last weekend with 13 different teams getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinners across all 15 matches in three days. We are looking forward to watching the teams play again during the PUBG MOBILE Pro League MY/SG/PH,” said Kelvin Pang, National Esports Team Manager.

MESF also announced the teams that will be taking part in the other esports at the event: Todak (MLBB), SEM9 (Wild Rift and League of Legends), ADT Esports (Arena of Valor), Sorry Roar and Secret Xpert (Free Fire). Orange Esports has been shortlisted for FIFA Online 4. It looks like we're all set to go against the other nations this May. We look forward to seeing how our local squads will fare this year. Malaysia Boleh!

After the exciting first weekend of the DPC Regional Finals, the second one flew by just as quickly, with some pretty thrilling matches and some expected stomps. For those of you who missed out, here are the results of the second weekend.


No surprise here as PSG.LGD proved that they were still in top form. Maintaining their win streak from the regular season, they remained in the upper bracket all the way until the grand final, where they had a rematch against Royal Never Give Up - the team they had sent down to the lower bracket the previous day. PSG.LGD proved that they are still a cut above the rest of their region and are looking good in their journey towards the next TI.

More info.

East Europe

Despite winning The International, Team Spirit showed that they are capable of bleeding with a first round drop to the lower bracket after losing to HellRaisers. That seemed to be the wake-up call they needed and Team Spirit spent the next two days dominating their opponents without dropping a single game. The grand final match was expected to be a close one against Virtus.pro but it ended up being a one-sided stomp instead. Team Spirit still in TI-form confirmed.

More info.

North America

This was the most interesting regional final to follow due to how close most of the teams were to each other and the biggest surprise being TSM FTX coming out on top for the first time. It was also the only region to have the grand finals going all the way to five games. TSM FTX, who had finished the DPC season in 2nd place (their first non-third placement in the circuit) have been playing with renewed energy and confidence ever since the boys got signed (they were previously Team Undying). Watching their games, you can tell how well they're playing as a squad right now, and they look like the best team in NA. We can't wait to catch them at GAMERS GALAXY.

More info.

With the DPC 2021/2022 Tour 1 concluded, it's almost time for the brand new Dota 2 patch - something that fans and players have been looking forward to. Balance changes mean a new meta and different strategies, which is always exciting to see. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on the DPC!

With the qualifiers done and dusted, it looks like we're all set for the upcoming competitive Wild Rift season in Southeast Asia. Riot today unveiled additional information about Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS). Consisting of six regions - Malaysia & Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan & Macau, there will be a five-week-long best-of-three double round-robin regular season for each region.

The top six teams will then move on to the Playoffs, a two-week-long double-elimination tournament from 1 - 10 April, and the winning teams will then move on to the regional WCS Finals, with the top 4 going on to represent SEA at the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship in Europe this summer.

Competing Teams:

Malaysia & Singapore




Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau


All matches will be broadcast live on the following platforms, 25th February onwards.

More info.

Stay tuned to Wild Rift Esports or eGG Network for more news and updates!

Since the pandemic, Dota 2 events with teams from multiple regions have been far and few between and with the cancellation of 2022's first Major, fans and players have been feeling the void. Fortunately, we have third party organisers willing to pick up the slack. Galaxy Racer officially announced today - Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022, a tournament featuring some of the biggest teams in the professional scene. Notably missing are teams from China and South America (and EG and T1), but we've got a good mix of most regions.

Here are the invited teams:

The tournament will take place behind closed doors in Dubai Studio City, UAE (with no in-person attendees) from 2-6 March 2022, and features a whopping AED 1,000,000 prize pool (RM1,140,249). Not bad for 5 days of play!

The teams will be split into two groups of five for a best-of-one round-robin group stage. The top two teams proceed to the upper bracket playoffs semifinals, while the third and fourth teams will go to a best-of-three play-in stage with the winners moving onto the playoffs (6 teams in total). The playoffs will be a double-elimination best-of-three format, with the grand final being a best-of-five.

The tournament is also said to be held on the latest version of the game (speculated to be 7.31 when it arrives - after the regional Major finals) - we can't wait to see all the teams trying to work out the latest meta!

GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch. More info will be available on the official website.

The first weekend of the Dota 2 Major Regional Finals concluded early this morning and the best teams from Southeast Asia, West Europe and South America have been crowned. Here's the rundown of what happened last weekend:

Southeast Asia

BOOM Esports took the win in the region after dropping down to the lower bracket in the Upper Bracket Finals, they came back to beat Team SMG (a rematch of the first round) in a 2-1 series. Facing T1 again for the Grand Final, BOOM showed that they learnt from their mistakes of the previous day and beat T1 convincingly. While game 4 was rife with issues for T1 (Karl had internet issues and needed to be replaced), that didn't take away from BOOM's victory as they proved to be the better team that day. They topped the SEA DPC for a good reason! Hopefully, we'll get to see them on the international stage later this year, they're one step closer to The International.

More info.

West Europe

What a ride the West European finals was - at the start, Liquid showed they were a cut above all the other teams dominating the first two rounds in clean 2-0 matches. However, Gaimin Gladiators managed to bounce back after losing the Upper Bracket Final to get their revenge against Team Liquid in the Grand Final. Their perseverance in the WEU DPC paid off and they managed to take the best-of-five against Liquid with a 3-1 score. Reminisce of Vikin.gg, it's great seeing ImmortalFaith's team at the top again! Tundra and OG had a pretty poor showing this weekend, but with the arrival of the next season, we're excited to see what the teams have in store.

More info.

South America

It looked like beastcoast woke up in time for the finals, after an average performance during the regular season, they showed us why they've been consistently qualifying to international tournaments over the past couple years. The team had no trouble taking out Infamous, Thunder Awaken and Infamous again. They had the only 3-0 Grand Final this weekend, proving that they had Infamous figured out. Regardless, it was a great performance from the boys. Unfortunately for Thunder Awaken, their 7-0 score during the league wasn't enough to give them the top spot.

More info.

The remainder of the DPC Regional Finals continues this week, from 18-20 February. Make sure you don't miss out on the crowning of China, East Europe and North America!

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