Welcome to our weekly instalment of updates for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League. Since the announcement of the MLBB SEA Cup (MSC) 2021, everyone's been curious about who's going to make the cut for the tournament but that has yet to be determined since we still have a couple of MPLs to wrap up. First, let's take a look at what happened last week.


After a gruelling 4 weeks and the playoffs, it looks like the best teams from MPL-MY/SG (back when it was combined) are still the best teams in the country. The grand finals came down to a showdown between EVOS SG and RSG SG. EVOS SG cruised all the way throughout the upper bracket, only losing a single game to Notorious Villains in the first round, and never dropped another one after that. RSG SG had to start from the lower bracket, but they completely dominated all their opponents in their path, without losing any games until the last match of the tournament. We can't say if it was exhaustion or just a pure outclass, but EVOS SG stomped RSG SG in a clean 3-0 final. Not much to say except congratulations to them for winning the very first season of MPL-SG. Congratulations to Potato, JPL, Girl, Pokemon, Dagger, Swoop and Soul for their victory.

Aura PH and Blacklist stay on top MPL-PH S7

About 3 hours away from Singapore, we had the very exciting sixth week of MPL-PH S7. Blacklist and Aura PH showed why they are kings of their group with their immaculate performances over the weekend. With only one week of the regular season left, things aren't looking great for Cignal Ultra's fresh squad for the season and Laus Playbook Esports, an open qualifier team. Similar to Team Bosskur in MPL-MY S7, they are pretty much mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Maybe they can pull off some wins next week to boost the morale of the players.

MPL-MY S7 resumes 28-30 May

We've got two weeks of calm before the storm - all the teams competing at the MPL-MY S7 playoffs have been decided, and now we play the waiting game. With the Hari Raya break coming up this week, we're sure that the teams will have a nice long break to refresh themselves for the most important matches of their lives. Don't forget to catch the action live on eGG Network TV when it happens. Mark 28-30 May on your calendars!

EVOS Legends win MPL-ID S7

We know this is a bit late, but we figured we'd update those who missed out on the happenings of the Indonesian MLBB scene. EVOS Legends pulled off an epic lower bracket comeback after being sent down by grand finalists Bigetron Alpha and winning the lower bracket finals. The grand finals showed that the team were championship material as they went on to win the best-of-seven series 4-2 to claim the trophy. We can expect to see the squad appearing at the MSC later this year.

That's it for this week but there's still plenty of Mobile Legends action to come. Make sure you stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates!

'Tis the season of joy, and we're here to remind you about the Fight For Love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Charity Showmatch taking place next week, on 19th December. Featuring some of Singapore's hottest talents, as well as their best teams (who will be representing the country at M2), Fight For Love is Moonton's way of giving back to the community. If you're asking how - for every peak viewer milestone they hit, the amount donated to Club Rainbow will be increased. So if you're keen on helping out the less fortunate, tune in to the stream on as many devices as possible, get your friends and family to watch the event as well, heck get your enemies in - it's all for a greater cause.

The day-long event will feature a mix of regular matches and special game modes such as "protect the captain" and one more that is yet to be revealed. For the first set of show matches, we will have RSG and Kingsmen, while the second set will feature Team Aiman and Team Jianhao - teams led by respective members of Night Owl Cinematics and filled up with players from RSG and EVOS SG.

Besides increasing the amount donated to charity, viewers will stand a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards throughout the day - all they have to do is stay tuned to the livestream and follow the instructions.

It's going to be a whole day of fun and games, with matchups that you won't get to see on any given day. How well will the pro players mesh with influencers? Will we see a new Singaporean team on the rise? Only one way to find out. Make sure you point your web browsers to: Facebook or YouTube on 19th December.

Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on MLBB!

After the amazing performance from the team during the regular season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (MPL-MY/SG), expectations were high for Todak to maintain their form during the playoffs and boy, did they deliver! Not only did they go on to win the whole competition, but they also kept their undefeated streak going! A notable achievement since they're the first team to ever pull off this incredible feat.

Before MPL-MY/SG S6, the team couldn't even make it past the group stage of the MLBB Pro League Invitational back in June. According to our interview with their manager, Ashi, it was due to the lack of time for their new players to build chemistry with the existing ones. What a difference the past few months have made!

At the press conference after the interview, Todak's Fighter/Tank player, Xray addressed the topic of team chemistry by revealing that the team spent a lot of time together to prepare for the tournament. They lived together in the same house, ate together and so on - they did everything as a team. Todak also thanked Ashi, as his guidance was crucial in helping the team make decisions together, which led to substantial improvements in their performance.

Grand Finals Recap

The Grand Finals of MPL-MY/SG S6 took place yesterday and was one of the most interesting matches we had the pleasure of spectating. Reminiscent of Season 4’s grand finals which featured the same teams (but different players), the pressure was on Todak to maintain their winning streak in the tournament, and EVOS SG to win a second MPL title.

Game 1

Moments before the final push

Todak were down for the whole game, while EVOS SG maintained control of the whole map until they were wiped attempting a push into the base of Todak. Immediately, Todak seized the opportunity to run down mid and end the game before all of EVOS SG’s heroes could respawn.

Game 2

Carried on the back of Ciku who never lost his cool - his amazing performance on Ling outmanoeuvred the whole of EVOS SG by split pushing to force them to deal with the lane pressure and then leaping to the other side of the map to join team fights. EVOS SG never had an answer for the slippery assassin. Eventually, 2 deaths in a row for Pokemon's Esmerelda meant that Todak had a ticket into their opponent’s base to easily end the game.

Game 3

EVOS SG showing signs of life

It was comeback time for EVOS SG who maintained firm control of the game from start to finish. The breaking point for Todak came when EVOS SG’s Potato who had been left alone, split pushed all the way to take out Todak’s bottom inhibitor. This lead to Todak splitting up their forces, leading to an unfavourable team fight, and subsequent game loss. EVOS proved that they weren’t out of the Grand Finals yet.

Game 4

Todak dominated despite being one inhibitor down

For the fourth game of the match, Todak rounded up their draft with an uncommon Atlas pick. EVOS SG played a similar game to the previous one, focusing on split pushing and taking out Todak’s bottom inhibitor at 8 minutes. However, that didn’t deter Todak from maintaining their aggression across the map. After a decisive team fight in the mid-game, they quickly secured Lord and pushed into EVOS SG’s base to win the game.

The New Champions

Todak defeated EVOS SG 3-1 to secure themselves the MPL-MY/SG S6 title. The team remains undefeated (in 12 matches) from start to finish of the whole season. With their very first MPL trophy in the bag, and their sights set on international competition, we're very interested in seeing if the Malaysian squad can keep this performance up. Considering how young the current line up of Todak is, we have a feeling that this victory is only the beginning.

MPL-MY/SG S6 might be over, but we've got plenty of news and updates on MLBB in the future, remember to stay tuned to eGG Network to be in the know!

EVOS SG has just announced the departure of their long-term mage player Robert “Oh Deer Bambi” Boon. After 671 days, winning multiple trophies with the squad, he’ll be taking off the blue and white jersey. The news seemed unexpected considering EVOS SG didn’t look like they were struggling as a team - they did place fourth at the most recent MPL-MY/SG Playoffs. No reason has been made public yet, but here's what they had to say:

[MLBB] Thank You Oh Deer Bambi

It's been a long journey since 2018 with Bambi. Through high and lows we walked as one, through thick and thin we braved obstacles together. It wasn't an easy decision, but we will have to announce that Oh Deer Bambi will no longer be with EVOS SG.We would like to take some time to highlight Bambi's contribution to EVOS and all the best old friend! Thank you Bambi.#EVOSROAR

Posted by EVOS SG MY on Selasa, 2 Jun 2020
Farewell Oh Deer Bambi

“It's been a long journey since 2018 with Bambi. Through high and lows we walked as one, through thick and thin we braved obstacles together. It wasn't an easy decision, but we will have to announce that Oh Deer Bambi will no longer be with EVOS SG.

We would like to take some time to highlight Bambi's contribution to EVOS and all the best old friend! Thank you Bambi.”

Official statement from the team's Facebook Page

“And that’s the end! Thank you @evosesports for this amazing journey. And thank you @ivantoxiceo for believing in me from the start”

Oh Deer Bambi's Instagram post

As of now, there's no word on where Oh Deer Bambi will be headed to, or who his replacement will be. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang esports scene!

He explains why players were dropped and the challenges the new team faces ahead of Season 5

Third time’s a charm – that was EVOS SG’s journey from perennial runners-up to MPL-MY/SG Season 4 champions. After suffering back-to-back grand final defeats to Malaysian opponents, they successfully ended their duck. This victory secured them a spot in the MLBB World Championship (M1) group stages, but that tournament turned out to be a disaster for the White Lions. They limped out of M1 after finishing third in their group, behind RRQ and VFM.

The M1 Group A final standings.

During the off-season after M1, EVOS SG dropped Ace and Potato, who was a crucial member since the team’s inception, and the grand final MVP of their Season 4 championship.

“We will always be grateful to our title-winning roster. They brought so much joy to the organisation and experiences that we will never forget, but as a team, we must always look forward and improve,” Matthew Chan, EVOS SG’s manager said.

OhDeerBambi discussing strategy with JPL during the MPL-MY/SG S4 Playoffs.

The changes came quickly - only Soul, OhDeerBambi and JPL remained in the squad. The MPL defending champions brought Lun from Resurgence and Fossa from Notorious Villains. “Even though we won MPL, we still had problems and we used this off-season to try to fix them,” Matthew reflected.

Fossa played for Notorious Villains and Lun for Resurgence in Season 4.

Lun and Fossa are MPL veterans. The former has been competing in MPL in Season 2, helping his team to top four in every season since. Fossa made his debut in Season 3 with NARA Esports, which disbanded, and he later joined Notorious Villains. Matthew regards their background in different teams as ultimately beneficial. “Both players add new dynamics to the team; their experience, insights and fresh perspectives will be crucial for us to keep growing.”

Their final member, Pokemon, a newcomer to the competitive scene is expected to bring passion and hunger. Matthew revealed that the organisation discovered him Pokemon through its open try-outs, “his stats were insane!” He participated in a few local Singaporean tournaments, but never at the highest level. “We need to nurture him carefully and not rush him to play. We will give him time to grow and develop and hopefully later in the season, he will play an important role in our tournament run.”

Aeon has captained his team since Season 2. Back then, they played under the Flash Tyrants banner.

Perhaps another surprising announcement in their roster reveal was Aeon’s move from captain of Resurgence to EVOS SG’s coach. Despite being new to the role, Matthew said that “Aeon has always been one of the strongest and most creative minds in the Singaporean MLBB scene.” The organisation realised the importance of a coach’s macro-perspective of the game, after Bjorn “Zeys” Ong led the squad to their first-ever MPL-MY/SG title. He also successfully coached EVOS Legends, their Indonesian counterparts, to the MPL-ID and M1 titles last year. “Aeon has big shoes to fill, but he’s working extremely hard to fit the bill. We’re confident that he has what it takes to help us defend our title.”

Top of Aeon’s priority to work out is the team’s issues on the international stage. Matthew attributes the organisation’s decision to shake-up their roster to this. “The main lesson we learned from being knocked out early at M1 was that motivation and drive are vital.” It might not be the most obvious explanation, but Matthew is adamant it’s one of the areas in which they fall behind compared to other regions. The Chinese proverb captures this well, learning and growth are akin to a boat going against the current – if there is no progression, then one is in a state of regression.

EVOS SG's coach, Zeys, in deep discussion with the players.

Matthew identified commitment as another major challenge for the organisation. “EVOS SG is actually a part-time team. Most of our players have other responsibilities like work and/or classes. This makes finding time to train an uphill task.” Their regular training routine primarily involves scrims against other teams and discussions about strategy, but the former MPL shout-caster is aware that in this regard, “we are already one step behind half of the league.”

The team took home US$25,000 and Potato was crowned the Black Shark MVP, taking home an additional US$1,000.

Nevertheless, he speaks glowingly of squad’s attitude, “they basically sacrificed everything, having no life besides work (or studies) and MLBB.” That was the only way for them to stay competitive. “When we confirmed our line-up, the team gathered, and we were clear about everyone’s expectations for MPL S5.” As a unit, they are committed to one goal – winning, and they will move mountains to attain it.

EVOS SG players posing with the trophy and their medals after defeating Todak 3-2 in the grand final.

Only four other squads were directly invited to Season 5, one less than the previous season. Matthew, who is Malaysian, says that the Malaysian invited teams all pose a serious threat. Todak’s player roster is completely unchanged, whereas Geek Fam brought back Artz, who was integral to their Season 3 title-winning run. “Bosskurr has Logan, Rush and 2ez4Jepv, all of whom are experienced. Additionally, Axis’ Loong and Rynn have proven pedigrees and with the SEA Games coach, Laphel, backing them, I’m expected another strong season from them.”

The MPL-MY/SG qualifiers will take place on 7-9 Feb (Malaysia) and 15-16 Feb (Singapore). Two Malaysian and three Singaporean slots are available. Find out who will join EVOS SG in the Regular Season. You can catch the broadcast live on MLBB’s Facebook page.

eGG Network is the organiser of MPL-MY/SG Season 5. 

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