Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021

This weekend will determine who the best Free Fire team in Malaysia is going to be. Geek Fam? AutoKnockout? SEM9? All bets are off as the top 12 teams in the country will compete in a 6-round showdown for the ultimate Booyah! FFMC 2021 will be broadcast live on eGG Network TV as well as Facebook, and YouTube this Saturday, 31st July, starting 1 pm.

League of Legends Symphony of Light Concert

A change of pace from the usual esports fanfare, this Saturday you'll get to experience the League of Legends world in a whole new light. Performed by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra (MFO), Singapore's fully independent professional symphony orchestra, you'll be able to experience special renditions of the Sentinels of Light soundtrack featuring traditional instruments from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The Symphony of Light marks the beginning of the next stage in the Sentinels of Light campaign as the Sentinels gather to face the greatest threat to Runeterra yet, the Ruined King.

Catch the performance live 31st July, 8pm Saturday on: Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.

Dota 2 Champions League 2021

The group stage of the Dota 2 Champions League will be concluding this week before the playoffs start, to determine the seeding for the playoffs. As of now, the Hellbear Smashers have been looking formidable with an unbeaten streak of 7-0, followed by Team Unique (5-1) and Chicken Fighters (5-2). However, waiting for them in the upper bracket are Team Spirit and Tundra - two invited teams that look very strong and likely to win the whole tournament.

Dates: 30 July - 2 August.
Where to watch: Twitch. More info.

LoL Pacific Championship Series 2021 Summer

PCS 2021 Summer is currently running every Friday to Sunday, with Week 4 matches happening today onwards (31st July - 1 August) at 4PM daily. The English broadcast will be streamed LIVE on eGG Network TV! All language PCS 2021 Summer streams – including Mandarin and Thai – can be found on YouTube, and individual Twitch channels have been set up for EnglishMandarin and Thai, with Huya for simplified Chinese.

More info on LoL PCS 2021 Summer can be found on the official website.

ESL Mobile Open ICON Series Fall Season

The ESL Mobile Open ICON Series Fall Season continues next week as we get another week closer to the playoffs. Berjaya Dragons, SEM9, UndeRank and SDGR EA EBLZ have been on fire while Geek Fam seem to be in a slump. Will we witness the rise of a new champion?

Dates: 2 August, 6pm
Where to watch: eGG Network TV. More info.

NBA 2K League

Dates: 31 July, 1 August, 5 - 6 August, 7AM (Live).
Where to watch: eGG Network TV. More info.

*All times listed are in GMT +8.

After 8 long rounds of the Free Fire Malaysia Championship Group Stage, it's finally time to decide who the best Free Fire squads in the country are. This Saturday the top 12 teams from the Group Stage will compete in a 6-round marathon to determine who is deserving of the Free Fire Malaysia Championship trophy. Based on the group stage results so far, the top 3 has been extremely close, with only 10 points separating first (AutoKnockout) from third (Geek Fam) and SEM9 sandwiched in between them.

Here are the teams competing in the FFMC 2021 Grand Finals:

Fortunately, for everyone else in the grand finals, the Group Stage points don't matter and everybody will start from zero again. It's going to be up to the players to be on their best form once again if they want to succeed. There's no telling if we'll get a familiar face at the top, or someone new to wear the crown instead. All bets are off as all the teams present will be putting everything on the line to win the sweet, sweet RM60k prize money and title of best in the country!

If you don't want to miss out on all the action, catch it live from the comfort of your own home! FFMC 2021 will be broadcast live on eGG Network TV as well as Facebook, and YouTube this Saturday, 31st July, starting 1 pm. Stay tuned to eGG Network for the latest news and updates.

SEM9 may be a new name in the Malaysian Free Fire esports scene, but their players are far from rookies. Boasting two years of experience in the field, the roster of SEM9 actually comprises the former soldier boys of AutoKnockout, the runner-ups of Free Fire MCP Majors Season 1 (Malaysia, Cambodia, and Philippines).

Right now, they’re competing in the Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 against other top Malaysian Free Fire teams, including their former organisation. However, there’s more than meets the eye behind the scenes.

Mohd Ridhwan "Mr. D" bin Kadar @ Kadir - Flanker
Muhd Faris "ZennOP" Bin Mohd Sharol - Rusher
Muhd Aiman Hariz "Shuraa" Bin Idris - Support
Muhammad Azman "NEWB" Bin Buyung -Fragger
Muhammad Fahmi Iskandar "Mirull" Bin Suhaizan - Support/Rusher

“We are rivals in-game, but outside of it, we are actually friends,” said captain Mohd. Ridhwan “Mr. D” Kadir, who doubles as an extremely popular Facebook Gaming Creator under the name D Entertainment. Despite the exit of Mr. D and his teammates, AutoKnockout 2.0 have proven to remain worthy adversaries to them and other competitors, conquering FFMC 2021 League Stage. Then again, SEM9 - with new player xNEWB on board - are close behind in second place with a mere six-point difference, so it’s going to be a tight competition in the Grand Finals.

Mr. D and his squad performed substantially well over the course of their Free Fire esports career, so it’s unsurprising that they were contacted by current SEM9 team manager and SEAGM (an international digital online game store) representative, Bryan Wong, for the opportunity to collaborate.

“We find that our goals are aligned and decide to join forces and chase our dreams together,” Bryan shared. “Everyone in the team is willing to go beyond their limits to win. They trained very hard for this, so I’m glad that the boys are finally getting the attention they deserve.”

There are currently two teams wearing the SEM9 badge, with the other team competing in League of Legends: Wild Rift esports, a little different from other organisations who usually start with PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams. Turns out it’s by chance that they’ve found these players, who are exceptionally driven and motivated in their respective games. “SEM9 haven’t found the right candidates for PUBG Mobile or MLBB yet, so if anyone is interested in joining us, feel free to message us on Facebook!”

But hey, we’re all about SEM9 Free Fire right now, especially when the FFMC 2021 Grand Finals is just around the corner. Mr. D expressed on behalf of his team the frustration they feel settling for second again in the League Stage, especially when the same scenario happened in MCP Majors Season 1, costing them a seat in the international Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore. “We just have to keep looking forward to the future. Besides, now that we’re under SEM9 with a new lineup, we’re more motivated than ever to score the championship title in the Grand Finals.”

Aside from league leaders AutoKnockout, another team that SEM9 has admiration for are Blacklist International. Despite missing a key member who couldn’t compete because he’s underage, “they are still a strong team that we can’t ignore. What we learned from them is that teamwork and team chemistry is one of the keys to winning.” 

SEM9 have been making full use of the two-week break after the FFMC 2021 League Stage to prepare for the Grand Finals. From studying the competition’s meta and their enemies’ rotation, you can bet your butt that SEM9 will be pulling out all the stops to dominate the Finals. Mr. D warned the opposing teams, “Don’t even think of entering the centre of the zone, because we’ll already be there waiting to end your career.”

Catch SEM9 in the Grand Finals of FFMC 2021, held 31 July at 1PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV, as well as Garena Free Fire Facebook and YouTube.

Don’t forget to follow SEM9 Free Fire on Facebook for more information on the team.

After three days of intense Qualifier Finals matches (4 - 6 June) in the Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 (FFMC 2021), 48 teams have been trimmed down to only the best of the best, with 18 finalists making their way to the League Circuit Stage.

Here are the top 18 top who will be facing off each other very soon:

Group AGroup BGroup C
Blacklist InternationalREDSHOOT PXG XTREMESTP Son of Gun
LadiesENDZONE.MYGeek Fam

Numerous big names will be participating in the national Free Fire tournament, including Geek Fam, Blacklist International, AutoKnockout and SEM9. The qualified teams will be battling for the precious Top 12 spots in the FFMC 2021 League Circuit Stage to advance to the Grand Finals (31 July), one step closer to winning the lion's share of the US$50,000 total prize pool.

The FFMC 2021 League Circuit Stage will split teams into three groups of six, and will compete in eight match days across four weekends. And in the Grand Finals, the format will see all 12 teams competing in six matches across three maps in a single day. The entire tournament will take place online.

Plus, viewers can also win their share of prizes by watching the livestream broadcast, including free in-game prizes and super limited redemption codes.

Catch FFMC 2021 League Circuit Stage from 26 June - 18 July at 1PM (GMT +8) daily, live on Free Fire’s official YouTube channel.

A chance to win a huge wad of cash and elevate your status as a professional Free Fire player? The Free Fire Malaysia Championship (FFMC 2021) lets you do just that, and it's open to anyone who's at least Level 20 and ranked Gold in Garena's mobile battle royale. Plus, it's super easy to sign up your team - the entire registration takes place in the Free Fire game.

In case you're not sure what's the step-by-step process like to join FFMC 2021, we've got you covered, fellow Survivor:

Signing up your team

1. Click on the FFMC 2021 tab (red flag with a trophy in the center) in the top right of your lobby.

2. Click on the FFMC 2021 card to sign up for the Qualifiers.

3. Click "Create Squad" in the bottom right.

4. Click "Create", next to "Join".

5. Fill up all the required information. This will be your team's designated contact person, so be sure to you or them are within contact at all times, lest you want to be disqualified from FFMC 2021.

6. Click "Apply/Invite" to form your squad.

7. Click "Invitation" to add your team members.

8. Done!

Joining your team

If you are the one looking to join your friend's squad (which means Steps 4 to 7 won't apply to you), follow these steps:

1. Click "Join" when you're in this FFMC 2021 page.

2. Search for your friend's squad.

3. Done!

Time to battle

Once you're done with the above, all that's left is to battle!

1. Simply press "Start Game" to begin matchmaking with other participating teams. Beware that this phase will only be available during the Qualifiers, from 4 - 6 June at 1PM - 6PM (GMT +8) daily.

2. When in the lobby, invite your squad members before you start matchmaking. Make sure they've already joined your squad beforehand.

3. Click "Start" in the bottom right and you're ready to dive into battle.

Remember, only the top 48 teams will advance to the Qualifier Finals, so don't hold back!

Also, be a good sport and not leave the game mid-way, because it will result in a 3-point deduction for your team.

For a more detailed rundown of FFMC 2021 and the entire schedule, check out our coverage. Or you can head to https://www.ffesports.com/MY/en/.

Months of competition have led to this moment in history, the Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore. After just two days of brief but gargantuan stakes matches, Phoenix Force proved mightiest and won the world championship. With four BOOYAHs (mind-boggling) and the highest kill volume of 48 across the six-match Finals, it's an undisputed claim that they are worthy of the title as the world's best Free Fire professional esports team, along with the hefty cash prize of US$500,000. As the icing on the cake, Phoenix Force's TheCruz also snagged the MVP title.

The Thai team made history by bagging three BOOYAHs in a row at the start, giving them a huge headstart throughout the rest of the tournament. There were moments when LOUD and Silence, the runner-ups and second runner-ups, could've caught up with them, but Phoenix Force's top 3 placements in their non-BOOYAH matches and a multitude of eliminations proved too much for them. Nevertheless, LOUD and Silence earned US$250,000 and US$100,000, respectively, for their hard-fought battles.

Malaysia's very own Geek Fam Free Fire had a rough time in the Finals. Aside from placing second in Match 2, they didn't manage to reach that same high in the other rounds, though they made up for those with an assortment of kills. They ended their run with ninth place and took home US$70,000.

Next up, the season resets once more. The Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 will be kicking off the local Free Fire esports scene, with registration currently underway until 3 June. FFMC 2021 will feature a US$50,000 prize pool, with the Qualifiers commencing on 4 June.

Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 reveals US$50,000 prize pool, registration opens 31 May

FFWS 2021 Singapore was the first offline Free Fire esports event to be held since the FFWS 2019. The international tournament pit 18 of the best teams across the globe, where they battled for the US$2 million prize pool on 28 May for the Play-ins, followed by the Finals on 30 May.

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