We've got some unfortunate news to bring to you guys today - Garena has announced that the upcoming Free Fire World Series, scheduled to take place in November 2021, will be cancelled. Sad news for Free Fire fans around the world, but seeing how the COVID 19 situation is still out of hand in most countries, it's probably the safest decision to make. When you have games like Dota 2 and League of Legends making last-minute changes to their most-anticipated world championship events, you know that it was a difficult decision. On the bright side, we'll still have our online-only tournaments to look forward to.

Here's the announcement from Garena:

Garena will not be holding the next Free Fire World Series (FFWS) scheduled to take place in November 2021, in light of the evolving situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The well-being of everyone involved in the FFWS was our top priority as we carefully considered all options. We made the difficult decision not to hold the event to continue safeguarding the health and safety of the Free Fire community.

The World Series stands as Free Fire’s largest and most exciting esports offline tournament. The growing safety concerns, however, have made it challenging to provide players and fans both an enjoyable yet safe offline esports experience.

We would like to thank all our players, fans, and partners for their continued support, and look forward to hosting all Free Fire players and fans safely in time to come.

There's no mention of whether the tournament will be rescheduled, but fingers crossed for a quick return. Let's hope for the pandemic to blow over soon so we can get back to having our international esports tournaments with no issues. In the meantime, do stay safe and stay home, there's plenty of entertainment available in the comfort of your own room to keep you occupied! As usual, follow eGG Network for more Free Fire news and updates.

The first Free Fire offline esports tournament since forever (figuratively) would surely have a riotous comeback, evidenced by the explosive return of the Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore (FFWS 2021 SG).

According to Esports Charts, the epic Finals of the international tournament peaked at 5.4 million concurrent viewers (excluding Chinese platforms), which is double the record set by FFWS 2019 Rio of two million peak concurrent viewership, the highest for mobile esports tournaments at the time. The new record was set in the first round of the Finals, which champions Phoenix Force won their first BOOYAH.

Everything you need to know about FFWS 2021 Singapore

FFWS 2021 was held offline in Singapore, with 18 of the world's best Free Fire teams across 11 regions competing for the largest Free Fire esports prize pool yet of US$2 million. Thailand's Phoenix Force (formerly EVOS Esports TH) swept away their opponents with four BOOYAHs (mind-boggling) and the highest kill volume of 48 across the six-match Finals, winning US$500,000 as the winners. Even Phoenix Force's TheCruz walked away as the MVP of the Finals, thanks to the impressive number of 23 kills he obtained.

Phoenix Force were followed by LOUD from Brazil, and Silence from CIS (73 points), who placed second and third, respectively. On the other hand, Malaysia's very own Geek Fam ended their run at ninth place, to which they're rewarded US$70,000. Though they did not win the World Series, they won the hearts of Malaysians everywhere by representing the country in the global esports event.

FFWS 2021 SG ran on 28 and 30 May, broadcast live on Free Fire Malaysia Facebook and YouTube pages. If you'd like to be part of the Free Fire esports scene, be sure to join the upcoming Free Fire Malaysia Championship!

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Months of competition have led to this moment in history, the Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore. After just two days of brief but gargantuan stakes matches, Phoenix Force proved mightiest and won the world championship. With four BOOYAHs (mind-boggling) and the highest kill volume of 48 across the six-match Finals, it's an undisputed claim that they are worthy of the title as the world's best Free Fire professional esports team, along with the hefty cash prize of US$500,000. As the icing on the cake, Phoenix Force's TheCruz also snagged the MVP title.

The Thai team made history by bagging three BOOYAHs in a row at the start, giving them a huge headstart throughout the rest of the tournament. There were moments when LOUD and Silence, the runner-ups and second runner-ups, could've caught up with them, but Phoenix Force's top 3 placements in their non-BOOYAH matches and a multitude of eliminations proved too much for them. Nevertheless, LOUD and Silence earned US$250,000 and US$100,000, respectively, for their hard-fought battles.

Malaysia's very own Geek Fam Free Fire had a rough time in the Finals. Aside from placing second in Match 2, they didn't manage to reach that same high in the other rounds, though they made up for those with an assortment of kills. They ended their run with ninth place and took home US$70,000.

Next up, the season resets once more. The Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 will be kicking off the local Free Fire esports scene, with registration currently underway until 3 June. FFMC 2021 will feature a US$50,000 prize pool, with the Qualifiers commencing on 4 June.

Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 reveals US$50,000 prize pool, registration opens 31 May

FFWS 2021 Singapore was the first offline Free Fire esports event to be held since the FFWS 2019. The international tournament pit 18 of the best teams across the globe, where they battled for the US$2 million prize pool on 28 May for the Play-ins, followed by the Finals on 30 May.

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The Free Fire World Series 2021 (FFWS 2021) returns with an offline event that's bound to excite fans all over the globe. Taking place in Singapore, two-day Free Fire international esports tournament will feature 18 of the world's best teams gunning not only for the abundant total prize pool of US$2 million but also the championship title. In case you're wondering how each team would fare in FFWS 2021 Singapore, let's just say the little research we've done might give you an idea.

Here's our power ranking of the top Survivors participating in FFWS 2021 Singapore:


Attack All Around

If history were to repeat itself, Attack All Around would undoubtedly be a top 3 team to advance to the Finals. This new team comprises the Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS) 2020 Asia champions EXP Esports, who even improved by placing second in the Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season 4.

It's also likely that First Raiders Bravo would join the Thai team as their fellow finalists, especially when they were just two points behind Indonesia's best team, EVOS Divine (formerly EVOS Esports ID), in Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring. Plus, since LOUD are one of the longest running Free Fire esports teams, it'd be unwise to count out the runner-ups of Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2021 (tied with Fluxo), especially when they competed in FFWS 2019 albeit ending at ninth place.

Newcomers NEWGANK and vaiXourar are pretty new faces in the scene, but their fantastic debut on a national level showed strong potential. The former even had an insane lead of 124 points in the Free Fire Singapore Championship 2021 and as many as 32 kills in one match - that's more than half of the whole lobby!

On the other hand, the probability for the rest of the Play-ins teams (HQ Esports, Singularity.Invincible, God's Plan and DEA) are lower, due to their overall lacklustre performance prior to getting second in their respective national tournaments. Then again, Singularity.Invincible and God's Plan stand a slightly better chance - the former has improved substantially, while the latter advanced to the world stage before in FFCS 2021 Americas.


Fluxo may be unheard of before Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2021: Series, but a star-studded roster is what makes it such an exceptional team. They're owned, founded and led by player Nobru, who won FFWS 2019, as well as the MVP, when he was with Corinthians alongside JapaBKR (his teammate for the longest time). With F4K - who was a guest analyst in two tournaments - on board too, Fluxo are more than ready to take the crown.

Scoring four BOOYAHs in the one-day Free Fire Spring Cup 2021 and placing fourth in FFWS 2019, Taiwanese veterans LGDS are a strong contender for the throne as well, though their 19th rank in FFCS 2020 Asia is a little worrisome.

EVOS Divine

Another powerhouse to look out for are EVOS Divine, the undisputed champions in Indonesia who won three major national tournaments back-to-back, including the latest Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring. Though they placed fourth in FFCS 2020 Asia, this will be their first time going up against the world's best teams in FFWS 2021 Singapore.

Silence are pretty much on similar levels with EVOS Divine, a two-time champions of Free Fire Pro League CIS. However, they managed to secure silver in FFCS 2020 EMEA, so that gives them an edge to overpower the Indonesian squad in FFWS 2021 Singapore.

Both Phoenix Force (previously EVOS Esports TH) and Geek Fam Free Fire are the incontestable back-to-back winners of their respective country/region, proving themselves to be some of the most formidable teams in SEA. Though the two played decent enough in FFCS 2020 Asia by getting fifth and seventh, respectively, they'd need to level up their gameplay further and go beyond their existing limits if they want to make it big in FFWS 2021 Singapore. Plus, Geek Fam had a 32-point lead ahead of everyone else, so they're definitely one level higher than what they're accustomed to.

Sitting at ninth in FFCS 2020 Asia is a thing of the past for Burst The Sky. By getting six top 4 rankings in the latest Arena of Survival 2021 Spring, Burst The Sky have definitely gotten better since then.

For the dark horses, VIP Esports and Team Aze have their own strengths and weaknesses that can make or break their gameplay in FFWS 2021 Singapore. VIP had an explosive debut by winning Free Fire Arab League Season 3 with a 40-point lead, though they have zero experience on the world stage. And even if Team Aze did compete in FFCS 2020 Americas, they settled for 12th spot and were barely two points ahead of God's Plan in Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021.

Everything you need to know about FFWS 2021 Singapore

FFWS 2021 Singapore is the first worldwide Free Fire tournament this year, with the second edition of FFWS 2021 happening in November. A mid-year invitational, the Free Fire All-Stars, will be held in July, pitting both professional players and the world’s most popular Free Fire influencers against each other.

FFWS 2021 Singapore will begin with the Play-ins tonight (28 May), followed by the Finals on Sunday (30 May) at 9PM daily, broadcast LIVE on Facebook and YouTube.

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The world's biggest Free Fire esports tournament in the world, the Free Fire World Series 2021 (FFWS 2021), is making its offline comeback in Singapore this Friday (25 May) onwards. The two-day event may be brief, but fans already know to expect an action-packed time during FFWS 2021 Singapore, with 18 top-tier teams across the globe will be battling for the earth-shattering prize pool of US$2 million and bragging rights as the top dogs of Free Fire.

Here's all the need-to-know info about the FFWS 2021 Singapore:

The fire starters

What's an international esports tournament without the world's best teams competing for the championship title? A total of 18 teams will be vying for the title as the world's best Free Fire professional team, divided into two stages: the Play-ins and the Finals.


  1. NEWGANK (Singapore)
  2. vaiXourar (Europe)
  3. Attack All Around (Thailand)
  4. First Raiders Bravo (Indonesia)
  5. HQ Esports (Vietnam)
  6. DEA (Middle East/North Africa)
  7. Singularity.Invincible (Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS)
  8. LOUD (Brazil)
  9. God's Plan (Latin America)

The Play-ins will determine who are the top 3 teams that will advance to the Finals, where they'll be joining nine other teams who reigned supreme in their respective regional tournaments, including Geek Fam from Malaysia.


  1. Geek Fam (Malaysia)
  2. Phoenix Force (Thailand)
  3. EVOS Divine (Indonesia)
  4. Burst The Sky (Vietnam)
  5. VIP Esports (Middle East/North Africa)
  6. LGDS (Chinese Taipei)
  7. Silence (CIS)
  8. Fluxo (Brazil)
  9. Team Aze (Latin America)
  10. Play-ins #1 team
  11. Play-ins #2 team
  12. Play-ins #3 team

The winner of the Finals will be rewarded the champions cash prize of US$500,000, followed by US$250,000 and US$100,000 for the runner-ups, and third- and fourth-placed teams, respectively.

The format and schedule

Long-time fans of Free Fire esports would be familiar with the evergreen format used in all their tournaments, with both the Play-ins and Finals comprising six matches each. Teams will earn 1 point for each kills they secured, and each BOOYAHs are worth 12 points. The map rotation will be in this order: Bermuda, Kalahari, Purgatory, and repeat.

FFWS 2021 Singapore is the first worldwide Free Fire tournament this year, with the second edition of FFWS 2021 happening in November. A mid-year invitational, the Free Fire All-Stars, will be held in July, pitting both professional players and the world’s most popular Free Fire influencers against each other.

FFWS 2021 Singapore will begin with the Play-ins on Friday (28 May), followed by the Finals on Sunday (30 May) at 9PM daily, broadcast LIVE on Facebook and YouTube.

On a side note, a special web documentary was released by Free Fire Esports, documenting the triumphs and struggles of the MCP Majors Season 1 champions, Geek Fam. It's an insightful watch so don't miss it.

And that's all there is to it! Are you ready to get your hearts pumped out of your chest (figuratively)?

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Geek Fam has been on a tear lately, with their esports teams making it to all the big events - this week's PUBG Mobile Pro League - Season 3 2021: Southeast Asia Championship and next week's Mobile Legend: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 7 finals. Not to be left out are their very own Free Fire squad, who won the MCP Majors Season 1 and qualified for the internationally-renowned Free Fire World Series 2021 (FFWS).

Since they'll be representing Malaysia in Singapore next weekend, we had a quick chat with the squad to pick their brains and find out what they thought about the game and the tournament. The boys were also the focus of a nicely done documentary by Garena Free Fire, chronicling their preparation for the FFWS. Check it out:

Geek Fam's Free Fire squad is relatively young and have a lot of challenges to overcome in order to grow as a team - barely six months old, they've improved tremendously since their NOXSCAPE days during the Free Fire Tri-Nation Cup 2020. "The last six months has helped us build our chemistry and communication skills as a team. We’ve taken this time to build better teamwork and trust between team members," said Mohammad Akiq “Akiq” Akimi, the team's captain.

FFWS 2021 Singapore will be the first time they're playing together at an international event - offline, no less - while carrying the Malaysian flag at the same time. "We were nervous and happy when we found out we were going to represent Malaysia in FFWS, especially since our friends, family, and fans are putting their hopes on us to bring the victory home."

"We’re so happy to have the chance to meet and compete with other players across the region and are glad that Free Fire has been serving as a platform to help grow the esports scene. We’ve been seeing many talented players coming into the esports arena over the last few years, and are more motivated than ever to do our best for Malaysia and Geek Fam!" said Akiq.

Looking forward to FFWS 2021 Singapore, they had this to say, "We’re very excited to compete with Phoenix Force from Thailand in our matches. We’re all geared and ready to face our foes together."

Winning the MCP Majors Season 1 was only the beginning. Even though the squad were happy with their performance at the tournament, not everything was coming up roses. They had to adapt throughout the tournament, with one of their biggest mistakes being not listening to their in-game leader, Haziq. "It was a hard lesson to learn but the experience has made us bounce back and ready to continue as a stronger team," admitted Shoyu.

The team didn't go all out to celebrate their victory and settled for a humble team dinner instead. They cheekily assured us they're saving the bigger celebrations for when they win the FFWS 2021 Singapore. Fingers are crossed that the boys can bring the trophy back home! It's surely deserved, after all the hard work they've put in for the tournament (they didn't put their training on hold during Ramadan).

Signing off with a message to their fans, "We would like to express a thousand thank you’s to everyone who has been supporting us through the challenges and victories. We are very inspired and motivated from the unending support from them."

Here are the boys that round up Geek Fam Free Fire:

Haziq “Haziq” Daniel – Captain
Mohammad Akiq “Akiq” Akimi
Muhammad Hafiz “Apiz” Azhar
Muhammad “Shoyu” Aiman
Solehin "XZACK" Bin Habib Rahaman

Remember to catch Geek Fam at the FFWS 2021 Singapore from 28-30 May. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on Free Fire esports!


Son Tuah - The pride and founder of NOXSCAPE, now Geek Fam Free Fire

Free Fire esports 2021 in Malaysia revealed to include three tournaments

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