Pasukan FIFA Online 4, Skuad FAM eRimau kebangsaan berjaya melakar sejarah apabila berjaya membawa pulang pinggat Gangsa pada temasya kali ini.

Dibarisi empat pemain Asyraf Kamal (AK31), Gan Mun Kiat (RippedJeannn), Wan Hakimm Wan Narizan (P3rlisTeamJr), dan Luqman Haziq Hajiman (LuqmanHzq).

Pasukan ini juga hampir menempatkan ke perlawanan akhir bertemu pasukan Thailand namun perjalanan mereka disekat pasukan tuan rumah Vietnam dengan 3-0.

Pujian harus diberikan kepada semua pemain selepas terpalit dengan kontroversi sebelum ini yang mungkin sedikit sebanyak mempengaruhi emosi mereka.

Ayuh pasukan e-Sukan Malaysia buktikan anda mampu untuk menaiki podium dan bersama rakyat Malaysia menyanyikan lagu kebangsaan.

Pasti peminat FIFA tanah air mengenali Syahmi Hafiy Bin Shahrul Zaman atau lebih dikenali sebagai OOHAMI yang baru-baru ini dipilih untuk tampil di dalam slot ‘Featured Squad Battle’ di FIFA 22.

OOHAMI merupakan rakyat Malaysia pertama dan kedua di Asia dipilih untuk tampil di slot itu bagi FIFA 22.

Penglibatan OOHAMI bersama EA Sports dan siri permainan digital FIFA bermula semenjak tahun 2019 apabila OOHAMI dilantik secara rasmi untuk menjadi Kapten FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM (FUT) Malaysia bagi siri FIFA 19, FIFA 20, FIFA 21 dan FIFA 22.

OOHAMI turut dijemput ke pelancaran global FIFA 20 di London pada tahun 2019.

‘Featured Squad Battle’ merupakan satu mod dalam talian di bawah FUT FIFA 22 dimana pemain boleh mencabar pasukan yang direka khas oleh OOHAMI.

Skuad bernama OOHAMIxGAMESBOND ini menampilkan pemain terbaik dari FIFA 22 pilihan OOHAMI termasuklah lagenda bolasepak Ronaldo Nazario dan tidak lupa pemain Malaysia, Luqman Hakim.

Peminat boleh mula mencabar skuad OOHAMIxGAMESBOND di ‘Featured Squad Battle’ FIFA 22 bermula jam 3.00 petang pada 23hb Januari 2022 sehingga jam 3.00 petang pada 30hb Januari 2022.

Karier OOHAMI di dalam dunia sukan elektronik dan kandungan digital bermula pada tahun 2016 sebagai Youtuber sepenuh masa.

Kini, OOHAMI menjadi idola anak muda apabila pengikut beliau di sosial media melebihi 1 juta. Beliau turut dipilih menjadi Facebook Gaming Partner dan duta kepada produk minuman tenaga, Monster Energy Drink.

Kini OOHAMI turut aktif bersama Gamesbond untuk merancakkan lagi industri sukan elektronik FIFA dengan mengadakan kejohanan OOHAMI CUP bermula tahun 2020 dan edisi terbaru OOHAMI CUP 2022 bakal dilangsungkan pada bulan September nanti.


Everyone's favourite football video game, FIFA 22, is arriving just around the corner and EA Sports has announced that they will be celebrating the game's launch with an online party! With a lineup of special guests and activities for viewers to win prizes, it's going to be an event FIFA fans won't want to miss.

First up, Rich Brian, the Indonesian YouTuber turned rap superstar and now EA Sports FIFA ambassador, who has been featured in PUBG Mobile, will be performing a mix of his biggest hits including Drive Safe, Don't Care, and Sydney (for the first time ever). Not to leave out the EPL fans, Thiago Silva of Chelsea FC will also be giving a demonstration of FIFA 22 on stream. To spice things up, there will also be a competition for viewers to enter to stand a chance to win 1 of 4 Sony PlayStation 5 consoles, signed Chelsea FC kits and copies of FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition. All you have to do is tune in and follow the instructions.

FIFA 22 is EA Sports' latest entry in the annual football series, and will be the first to use the brand new HyperMotion technology that brings football's most realistic and immersive gameplay experience to life, in every match and across every mode on next-gen consoles and Stadia (unfortunately, PC players won't get access to it - at least for now). Video demonstrations of the tech looks impressive and should give FIFA players on next-gen consoles a more authentic experience in the game.

Launch Party Schedule

To catch the FIFA 22 Launch Party, just head over to the official Facebook Event page to be reminded. The party will start on 30 September, Thursday, 7 PM (GMT+8). FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition releases on 27th September, while the Standard Edition will be available 1st October. You can pre-order the game now on the official website.

Seems like e-football is in full swing this month as we've got yet another high-stakes tournament on the horizon and this time it's on FIFA Online 4. EA Sports announced its next online tournament for the region, EACC Autumn 2021. Following the success of EACC Summer 2021, where FaZe Clan Thailand were able to secure the trophy, they will be back this time to defend it from other hungry teams.

EACC Autumn 2021 will feature 12 teams, 3 from each participating country: China, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea, all competing for their share of the USD 100,000 prize pool (USD 35,000 to the winners), as well as bragging rights. More importantly, they'll also be securing points to qualify themselves to the season final FIFAe Continental Cup 2021.


DRAFT DAY: Teams will draft their virtual players on 10thSeptember where each team will be assigned a randomized group and draw order to determine their position in the snake-draft, with a total of 12 rounds. Full draft rules and order.

GROUP STAGE: The group stage will be held across 3 days from 13th to 15th September. The draft will split the 12 teams into 4 groups of 3 teams, with a maximum of 1 representative from each country for each group. The top 2 teams from each group will proceed to the Knockout Stage.

KNOCKOUT STAGES: The knockout stages will feature a double-elimination bracket. The playoffs will start with the top seed from each group matched up with a runner-up seed from another group in Best-of-3 (BO3) matches and will be played on 16th and 17th September. Stage 2 will conclude the tournament with the semi-finals and finals, to be held on 19th September, and will feature Best-of-5 (BO5) matches.

The best part? You'll be able to catch all the action, live in your living room on eGG Network TV! The tournament will also be broadcasted on the following platforms for the different regions: China - Huya, Korea - AfreecaTV, Thailand - YouTube/Facebook, Vietnam - YouTube/Facebook. Official website.

Creators Collision: Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Watch your favourite Facebook Gaming Creators in action as they go head-to-head against each other to get the chef's trophy and their cut of the RM40k prize pool! Featuring personalities such as Jaasuzuran, Avenged TV, MamaJess, and D Entertainment, this is one Overcooked tournament you won't want to miss! Catch it live on eGG Network TV or our Facebook page starting 12pm from 24-25 July. More info.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021 East and West

It's finally here, the PUBG Mobile World Invitational East and West kick off this weekend on 22-25 July. Featuring Malaysia's very own Geek Fam, expect some top tier competition from teams in the region. Look out for the usual favourites, Bigetron RA, Blacklist International, and Valdus Esports as they duke it out on the battlefield all in the name of charity. Watch the action live on FacebookYouTubeTwitch and Nimo TV. More info.

Free Fire All Stars 2021 Asia

A SEA special - Free Fire personalities from across the region will be taking part in this fun, Bomb Squad mode tournament for a cut of the US $30k prize pool. Catch FFAS 2021 Asia from 23 – 25 July at 7PM (GMT +8) daily, LIVE on FacebookYouTube and TikTok. More info.

FIGHT Esports TikTok Gaming Carnival 2021

This Sunday, FIGHT Esports will be hosting a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament featuring six content creators from Malaysia and two from Singapore. They haven't been revealed yet, so stay tuned to the FIGHT Esports page for more details. The tournament will be streamed live on TikTok, 25 July, 2pm onwards.

i-League 2021

While we're all waiting for The International 10 to start (what a long wait it's going to be), the top Chinese teams have been busy battling each other for the title of the best team in the region (again). The playoffs for i-League 2021 started earlier this week and will come to their conclusion on Sunday (25 July). With PSG.LGD already in the lower bracket, it looks to be a spicy tournament Dota 2 fans won't want to miss! Catch the action live on Twitch. More info.

LoL Pacific Championship Series 2021 Summer

PCS 2021 Summer is currently running every Friday to Sunday, with Week 3 matches happening today onwards (23-25 July) at 4PM daily. The English broadcast will be streamed LIVE on eGG Network TV! All language PCS 2021 Summer streams – including Mandarin and Thai – can be found on YouTube, and individual Twitch channels have been set up for EnglishMandarin and Thai, with Huya for simplified Chinese.

More info on LoL PCS 2021 Summer can be found on the official website.

FIFAE Nations - International Friendly

Soccer heads will be excited to know that they can catch the biggest rivalry of all time - Singapore vs Malaysia in none other than a game of FIFA! The tournament will be streamed live on the Football Association of Singapore's page at 8pm 23rd July.

NBA 2K League

Dates: 22 - 25 July, 7AM (Live).
Where to watch: eGG Network TV. More info.

*All times listed are in GMT +8.

Telur Mata Cup Grand Finals

Our very own community cup is reaching its eGGxciting finale! The top 15 teams of the Group Stage may have proven themselves worthy of entering the next stage, but can they replicate their previous success in the higher-stakes round? They better, especially when entries to PMNC 2021 Group Stage and a RM30,000 prize pool are on the line.

Related: TMC PUBG Mobile - All-star wildcard team revealed & top 15 teams advancing to Grand Finals

Catch the TMC Grand Finals this weekend (3 - 4 July) 8PM daily, LIVE on eGG Network TV and Facebook.

The International 10 Qualifiers

The bloodbath for the remaining 6 teams who will be playing at TI 10 are going to be determined over the next 2 weeks. Last week, Team Spirit (East EU) and SG Esports (SA) qualified, this week we'll see who qualifies from NA and SEA. eGG Network TV will be broadcasting the SEA Qualifiers, so make sure to tune in!

ESL Mobile Open: Wild Rift ICON Series MY – Fall Season

Onwards to the fall edition of the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series in Malaysia, this time boasting RM60,000 in its total prize pool! The top 4 teams of Summer Season (Berjaya Dragons, Geek Fam, SEM9 and RTZ UndeRank) are back to duke it out with four other qualifying teams, who will be determined in the upcoming qualifiers.

Catch the ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia Closed Qualifiers from tomorrow to Monday (3 - 5 July) LIVE on eGG Network TV, as well as ESL Facebook and YouTube.

Arena of Valor World Cup 2021

The third edition of the international Arena of Valor World Cup is currently underway with the Quarterfinals. Who will make it to the semi-finals?

AWC 2021 Group Stage resumes today (2 - 4 July) at 4.30PM daily, followed by the Semifinals (10 - 11 July) and the Grand Finals on 18 July. The AoV series is available LIVE on Facebook and YouTube, in five languages - English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

PMNC 2021 Karakin Zone Finals - Solo/Squad

Dates: 2 July, 2PM (Solo); 3 - 4 July, 2PM (Squad).
Where to watch: PUBG Mobile Facebook.

FIFA 21 Global Series: Europe XBOX Playoffs

Date: 6 - 8 July, 12.30AM, 12AM and 5AM, respectively.
Where to watch: eGG Network TV.

*All times listed are in GMT +8.

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