After three days of intense Qualifier Finals matches (4 - 6 June) in the Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 (FFMC 2021), 48 teams have been trimmed down to only the best of the best, with 18 finalists making their way to the League Circuit Stage.

Here are the top 18 top who will be facing off each other very soon:

Group AGroup BGroup C
Blacklist InternationalREDSHOOT PXG XTREMESTP Son of Gun
LadiesENDZONE.MYGeek Fam

Numerous big names will be participating in the national Free Fire tournament, including Geek Fam, Blacklist International, AutoKnockout and SEM9. The qualified teams will be battling for the precious Top 12 spots in the FFMC 2021 League Circuit Stage to advance to the Grand Finals (31 July), one step closer to winning the lion's share of the US$50,000 total prize pool.

The FFMC 2021 League Circuit Stage will split teams into three groups of six, and will compete in eight match days across four weekends. And in the Grand Finals, the format will see all 12 teams competing in six matches across three maps in a single day. The entire tournament will take place online.

Plus, viewers can also win their share of prizes by watching the livestream broadcast, including free in-game prizes and super limited redemption codes.

Catch FFMC 2021 League Circuit Stage from 26 June - 18 July at 1PM (GMT +8) daily, live on Free Fire’s official YouTube channel.

A chance to win a huge wad of cash and elevate your status as a professional Free Fire player? The Free Fire Malaysia Championship (FFMC 2021) lets you do just that, and it's open to anyone who's at least Level 20 and ranked Gold in Garena's mobile battle royale. Plus, it's super easy to sign up your team - the entire registration takes place in the Free Fire game.

In case you're not sure what's the step-by-step process like to join FFMC 2021, we've got you covered, fellow Survivor:

Signing up your team

1. Click on the FFMC 2021 tab (red flag with a trophy in the center) in the top right of your lobby.

2. Click on the FFMC 2021 card to sign up for the Qualifiers.

3. Click "Create Squad" in the bottom right.

4. Click "Create", next to "Join".

5. Fill up all the required information. This will be your team's designated contact person, so be sure to you or them are within contact at all times, lest you want to be disqualified from FFMC 2021.

6. Click "Apply/Invite" to form your squad.

7. Click "Invitation" to add your team members.

8. Done!

Joining your team

If you are the one looking to join your friend's squad (which means Steps 4 to 7 won't apply to you), follow these steps:

1. Click "Join" when you're in this FFMC 2021 page.

2. Search for your friend's squad.

3. Done!

Time to battle

Once you're done with the above, all that's left is to battle!

1. Simply press "Start Game" to begin matchmaking with other participating teams. Beware that this phase will only be available during the Qualifiers, from 4 - 6 June at 1PM - 6PM (GMT +8) daily.

2. When in the lobby, invite your squad members before you start matchmaking. Make sure they've already joined your squad beforehand.

3. Click "Start" in the bottom right and you're ready to dive into battle.

Remember, only the top 48 teams will advance to the Qualifier Finals, so don't hold back!

Also, be a good sport and not leave the game mid-way, because it will result in a 3-point deduction for your team.

For a more detailed rundown of FFMC 2021 and the entire schedule, check out our coverage. Or you can head to https://www.ffesports.com/MY/en/.

Months of competition have led to this moment in history, the Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore. After just two days of brief but gargantuan stakes matches, Phoenix Force proved mightiest and won the world championship. With four BOOYAHs (mind-boggling) and the highest kill volume of 48 across the six-match Finals, it's an undisputed claim that they are worthy of the title as the world's best Free Fire professional esports team, along with the hefty cash prize of US$500,000. As the icing on the cake, Phoenix Force's TheCruz also snagged the MVP title.

The Thai team made history by bagging three BOOYAHs in a row at the start, giving them a huge headstart throughout the rest of the tournament. There were moments when LOUD and Silence, the runner-ups and second runner-ups, could've caught up with them, but Phoenix Force's top 3 placements in their non-BOOYAH matches and a multitude of eliminations proved too much for them. Nevertheless, LOUD and Silence earned US$250,000 and US$100,000, respectively, for their hard-fought battles.

Malaysia's very own Geek Fam Free Fire had a rough time in the Finals. Aside from placing second in Match 2, they didn't manage to reach that same high in the other rounds, though they made up for those with an assortment of kills. They ended their run with ninth place and took home US$70,000.

Next up, the season resets once more. The Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 will be kicking off the local Free Fire esports scene, with registration currently underway until 3 June. FFMC 2021 will feature a US$50,000 prize pool, with the Qualifiers commencing on 4 June.

Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 reveals US$50,000 prize pool, registration opens 31 May

FFWS 2021 Singapore was the first offline Free Fire esports event to be held since the FFWS 2019. The international tournament pit 18 of the best teams across the globe, where they battled for the US$2 million prize pool on 28 May for the Play-ins, followed by the Finals on 30 May.

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Free Fire turned out to be the biggest hit of last year's mobile games, among both Apple and Google smartphone users. This marks the second year in a row that the Garena mobile game won the coveted title.

This info came courtesy of App Annie's State of Mobile 2021 report, which also showed that Among Us! was the second most downloaded game of 2020; Tencent's PUBG Mobile came in at fourth place, right behind Subway Surfers.

This celebratory news is followed by a blazing trail of numerous milestones that Free Fire has had over the past year. Free Fire content enjoyed over 72 billion views on YouTube last year, making it the third most watched game of 2020. It's also the second most popular live game, garnering over 2.5 million peak concurrent viewers for the Asia Series of the Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS), breaking its own record in the world of Free Fire esports. It's no wonder why they were able to carry out world-class collaborations with the likes of Cristiano RonaldoDJ KSHMR, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, and even other popular media like Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) and One Punch Man.

However, that's just the beginning of Free Fire world domination. Garena aren't resting on their laurels just yet, with an exciting schedule for Free Fire esports this year and One Punch Man content (released on 10 January) to kickstart the 2021 new year.

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The epic Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS 2020) may have ended merely a few weeks ago (woah, it has been that long?) and Free Fire Malaysia esports fans have been waiting with bated breath for more details on the next season. Well, the wait is over, and we have crystal clear news on how the 2021 Free Fire esports season in Malaysia would look like.

Garena has officially confirmed that in Malaysia, three major Free Fire series will be held next year, which include:

Free Fire MCP Majors Season 1

Open to all all players and teams from Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines (hence the name MCP), the MCP Majors will begin with in-game Qualifiers that will decide the top 24 teams across the region before progressing to the two-day Qualifier Finals, where the top 12 team will advance to the League stage.

The MCP Majors League stage will see the top six teams of the Free Fire Tri-Nation Cup joining the aforementioned Qualifier Finals top 12, bringing the total to 18 participating teams. This phase will go on for six weekends before the Grand Finals ensue, with teams battling for the top spot and earn tickets to the world stage at the next Free Fire global competition. The top six teams will also be automatically invited for MCP Majors Season 2.

Geek Fam Free Fire are one of six invited teams of MCP Majors Season 1.

The Free Fire MCP Majors Season 1 will begin in January, with registration opening in-game on 24 December.

Free Fire Malaysia Championship

Targeted at the Malaysian community, the Free Fire Malaysia Championship will adopt a similar format to MCP Majors, but with a few key differences. The top 48 squads of the in-game Qualifiers will enter the Qualifier Finals and lock horns over the top 18 seats to proceed to the four-weekend League stage. Then, the tournament will culminate with the top 12 going head-to-head over the championship title in the epic Grand Finals.

The Free Fire Malaysia Championship will start sometime between May and July.

Free Fire MCP Majors Season 2

Exactly the same as Season 1, but the top six teams of the previous season will instead be the invited teams for League stage. The winning team will also represent the region in the next season of said Free Fire international series.

The Free Fire MCP Majors Season 2 will commence between July and September.

A mouth-watering US$150,000 (yes, US dollars) total prize pool will be distributed equally amongst the trio of tournaments, granting each series a US$50,000 prize pool.

Free Fire was awarded the “Esports Mobile Game of the Year” title at the Esports Awards 2020, and - according to Sensor Tower - was also the most downloaded mobile game in the world in the first nine months of the year. 

Garena's latest collaboration with football star Cristiano Ronaldo resulted in Free Fire's latest limited-time event, Operation Chrono, where Ronaldo is envisioned as an in-game premium character for players to purchase and enjoy. Look out for our upcoming hands-on preview of the character!

Get Free Fire for free now on the Apple iOS App and Google Play store. 

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