The past weekend was very exciting for esports fans, with so many tournaments going on at the same time. New champions for MPL MY and Dota 2 were crowned, and we've got another one to add: the winner of the Free Fire MCP Majors Season 2 Grand Finals! Congratulations to Blacklist International for taking first place on Saturday. After a hard-fought six rounds, they emerged victorious with 2 BooYahs and 75 points! Hot on their heels were DOEASY (2 BooYahs, 66 points) and 4X MEN XPERT (0 BooYahs, 62 points) also from Malaysia. Coming in at 4-6th were Supreme Assualt Forces, PXG Radicals and Bloody Head from the Philippines. Talk about countries sticking together!

Looks like it's another win for Malaysia, as Season 1 was claimed by Geek Fam! The top 4 teams - Blacklist International, DOEASY, 4X MEN XPERT, and Supreme Assault Forces will be the MCP representatives at the upcoming Free Fire Asia Championship 2021. Blacklist to go straight to the finals while the remaining 3 teams compete in the Play Ins.

If you missed the Grand Finals of the FF MCP Majors S2, check out the VOD below, and stay tuned for more news and updates on Free Fire esports by following eGG Network!

After 6 weeks of intense competition, the top 12 teams of the Free Fire MCP Majors Season 2 have been decided. Here are the 12 teams fighting for the trophy this weekend:

PXG Radicals and Supreme Assault Forces have been doing well for the Phillippines, while Tactical Intex, Fast Kill, AKO Legend and 4X MEN XPERT are the top representatives for Malaysia from the League Stage.

In addition to their cut of the USD 50,000 prize pool, the top 4 teams will be invited to the Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 later this year. To hype up the excitement of the tournament, Garena will also be giving away goodies when viewer milestones are reached, and for people who play the MCP Majors Fantasy Team:

Who will take it all? Only one way to find out. The Grand Finals of the MCP Majors Season 2 will take place 16 October, 1 PM (GMT +8), live on Facebook and YouTubeMore info.

The qualifiers for the Free Fire MCP Majors Season 2 have come to an end, and we now know the 18 teams that will be competing at this prestigious tournament. In addition to the qualifier teams, a couple of Malaysian were invited to take place of the ones disqualified for smurfing. Here's the list of teams and the countries they will be representing:

Malaysia 🇲🇾

Philippines 🇵🇭

*Invited Teams from MCP Majors Season 1

It's a shame we won't be seeing the talented kids on Geek Fam and SEM9 at the event, but they're busy paying the penalty for messing with the integrity of the esport. The League Stage will consist of 12 match-days, spanning across 6 weeks, consisting of 18 teams separated into 3 groups. The Top 12 teams emerging from the League Stage will then proceed to the Grand Finals on 16 October 2021 for the grand prize.


Catch the MCP Majors live on Facebook, YouTube and eGG Network TV. More info.

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