The group stages of the Free Fire MCP Majors S3 have come to a conclusion, and we now have the top 12 teams who will make it to the grand finals later this April. They are:

  1. Geek Fam
  2. Blacklist International
  4. Hard to Get
  5. Todak
  6. VETE eSports
  7. Bloody Head
  8. Axis Esports
  9. E. Wolves Gang
  10. OVERDOSE Esport
  11. Orange Esports
  12. ICON

What a performance from Geek Fam this week as they fought tooth and nail to overtake Blacklist International, who held the top spot for the past 3 weeks! Geek Fam head into the grand final as the favourites if they keep up the amazing performance. Blacklist International weren't too shabby either, finishing in second place, they must have relaxed a bit this weekend seeing how comfortable they are in the leaderboards anyway.

DOEASY, Hard to Get, Todak, VETE eSports, Bloody Heads, Axis Esports, E. Wolves Gang, OVERDOSE Esport and Orange Esports managed to stay in the top 12, but ICON took over Umbrella Reborn this week. Unfortunately for the latter team, they'll be sitting out of the grand finals. Congrats to ICON for securing the last spot!

The MCP Majors will be taking a break this week and resuming on 16th April for the grand finals, where the winners will qualify for the World Series Sentosa, and the top 6 will secure their spot in MCP Majors S4. It's going to be a bloodbath and we can't wait! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and coverage on Free Fire. More info.

If you missed the action, here are the VODs for week 4:

We're now one weekend away from determining the teams who will be qualifying for the grand finals of the Free Fire MCP Majors S3. Week 3 of the league stage concluded yesterday, and here's how the teams fared:

Blacklist International continued to dominate, not letting go of the first place spot since week 1! Geek Fam and DOEASY traded places, while Hard To Get and Todak maintained their positions. VETE Esports and Bloody Heads climbed up to take 6th and 7th place while Orange Esports and E.Wolves Gang dropped to 9th and 10th. Overdose Esports dropped to 10th while Axis rose to 11th, and Umbrella Reborn rounded up the top 12.

Teams like WTG Xpert and Tactical Intex are most likely to be eliminated from the running, while Ego Oblivions, Icon, AKO Ligers and Scripshotz can still make it - under extremely favourable conditions. Other than that, the rest of the top teams look to be pretty secure, it's going to be a matter of which team will finish first!

If you missed the action, check out the VODs for days 1-3 below, and be sure to catch the fourth weekend of the FF MCP Major S3 live on FacebookTikTok and YouTube starting this Friday, 1 April, 8 PM. More info.

Today Garena announced the arrival of the next season of the Malaysia, Cambodia and Philippines Free Fire Major - the MCP Majors Season 3! Kicking off with the qualifiers this and next weekend, the league will start in March and conclude with the grand finals in April, where the top teams will be heading to the World Series in Singapore this May.

While the majority of the teams have been selected already, through the previous Challenger event, there will also be another chance for the teams who didn't make it to qualify for the MCP Majors S3 - yes, in fact, you and your squad will be able to give it a shot. All you have to do is register yourselves with the in-game system. Take note that you'll need to have an account that's at least Level 20 and Platinum 1 rank in Battle Royale mode. Registration will open at 5 PM (GMT +8), 18 February (this Friday).

The first stage of qualifiers will be held on 20 February (1 - 6 PM GMT +8), and the grand finals the following weekend (26-27 February). The top teams will then move on to the MCP Majors Season 3 with other teams such as Geek Fam, Secret Xpert, Todak and Blacklist International. They will then compete in a 4-week league for a spot in the grand finals. The top two teams will proceed to the first FFWS of the year. A USD 70,000 prize pool was announced for the event (split to be revealed in the future). More info.

Sounds like a lot of exciting Free Fire action for both viewers and players, we can't wait to see how this season plays out! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and info.

The past weekend was very exciting for esports fans, with so many tournaments going on at the same time. New champions for MPL MY and Dota 2 were crowned, and we've got another one to add: the winner of the Free Fire MCP Majors Season 2 Grand Finals! Congratulations to Blacklist International for taking first place on Saturday. After a hard-fought six rounds, they emerged victorious with 2 BooYahs and 75 points! Hot on their heels were DOEASY (2 BooYahs, 66 points) and 4X MEN XPERT (0 BooYahs, 62 points) also from Malaysia. Coming in at 4-6th were Supreme Assualt Forces, PXG Radicals and Bloody Head from the Philippines. Talk about countries sticking together!

Looks like it's another win for Malaysia, as Season 1 was claimed by Geek Fam! The top 4 teams - Blacklist International, DOEASY, 4X MEN XPERT, and Supreme Assault Forces will be the MCP representatives at the upcoming Free Fire Asia Championship 2021. Blacklist to go straight to the finals while the remaining 3 teams compete in the Play Ins.

If you missed the Grand Finals of the FF MCP Majors S2, check out the VOD below, and stay tuned for more news and updates on Free Fire esports by following eGG Network!

After 6 weeks of intense competition, the top 12 teams of the Free Fire MCP Majors Season 2 have been decided. Here are the 12 teams fighting for the trophy this weekend:

PXG Radicals and Supreme Assault Forces have been doing well for the Phillippines, while Tactical Intex, Fast Kill, AKO Legend and 4X MEN XPERT are the top representatives for Malaysia from the League Stage.

In addition to their cut of the USD 50,000 prize pool, the top 4 teams will be invited to the Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 later this year. To hype up the excitement of the tournament, Garena will also be giving away goodies when viewer milestones are reached, and for people who play the MCP Majors Fantasy Team:

Who will take it all? Only one way to find out. The Grand Finals of the MCP Majors Season 2 will take place 16 October, 1 PM (GMT +8), live on Facebook and YouTubeMore info.

Valorant Agents Assemble

Can the community defeat our all-star team in Valorant? Watch the Valorant Agents Assemble tournament to find out!

Date and Time: October 2, 12 - 3 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network, eGG Network TV

The International 2021

It's finally here - the long-awaited Dota 2 tournament featuring the best teams in the world will finally kick off next week! After a year of delay, we finally get to crown another team for the game. Will OG make it a three-peat this year? Or will PSG.LGD stop them in their tracks? Will this be the year SEA or SA step it up? With so many teams and different storylines, it's going to be a blast to watch it all unfold. We can't wait. More info.


Where to Watch: eGG Network TV, Twitch, SteamTV or in the Dota 2 Client.

Wild Rift SEA Championship - Main Event

The Wild Rift SEA Championship concludes this weekend! The remaining 8 teams from the Group Stage will face off against each other in a double-elimination bracket for a cut of the USD 200,000 prize pool, bragging rights, and invitations to the Horizon Cup. Who will take it all? More info.

Date and Time

Where to Watch


Bahasa Malaysia:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia S8 - Regular Season Week 8

It's the final week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 8 (MPL-MY S8) Regular Season! Group A is set in stone, with Orange on top and EBLZ facing elimination. For Group B, RED Esports has a chance to overtake Team Bosskurr, depending on the latter's performances. Make sure you don't miss out!

Date and Time: 1 October 3 PM, 2-3 October 1 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TV, eGG Network, MPL MY, and YouTube.

MLBB All-Star Funmatch

A fun event after the competitive MPL MY S8 this Saturday night, the MLBB All-Star Funmatch will feature your favourite creators going head-to-head against each other in some fun and regular game modes! Expect to have a good time watching the event.

Date and Time: 2 October, 8 PM

Where to Watch: MLBB Facebook

MCP Majors Season 2

Date and Time: 2-3 October 1 PM

Where to Watch: Facebook, YouTube, eGG Network TV

More info.

Request Backup

Our brand new Taglish podcast, Request Backup, continues next Monday, 4 October, 5 PM, live on eGG Network and replays on YouTube and eGG Network TV. This week we have Renmar and Rose Gaming as special guests!

League of Legends: 2021 World Championship

The TI for Dota 2, the ultimate League of Legends tournament will also kick off in the same week. Who will raise the trophy this year? Can DAMWON repeat last year's victory or will we see a new champion? Edward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, and Royal Never Give Up look like their toughest contenders. I guess there's only one way to find out. More info.

Date and Time:

Where to Watch: eGG Network TV, LoLesports.

Champions eFootball

8 teams from 7 countries, playing eFootball PES 2021 for their share of the USD 9,000 prize pool.

Date and Time: 9 September - 7 October 7 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TV, Facebook, YouTube

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