The GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational came to a conclusion early this morning after an intense 5-game series between BOOM Esports and Tundra Esports, with the Southeast Asian team coming out on top! After an exhausting 8-game day, the boys from BOOM Esports walked away as champions of the tournament (and USD 109,013 richer).

The final day started tough for them, with the loser bracket final against Nigma Galaxy. It went all the way to the third game, which BOOM managed to easily take after shutting down NGX.iLTW's Luna, with an unstoppable BOOM.JaCkky Medusa to seal the late game.

Tundra Esports waited for them in the grand finals and started the series with a quick 1-0 thanks to the surprise Legion Commander mid, that was key against Yopaj's signature Ember Spirit. It didn't help that 33 and Skiter popped off on their heroes as well, ending the game with 0 deaths each.

Boom Esports struck back in game 2 to equalize the series, carried by BOOM.JaCkky's stellar performance on Faceless Void - his numerous multi-hero chronos were key to winning multiple skirmishes throughout the game. Tundra's inability to hold back BOOM.Fbz's Death Prophet was another problem with the draft.

For game 3, Tundra.Nine's brought the mid Timbersaw back in style, which BOOM had no answers for. Running from lane to lane, causing havoc and killing heroes, BOOM had no way to deal with him and quickly crumbled. The series was back in Tundra's favour.

Game 4 started out in Tundra's favour with them securing the early kill lead, but BOOM.Yopaj's Templar Assassin's farm wasn't stopped. Once TA had her items, Tundra's heroes didn't have enough in the tank to withstand the assault. BOOM.Fbz's Sand King was also key to initiating multiple skirmishes and tanking spells for the team. The series was tied 2-2.

The final game was the Fbz (Brewmaster) and Yopaj (Templar Assassin) show. With the only Brewmaster pick of the tournament, BOOM Esports showed us why teams shouldn't be sleeping on the hero. The game started out even but got out of hand once Brewmaster got Aghanim's sceptre. With Primal Split available for almost every teamfight, Tundra couldn't deal with the pesky bears even though they had answers for the Templar Assassin. Yopaj still managed to play his own game and ended it with zero deaths.

Congratulations to JaCkky, Yopaj, Fbz, TIMS and skem on their stellar performance this tournament. Even though they claimed they were only in Dubai to gain experience for The International, it looked like they were teaching the other teams instead. Also, a shoutout to Mushi who couldn't be there in person, but drafted for the team online instead. With this morning's victory, BOOM Esports have proven themselves to be the SEA team to look out for at upcoming events.

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Since the pandemic, Dota 2 events with teams from multiple regions have been far and few between and with the cancellation of 2022's first Major, fans and players have been feeling the void. Fortunately, we have third party organisers willing to pick up the slack. Galaxy Racer officially announced today - Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022, a tournament featuring some of the biggest teams in the professional scene. Notably missing are teams from China and South America (and EG and T1), but we've got a good mix of most regions.

Here are the invited teams:

The tournament will take place behind closed doors in Dubai Studio City, UAE (with no in-person attendees) from 2-6 March 2022, and features a whopping AED 1,000,000 prize pool (RM1,140,249). Not bad for 5 days of play!

The teams will be split into two groups of five for a best-of-one round-robin group stage. The top two teams proceed to the upper bracket playoffs semifinals, while the third and fourth teams will go to a best-of-three play-in stage with the winners moving onto the playoffs (6 teams in total). The playoffs will be a double-elimination best-of-three format, with the grand final being a best-of-five.

The tournament is also said to be held on the latest version of the game (speculated to be 7.31 when it arrives - after the regional Major finals) - we can't wait to see all the teams trying to work out the latest meta!

GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch. More info will be available on the official website.

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