While multiplayer games can be fun, they can also be frustrating when you find yourself constantly losing or being outplayed by your opponents. If you don't have friends to help you through the tough times, who can you turn to? This is where GANK comes in. Touted as a service marketplace app for gamers, GANK aims to be a platform for players to easily look for other gamers or coaches to help them improve their gameplay.

Since it is a marketplace, the app works both ways, also allowing its users to offer their services as a coach, teammate, or friend to easily find people to help out or rank up together with. The app also aims to be a platform to help teams look for scrimming partners when training for the next big tournament. The app also features chat, voice call and video streaming functionality so it will work as an all-in-one tool if you're not a fan of using multiple programs.

This sounds like the perfect solution for players with skills but haven't broken into the esports scene yet - providing services on GANK might be a stopgap (or even fulltime) gig for such people. The app is free to use and is available on Android and iOS. Find out more on the official website.

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