If you ever wondered whether non-gamer parents can play video games competitively with their gamer children, there is an answer to that curiosity without killing the cat, and it lies in Astro Ceria's upcoming show, Generasi Gamerz.

Hold on, why on Earth is Facebook Gaming Creator MelRomeo playing Fall Guy with his Dad here?

Generasi Gamerz is a hybrid game/reality programme - in partnership with your eGGcellency, eGG Network - that pits two Malaysian celebrities or gaming influencers head-to-head against each other in popular video games, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, FIFA 20, Fall Guys and more. From TikTok star Norreen Iman to popular Facebook Gaming Creator FattahZie, there will be plenty of familiar faces to watch out for in Astro Ceria's latest esports-centered show.

Isha Norsham will host all five episodes of Generasi Gamerz.

Most importantly, these professional or avid gamers will be paired with their very own definitely-not-gamer parents to turn up the wackiness and wholesomeness. So, expect heaps of funny training montages between the parent/child pairs, bonding moments and, of course, thrill-filled esports action, that's fun for the whole family.

Facebook Gaming streamers, FattahZie and Uncle Dyy, will battle one another alongside their beloved Moms.

Generasi Gamerz will premiere this Friday (13th November) on eGG Network (CH800) and Astro Ceria (CH631) at 9PM (GMT +8); subsequent episodes will be broadcast every Friday at the same time.

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