Right after Sony announced that Ghost of Tsushima is the fastest-selling original IP (intellectual property) Playstation game, the swansong of PS4 exclusives finally received its larger-than-usual update to give players more choices to enjoy its samurai adventure.

The update includes new difficulties and accessibility features:

Lethal difficulty

If you're a fan of Sekiro (or if you just like punishing yourself, you masochist), this just might be the challenge you're looking for. Both Jin's katana and enemy weapons grow increasingly deadly, and thrown in the mix are tighter parry and dodge windows, so you have to be more precise in defending yourself. On top of that, enemy awareness is turned up a notch so they detect you faster, not to mention that they are more aggressive in combat. A true samurai - and possibly more realistic - experience awaits!

Lower intensity mode

Or if you're in it merely for Jin Sakai's story and the game's beautiful scenery (which is aplenty), you can opt for the lower intensity mode - or easy mode, as we like to call it - to slacken the toughness of combat. This includes making the majority of enemy attacks blockable, even though some will still have to be dodged.

If an enemy damages you in the midst of their attack combo, they'll stop it altogether so you can recover and prepare for the next one. And if Brutes are executing a combo, you can interrupt it by hitting them with your heavy attacks. Plus, enemies won't attack if you're healing up with Resolve, and their awareness builds up slower so that you have more time to hide yourself. It's not exactly true to real life, but hey, it's a video game, and players should enjoy it however they want.

More text options

(Credit: Can I Play That?)

Are the words in Ghost of Tsushima too tiny to read? Now you can enlarge them by up to 150%, which applies to subtitles, objectives and interact prompts. You can also turn off the speaker name for subtitles, and even change the colour of subtitle text to yellow, blue, red and green for easier reading.

Whilst we appreciate these and more bug fixes, what's missing now is the ability to enable additional subtitles for Japanese audio, particularly random NPC (non-playable character) conversations and Jin's monologues. It's hardly a game-changer, but they sometimes hold useful information and even flesh out the lore of Tsushima, something that story-focused players would enjoy while experiencing a truly Japanese samurai game.

Thanks, Sucker Punch, for these precious quality-of-life improvements for Ghost of Tsushima.

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