You’ve read about the 11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ Processors but you don’t have the money to pony up for one of these bad boys - what do you do? Try to get them for free, of course! But not just the CPU. Thanks to Intel Malaysia and Acer Malaysia, they have decided to give away an 11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ Processor-powered Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop! A fully-decked out machine that you can just plug and play all the latest games with - no need to build or upgrade a computer.

What do you have to do? It’s simple.

  1. Tune in to the live streams of Siupakchoi, Bexed, or MelRomeo in the coming weeks
  2. Answer the question that they ask on stream
  3. Hope for the best
  4. Tune into MelRomeo’s second stream for the results

Livestream dates:

During the streams, you can participate by submitting your most creative answer to the question the creators ask on stream. Each creator will shortlist the 3 best answers to be eligible for a lucky draw. MelRomeo will be conducting the lucky draw live on his stream on 12 May to determine the final winner. And before you ask, yes - you can submit your answers to all three creators to increase your chances of being selected.

The winner of the lucky draw will receive an Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop, courtesy of Intel and Acer Malaysia. Sounds easy enough? Make sure you brush up your knowledge about the 11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ Processor and follow the creators on Facebook to make sure you know when they go live!

For the remaining 8 that don’t win the grand prize, fret not! You will each walk away with an Acer gaming mouse for your valiant effort.

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