In the world today, various values are put on a pedestal, while some get outright shunned for being “not cool”. Meet Mummy Eva, a streamer that has managed to put herself out there and prove to others that being cool doesn’t always mean conforming to society. 

The story of GM Remy and Mummy Eva

For the uninitiated, many may be confused upon stumbling upon GM Remy’s page, where a certain Mummy Eva is found broadcasting herself live to the thousands of fans. So who or what exactly is GM Remy then? For starters, GM Remy and Mummy Eva are actually a married couple. The page was originally created by GM Remy himself, a Free Fire product quality assurance and community manager for Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and India. As the GM initials imply, Game Master Remy had created the page initially to build up a gaming community for Free Fire. The page was created back in December 2018, and was later handed over Mummy Eva in August 2019, where she would continue streaming on behalf of her husband. She was deeply in love with Free Fire and was passionate about helping her husband grow its community. This led to GM Remy eventually handing over the livestreaming reins to her wife to continue building the Free Fire community together. The two now manage the page, with GM Remy acting as her manager while Mummy Eva focuses on livestreaming.

Mummy Eva's humble streaming setup

Have passion, will stream!

As a nice trivia tidbit, this was also the very first time that Mummy Eva encountered livestreaming when she took centre stage in front of the camera. “It was something that came surprisingly natural to me once I gave it a go,” said Mummy Eva. “My husband also helped improved my livestreaming greatly with his own experience.”

It is currently her fulltime job, and she is a huge proponent of proving that gaming is anything but a “bad” past time in the public’s eyes. “Gaming helps a lot more than one may realize,” said Mummy Eva. “I still remember about this one article that stated playing video games can actually help improve (and not hurt) your eyesight!”. This eye-opening discovery would probably be something readers may want to bookmark for future negotiations with family members, spouses alike.

Donning a mask has become something of a trademark for Mummy Eva

What’s with the mask?

But wait a minute, Mummy Eva is often seen wearing a mask and not fully putting herself out there in front of her sea of fans. “Let me clarify, first of all, this is not a Niqab (a garment of clothing that covers the face, worn by some Muslim women as a part of a particular interpretation of hijab). When I first started streaming, I was a very very shy person,” explained Mummy Eva. “I used to be so shy to the point I’d need someone else to order KFC for me.”

“Back in the day, an idea of wearing a mask came to mind.” In the current livestreaming world today, it is something of a rare occurrence to find female streamers that don a mask. “When the mask is on, I would feel like I’m a different person. It feels like I have my very own super power.” This newfound courage, look and persona worked well for her personal brand. It also led her to often referring herself as Mummy “Ninja” Eva due to her newfound ninja-like concealed appearance.

Trials and tribulations

Her journey to become a full-time streamer was not all sunshine and rainbows though. There was initially some friction between her family and peers. Mummy Eva recalled that “there were a lot of debates and discussions about how this would be a waste of time, that this was not a real job and be something I would never succeed in. During the very beginnings of my streaming forays as well, I was also often bombarded with messages saying that 'women should stay in the kitchen instead'.”

After several months of going through the grind to generate some form of income, Mummy Eva’s peers came to realize the reality presented before them. “They now support me 210% till today. I even have a few family members and friends that started to get into streaming recently!”

“Even after streaming for some time now, I now feel that I’ve proven that women can also be successful streamers too. We do not always have to show off our ‘assets’ as a female to promote ourselves.” 

The title is not just for show

Keen observers would have most likely noticed that there is the word “Mummy” in her nickname. “Yes, I have 2 sons, but that’s not actually how people started calling me ‘Mummy Eva’. It actually started a couple of years ago when people called GM Remy ‘Daddy’.” She was a real hardcore Free Fire player back then that met and interacted with many players in the community too. Once fans had found out that she was GM Remy’s wife, they started calling her ”‘Mummy Eva”. The rest as they say is history.

A mother at heart

The change in lifestyle

Prior to adjusting to this new norm before the present new “new norm”, Mummy Eva did notice herself growing much more as an individual. “My life changed after I started streaming. I began to gain more self confidence, and now have more friends than before. There are definitely a lot of things from streaming that made me a much better person than I was before.”

With this new lifestyle, Mummy Eva had to also find ways to acclimatize in the real world when the camera was turned off. “Well, I’m a hardcore fan of K-Dramas. I spend most of the time watching it, sometimes with my fans through Discord too. At other times, I’d do some window shopping or spend time with my 2 kids either tutoring or playing with them.”

Mummy’s two cents

Upon looking back, Mummy Eva stated that reaching this stage of her livestreaming career wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Facebook Gaming. “The partner program does help streamers reach their goals. But do not get the wrong idea, we still need to put in the work and grind required. But at the very least, it’s comforting to know that Facebook Gaming will always have our backs to teach and help us out with things like how to continue growing and developing our own personal brands. Am truly thankful to Facebook Gaming for the wonderful opportunities given to me.”

She also attributed her current day success to her family, friends and fans that have been there for her all the way back during the very rough beginnings. “I am nothing without any of your support. Things would've been very hard without your continued guidance and motivational speeches.” 

For any budding or aspiring streamers out there, Mummy Eva also wanted to share about the importance of staying resilient. “Never give up on your dreams, because someday, someone can go from being the reason you cry yourself to sleep, to the reason you wake up smiling.”

Be sure to show Mummy Eva your love and support when she’s in action over at GM Remy’s page (almost) everyday from 3:30 P.M. ~ 4:00 P.M. and 8:30 P.M. ~ 9:00 P.M. onwards!

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