EVOS Esports has been one of the biggest mainstays of the SEA esports scene, with teams in multiple games across many different countries, so it comes as no surprise when they announced the launch of their brand new training facility for players, the EVOS Integrated Training Facility (ITF). Heralded as a training infrastructure for pro players, the EVOS ITF is equipped with various supporting facilities for pro player activities, such as team building rooms, streaming rooms, gaming rooms, and leisure areas to provide comfort for pro players.

With this ITF, EVOS is signifying its commitment to encourage the growth of the esports industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. With this new facility, it looks like EVOS players are going to have a ball of a time whenever they need to boot camp or train for upcoming tournaments. EVOS ITF itself is located on the 1st floor of One Belpark Mall in South Jakarta with an area of 765m2, and consists of 18 rooms including a lobby, guest area, office, team building room, streaming room, conference room, leisure area and pantry.

There's no mention of ITFs in the other countries with EVOS teams yet, but it wouldn't be out of the question in the future. Not to mention, there's plenty of room for EVOS teams to practice in the Jakarta ITF in the meantime. If you want to take a look at the facility, they've put up a virtual tour on their website, and it looks pretty good.

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Invitational 4 Nation Cup (MPLI) has some of the region's best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams competing against each other for the title of top dog of the territory, in addition to a cut of the prize money.

Featuring a total prize pool of US$100,000, teams from the four nations of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar will battle with one another over three phases: two group stage qualifiers and the Playoffs. 12 teams will first be divided into three groups in the qualifiers, with the three winners of each group advancing to the Playoffs.

Here are the 12 teams who will be kicking off the tournament in the group stage qualifiers:

Group A

Group B

Group C

But, the action has only just begun.

The invited teams of MPL-MY/SG Season 5.

The competition will be higher during the MPLI Playoffs, as champions of their respective MPLs immediately qualify for the final stage, comprising RRQ.Hoshi (ID) and Resurgence (MY/SG).

The invited teams of MPL-ID Season 5.

Plus, EVOS Legends and Geek Fam will also be joining the Playoffs as the runner-ups of MPL-MY/SG and MPL-ID. Myanmar's representatives remain unconfirmed, as MPL Myanmar Season 4 is still ongoing, though it's looking likely to be the league's current leader, Burmese Ghouls.

The MPLI group stage qualifiers will be held from 19 - 21 June and 26 - 28 June, with the three-day Playoffs commencing on 3 July.

For more info on MPLI, be sure to follow the official MLBB Facebook page, as well as eGG Network for your dose of MLBB esports coverage.

The MPL-ID defending champions send ONIC Esports packing without breaking a sweat.

The third and final day of the MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs guaranteed a first ever two-time champion as the top three teams were past winners.

The first series of the day was the lower bracket final between Season 3 champions ONIC Esports and Season 4 champions EVOS Legends. The White Tigers emerged victorious in a 2-0 scoreline to set up another El Clasico grand final with RRQ.Hoshi.

Game 1

Selena slipped through the banning phase and was picked up by EVOS Legends, along with Rafaela, which they used to defeat Bigetron in their first game yesterday.

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EVOS Legends got off to a great start with Rekt's Chou getting a solo kill on Antimage's Uranus in a bottom lane 1v1 fight.

Being outplayed was the theme of the game as the defending champions systematically dismantled the Season 3 champions. Despite putting up a fight, ONIC failed to shake off EVOS' stranglehold on the game, and eventually crumbled under EVOS' constant pressure.

EVOS Legends' unconventional draft in Game 2 with Lunox and Angela proved devastating.

Game 2

EVOS Legends pulled off more surprises in the draft, picking Lunox for the first time and brought back Luminaire's Angela.

The defending champions came out of the blocks with all guns blazing, securing 5 kills to none by the third minute. On paper, ONIC Esports' draft was more aggressive as they opted for Natalia, Grock, Uranus and Kimmy for early game dominance.

EVOS.Wannn's Karrie performances in both games was impressive.

However, EVOS' Rekt was once more on fire with his Chou pick, which gave Wannn's Karrie time and space to farm. EVOS never look threatened and ended the game in 12 minutes, with an impressive 14-4 kill score.

Talk about "easy game."

It was destiny that RRQ and EVOS would meet again in the grand final.

With this victory, EVOS Legends set up another El Clasico Grand Final against arch rivals RRQ.Hoshi. The Season 2 champions had defeated EVOS 2-1 yesterday, but with these two powerhouses on the battlefield, the best-of-five grand final can never be a foregone conclusion.

As EVOS coach, Bjorn "Zeys" Ong, mentioned in his post-match interview, "We fail, we learn. We don't fail and cry. That's the difference."

Brace yourselves for fireworks!

The English broadcast of MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs is presented by eGG Network. Watch it live on eGG Network's Facebook Page.

It was a scintillating 3-2 Grand Final to close a fantastic season as they become the first two-time champions.

RRQ.Hoshi are your MPL Indonesia Season 5 champions after taking down EVOS Legends 3-2 in the Grand Final. In other matches, Season 3 champions ONIC Esports took third.

VYN earned the Grand Final MVP award thanks to outstanding performances.

RRQ.Hoshi take home Rp1 billion (US$63,500; RM273,738) from the Playoffs, with EVOS Legends taking home Rp560 million (US$35,438; RM152,733) and ONIC Esports winning Rp280 million (US$17,719; RM76,367).

Game 1

There were surprising picks in both teams' draft with Kagura and Minsitthar for RRQ, and a first Wanwan for EVOS. EVOS needed to last till the late game for Wanwan to truly come online but RRQ weren't having that.

By the 8th minute, RRQ.Hoshi were leading 6-3 in the kill score and a 6,000 gold lead. The first Lord push at minute 12 was enough to give the Season 2 champions the win.

Game 2

EVOS Legends had an aggressive start to the game. By the second minute, the score was 4-0 in their favour and they took down the top lane tower.

EVOS Legends had four members pressuring top lane and took the tower down in the second minute.

However, RRQ.Hoshi held their ground and a good teamfight in the 10th minute allowed them to draw level. They took the first Lord of the game and looked to be cruising.

Wannn was on a sliver of health but stayed alive long enough to turn the game around.

In the 14th minute though, EVOS.Wannn's triple kill slingshot them into the lead and off the back of that fight, stormed into RRQ's base to take Game 2.

Game 3

EVOS Legends had another solid start to the game, very similar to Game 2 thanks to Rekt's Uranus who had a 3/0/2 KDA record after 4 minutes.

However, the mid game descended into a chaotic melee all over the map with constant fighting. This was the highest kills game of the Playoffs with the final kill score 25-22 in favour of RRQ.

An important Lord steal by RRQ.VYN's Rafaela in the 12th minute was one of the turning points of a tightly-contested game. Kudos to RRQ, who managed to neutralise Rexxy's Natalia and stabilise the game despite losing early on.

With the win, they led the series 2-1 and were one game away from claiming their second MPL-ID title.

Game 4

With everything on the line, EVOS Legends toned down their aggression. In fact, the first kill of the game came only after 3.45 minutes when Lemon's Terizla taking down Rexxy's Esmeralda.

EVOS.Wannn dived a bit too deep in this fight, but it showed their confidence during the mid game.

With most of the hyper carries banned out by both teams, EVOS opted for a two-Mage line-up with Harith and Esmeralda. The strategy paid off in the mid game as EVOS established a small lead.

The game-ending fight.

After hitting their power spike, EVOS Legends methodically claimed Lord and the outer towers before pushing for the victory, taking the series to its full five games.

Game 5

With the game poised at 2-2, the Grand Final went down to the wire.

Selena was open for the first time and RRQ quickly snapped her up, hinting that they would play the aggressor in the final game. Their last pick Kimmy enforced their idea and looked to punish EVOS' greedier line-up with a Granger hyper carry.

This 3rd minute four-men RRQ dive into the tier one tower was just one example of RRQ's aggression.

By 10 minutes, RRQ.Hoshi had mustered a 10,000 gold lead and after taking Lord, they stormed down the mid lane to crush a helpless EVOS Legends.

The Royals finally reclaim the MPL-ID championship after two seasons. Victory would be sweet after losing last year's Grand Final to the same opponents.

Hugs all round as RRQ celebrate winning their second MPL-ID title.

With this victory, RRQ.Hoshi book their spot in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC).

The English broadcast of MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs was presented by eGG Network. The Playoffs were held online due to travel restrictions to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

The Season 4 champions emerged from a hard-fought 2-1 victory to take one step closer towards defending their title.

Three matches will be played on Day 2, with one team facing elimination.

The first Upper Bracket match of the day was between Bigetron Alpha and EVOS Legends, who placed second and third respectively during the Regular Season.

EVOS Legends advance to the upper bracket final against RRQ.Hoshi (playing later today). Bigetron Alpha drop to the lower bracket to play ONIC Esports in a do-or-die series to determine the top three teams of MPL Indonesia Season 5.

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Bigetron Alpha

EVOS Legends

In Game 1, EVOS Legends followed-up yesterday's solid win against Genflix Aerowolf to dominate Bigetron Alpha from start to finish. Despite locking in Branza' Claude as their first pick, the Red Aliens failed to adapt to EVOS' versatile drafting.

Bigetron went for a largely conventional line-up, with the exception of Faramis, whereas EVOS opted for an aggressive formation which included Grock, Chou, Pharsa, Ling, and Natalia.

EVOS' high mobility allowed them to apply pressure from the get-go and Branz was simply unable to be relevant in the game. The game ended in 15 minutes, but this was due to EVOS' cautious approach rather than an even game.

Game 2 post-match stats.

Game 2 started as an even affair as Bigetron Alpha banned the Pharsa and picked Grock and Natalia - a combination that worked wonders for EVOS in Game 1. They also gave Branz his signature hero - Granger - which has an 86% win rate (before the Playoffs).

Just as Rexxy's Natalia wreaked havoc in Game 1, Kyy piloted the hero masterfully, and was a constant thorn in EVOS' side throughout the game. BTR.Bravo's Uranus also had a notable 5/0/7 performance, creating space, absorbing and dealing damage to devastating effect.

EVOS themselves successfully piloted the off laner yesterday against Genflix Aerowolf, and might want to claim him for themselves in Game 3.

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With the score poised at 1-1, Game 3 proved to be a fireworks of a battle.

Game 3 was dead-even after 5 minutes in a low-kills start to the game. But teams played cautiously but things tipped into EVOS Legends' favour with a big 11-minute fight in which Wannn's Karrie earned a Maniac. Bajan's Grock and Luminaire's Nana's excellent positioning around the Lord pit was the breakthrough that the defending champions needed.

However, Bigetron Alpha didn't give up. An impressive base defense around minute 18 gave the Red Aliens a sliver of hope. Despite losing both top and bottom inhibitor towers, Bigetron marched down mid to claim EVOS' mid lane inhibitor tower.

EVOS.Rekt's smart "ratting" (or backdoor) won them a tight game.

However, EVOS still had the last laugh. Learning from their earlier mistake, EVOS cornered Bigetron into their base and after baiting them out to a fight around the Lord pit, EVOS.Rekt's Chou ushered in the super minions through the bottom lane to seal the victory.

Game 3 was an even affair, but EVOS had that something special which pushed them into the next round.

Just four teams remain in the MPL Indonesia Season 5 Playoffs: RRQ.Hoshi, Bigetron Alpha, defending champions EVOS Legends and ONIC Esports.

The next series is between Bigetron Alpha and ONIC Esports.

The English broadcast of MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs is presented by eGG Network. Watch it live on eGG Network's Facebook Page.

ONIC will next face the loser of EVOS Legends vs RRQ tomorrow in the lower bracket final.

Regular Season standout team Bigetron Alpha crashed out of the MPL Indonesia Season 5 Playoffs after falling 2-0 to ONIC Esports. The boys in yellow were Season 3 champions, and survive another day to stand a chance to reclaim their title.

The top three teams of MPL Indonesia Season 5 are past champions: RRQ.Hoshi (Season 2), ONIC Esports (Season 3), EVOS Legends (Season 4).

CW had phenomenal Marksmen performances in both games.

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Game 1 post-match stats.

In Game 1, ONIC Esports continued their aggressive streak with a durable line-up including Thamuz, Uranus and Hylos. Their strategy was to get up close and personal to Bigetron Alpha from the get-go.

Although Branz played well on the Playoffs' first Roger pick, he wasn't effective enough against ONIC's firepower. ONIC.CW's Claude had a great start, and after claiming three Turtles, the Season 3 champions maintained a steadily growing lead till the game ended in 13:35 minutes.

Game 2 post-match stats.

ONIC started Game 2 with a similarly high tempo, but Bigetron Alpha fought back tooth and nail, picking Cecilion to counter Pharsa as well as Branz's Karrie against Uranus and Lolita.

However, another standout performance from CW on his Claude was the difference between both squads. ONIC's teamfight synergy were on point, with Antimage's Uranus constantly disrupting Bigetron Alpha's positioning just by jumping into the middle of a fight.

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The next (and final match) of the day is El Classico: EVOS Legends vs RRQ.Hoshi. Don't miss it!

The English broadcast of MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs is presented by eGG Network. Watch it live on eGG Network's Facebook Page.

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