As the PUBG Mobile esports scene in Malaysia grows, so do its players, evidenced by PUBG Mobile professional player InSomnus’ recent transfer to EVOS ViP, as well his very own streaming career reaching new heights - he was promoted to a Facebook Gaming Partner early this year. Currently amassing 63k followers on his Facebook Gaming page, there’s nowhere to go but up for the “high firepower, frontline player” (EVOS ViP team manager AurOra’s words).

“I definitely feel great. This is a step forward for me in improving the quality of my streams, as well as supporting my family better,” said Sean “InSomnus” Tee Yeu Terng. Since his father stopped working after a heart attack, the Facebook Gaming Creator has been steadfast in contributing to his family’s well being. 

InSomnus carries that same dedication to his career too, streaming PUBG Mobile (most of the time) to not only entertain and educate his viewers but to also “sustain my gameplay and practise any gameplay that I’m not 100% familiar with yet”.

When there are any ongoing tournaments, InSomnus even shares his thoughts and analysis on recent broadcasts, giving viewers a glimpse into the thought process of an esports professional. “I love how streamers can interact and have fun with their viewers, which was why I wanted to give it a try,” he recalled, saying that his curiosity ended up being a daily routine. 

Before playing PUBG Mobile seriously, InSomnus was a hardcore Dota 2 player. His name is even based on his Dota 2 pro player friend’s (xNova of EHOME) teammate, Somnus丶M, because he idolises his “arrogant and confident playstyle”. He added the vowel “I” at the front of his name, because it symbolises “perceiving moments when you need to be kind to your peers and to avoid harmful behaviours”.

Alas, InSomnus had to stop playing Dota 2 when he couldn’t afford a functioning PC. One door closed, but another opened when PUBG Mobile was officially released. “I decided to give it a try, and lo and behold, I didn’t expect to be so good and into PUBG Mobile - I’ve never felt bored playing it every day.” He loved the game so much that he even formed his own team, Team Notorious, where his esports career began.

InSomnus had a considerably good start in PUBG Mobile esports with Team Notorious, his very first squad.

Even though their performance was only decent, reaching top 2 in tournaments like SEACA UnipinKK and Dingoz League, InSomnus’ calling to bigger dreams came in the form of his previous captain, Stewart9k. He invited InSomnus to join Team No Recoil (now Team Whales) in PMPL MY/SG Season 1 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore); in spite of their rough start in the qualifying rounds, Team No Recoil actually performed quite well and reach seventh

Fast forward one year and a half, InSomnus has traded whales for the white tigers, a change of pace after staying loyal to Team No Recoil/Team Whales for this long. “Maybe the vision and atmosphere in Team Whales has changed?” he attempted to explain his departure. But, not without expressing that “they were the best teammates I’ve ever been with professionally”. Needless to say that InSomnus is excited to compete in PMPL MY/SG Season 4 with EVOS ViP, even with the adjustment he’s been going through with them. “I feel like I’m part of a family since my tryout with them, so it’s easier for me to get into the rhythm.”

How InSomnus describes EVOS ViP.

Teams change, but not InSomnus’ goals, his eyes laser-focused on seats to the regional PMPL SEA Finals, and hopefully the international PMGC 2021 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship). Based on how well EVOS ViP performed in last season’s PMPL MY/SG, the Ed Sheeran fan would most likely achieve his dream very soon if the team stays on course. “I’m confident in my team, knowing how experienced they are and their teamwork.”

If you’re a fan of InSomnus’ streaming side, don't worry, because streaming remains equally important to the PUBG Mobile pro. “I follow a strict schedule every day (that balances both streaming and training). Some days I might slack a little due to continuous work, but I usually toughen myself up to stick to it as much as possible.”

He hopes to boost his followers and viewership, so he can entertain and teach younger fans to consider other career paths from esports. “Education is important too, it opens a pathway into other journeys that we wouldn’t normally think of.” As for his competitive side, InSomnus will continue doing his darndest to reach new heights.

Be sure to follow InSomnus on Facebook Gaming for his daily streams!

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