Just when we released our latest guide to Valorant ranked (thanks, SiuPakChoi and JanuaryAKG!), Singaporean singer JJ Lin unveiled his all-new Valorant esports squad, who'll be bearing the flag of his organisation, Team SMG. What a coincidence!

Team SMG telah tiba di Singapura! 🇸🇬Anda mungkin telah melihat mereka beraksi sebagai GMCC di kejohanan Valorant yang...

Posted by Team SMG on Khamis, 16 Julai 2020

Here's the full line-up of the brand new Team SMG Valorant:

The first-ever all-Singaporean Team SMG (Still Moving Under Gunfire) roster comprises every member of Team GMCC (minus Divine and Colbat), who recently won the BRSG Valorant Community Series and Stay Home Challenge Breaker. Before Riot Games' tactical shooter existed, several players of Team SMG were also former Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) pro players: Captain ZesBeeW was a CS:GO e-athlete for Malaysia's Team XCN and JYP Gaming, and even captained the Resurgence CS:GO team - with falfalfal, LEXY and Divine on board - before its disbandment.

Congratulations to Team GMCC for winning the first series of our community Valorant tournament!2nd place - Sengdala...

Posted by Battle Royale Singapore on Ahad, 21 Jun 2020

On the other hand, Aeozora was a professional PUBG veteran of four years, who last competed in the PUBG SEA Series 2020 with Aerowolf Pro Team before retiring from the battle royale game.

Hello guys, just an update post about me.I will be officially stop playing competitive PUBG for any team. It has been...

Posted by Syafiq "Aeozora" Anuar on Selasa, 2 Jun 2020

Team SMG Valorant will make their first competitive appearance in Lenovo's Rise of Legion: Valorant tournament, which will run from 27 to 31 July.

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