It's been exactly a week since Valorant Episode 2 began its run, which boasts a better Ranked system, new Battlepass and - most importantly - the newest Valorant Agent, Yoru. We've posted our thoughts on how the Japanese ninja-like Agent plays, but after witnessing the Jom Layan Dulu Valorant live stream last Friday, we figured that it's worth sharing what some of the most popular Facebook Gaming Creators had to say about the Duelist.

(left to right) Rimau Gaming, Afiq Chii, Fredo SameonSiuPakChoi and MelRomeo.

"Yoru is the kind of Agent whom you need to play at the frontline," opined MelRomeo, who was the first in the stream to try him out. "His abilities allow him to be able to pull off combos, like teleporting (Gatecrash) then flash (Blindside)." If players are able to do good combos with Yoru ("I couldn't make it work. Maybe because I'm not used to him yet."), then the Japanese Agent "might actually be OP (overpowered)", to which Rimau Gaming nodded seemingly in agreement.

Fredo Sameon - who used Yoru next - believed otherwise, saying that personally, Episode 2's new Agent isn't as OP as he seems. "His skills are mantap (great), because he can flash and teleport, a bit similar to Omen (which he mains)." Fredo also thinks that Yoru is just like any other Duelist Agent, and that players would need time to master him and play Yoru well.

ChuChu Gaming, the moderator and host for the Jom Layan Dulu stream, also brought up an interesting question, one that would be useful for those playing with a Yoru on their team: which Agent(s) works best with Yoru?

"Any Agents with a smoke skill would go well with Yoru," MelRomeo said, which Rimau also agreed silently. The latter elaborated further by singling out Omen as the best to partner with Yoru, saying that Omen's smoke (Dark Cover) is bigger than Brimstone's (Sky Smoke). So, if Omen covers an area in smoke, followed by Yoru using his skills, "enemies wouldn't know where he is, and Yoru can sneak around and backstab them."

Who better to confirm this suggestion than the Omen player himself: Fredo, who agreed with the combination. If Omen uses both his Dark Cover to block enemies' vision and his flash (Paranoia, which deafens enemies), they would be helpless and vulnerable to Yoru's capabilities. "When these two work together, their combo is so berkicap (sweet as heck)."

But, just like any other Agents, Yoru has his own weakness. ChuChu pointed out that Sage was a good counterpart to the Duelist, with Rimau specifying that it's her wall (Barrier Orb) that can hinder Yoru. "There was one point Mel wanted to enter an area and was suddenly blocked by a wall that just popped up," he said. On the other hand, MelRomeo clarified that it also depends on the timing of when Sage uses that skill to block his path and catch him by surprise.

For those who haven't tried out the new update, in the words of our esteemed hostess ChuChu, download Valorant now and try it out yourself!

"Playing is very different from watching or reading, isn't that right?" ChuChu asked rhetorically during the stream, but of course, all five streamers - including Afiq Chii and SiuPakChoi - agreed wholeheartedly.

If you want to check out how the Jom Layan Dulu live stream went, head on over to eGG Network FB!

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